Gallery: Happy New Year! 2022 = 11 + 22!

Happy New Year! 2022 = 11 + 22!

January 1, 2022 by 

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OK, we’re through the door and into 2022. Pant, pant, pant.

The way I learned numerology, master numbers can be interpreted either way, depending on whether the individual is able to manage the higher vibration or not.

So 2022 becomes 11+22 or 2+22, depending on the individual’s capabilities. Viewed from this perspective, the year 2022 represents the master revealer of truth (11) and the master creator in form (22) together. Not bad. Not bad at all.

This will surely be a year of heavy lifting and it promises also to be a year of completion and celebration.

The heavy lifting will come when the Alliance takes over the air waves and gives us a history lesson.

I went through that kind of heavy lifting in 2000.  My world collapsed when my guru of 25 years turned out to be a pedophile.  Devastating time. Strips one of all feelings of trust, support, and security. One is thrust out of the paradise of hope and the company of believers into the pit of despair and aloneness. Back to square one again.

One realizes: I am Square One. Just as I alone am responsible for my karma, so I alone am responsible for going through my own upsets. Name the feeling; feel to heal; let it go. Name the feeling….

A lot of that may very well face us this coming year.

On the brighter side, I cannot see how the Reval can can be kicked down the road very much more.  But I’ve only been wrong every time I’ve predicted the Reval so far, along with everyone else. It’s the La Brea tar pit of reputations.

I’ve never been wrong about placing my bet on love though. That pays more dividends than any change in the financial situation possibly could. That touches me in the most intimate place of my being – my heart. The money is just to buy the circumstances that will lead to more experiences of this most exquisite of states – love.

If you already have love, you won’t really need the money. Except for the good it can do.

And the good it can do is to provide the circumstances for someone else – starting with food and shelter – to experience the very same love.


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