Gallery: Ivo of Vega: Earth is Facing Its Collective Shadow

Ivo of Vega: Earth is Facing Its Collective Shadow

December 28, 2021 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Ivo’s going to explain to us how we are living in our shadow now.

Ivo: In fact, my love, you just said it. You have been taught an oppressive set of rules which have allowed other non-oppressed people to predominate your world. Your people are very oppressed right now. Some now are fighting back, others are simply sitting back watching to see what happens in the world.

I am not suggesting that you fight, but I am suggesting that you are playing a role in earth’s collective shadow, which you see being revealed right now. You have all taken part in allowing this to come to fruition. All of you. Yes, I hear some of you will declare your innocence, but you are not innocent – you are complicit. As is everyone else on the planet.

You accepted rules. You accepted conditions that you did not agree to. You allowed yourselves to be silenced. You allowed yourselves to be separated. You allowed yourselves to believe lies. You allowed yourselves to let the government run your lives without ever questioning what it was doing. You allowed laws to be made without ever objecting at a meaningful level. You have played your life like a powerless pawn, and now you are paying the price for that.

You have taken many opportunities to stifle your anger,  through addiction or using other means. You drank, you overate, you took drugs so that you could continue to adjust to what your heart knows is an absolutely untenable state for a human to live in. You adjusted to inhumanity.

And those who now are complicit with many further restrictions are still doing the same. Some of you, thankfully have woken up and said this is enough, you will go no further like this.

Ivo: You have been trained all your lives to accept the unacceptable. You worked 40 hours a week with a smile pasted on your face while you secretly hoped your boss would die and rot in hell. How many did that? You kept that smile pasted on your face until finally you decided to get another job.

Sharon has changed jobs more times than she has anything else in her life.

Ivo: This is because she objected to the entire idea of working for money because she knew it was wrong in her heart. She did not understand why she knew it was wrong, but she did. She would come to understand that later on, after I told her who she really is.

She knew all her life that her parents’ parenting skills were incorrect. When the man who was eyeing over 16 year old Sharon approached her father at the bowling alley to see if he could date Sharon, Sharon knew this was wrong. She knew if he wanted to date her, he should ask her, not her father.

Ivo: Yes, you caused many a problem for your parents who you refused to bow down to, especially as a teenager.

Me: Yes, so my father responded by trying to kill me a couple times, I lived. Ha ha!

Ivo: We watched, my dear, and we tried to help you as much as we could.

Me: I know. And I know you don’t like my earth family very much.

Ivo: I understand them but I prefer you have nothing to do with them. For the simple fact that you deserve much better than them, much much better.

Me: You guys who have been abused especially, need to realize this as well. They didn’t deserve you. You came to this planet to liberate it and they abused you, yes, because they couldn’t do any better but you don’t need to keep taking that shit. Walk away. They’re not going to change, not for you. You have to understand that they won’t change for you because of the way they’ve learned to see you, speaking of oppressive rules and belief systems.

Ivo: Yes, and that is where we are today. You have all allowed yourselves to be hoodwinked, lied to, you believed complete and utter nonsense, and all of it, and I repeat all of it, was for two reasons: to see how many they could get to believe them, and either to eliminate those who did not or find ways to censor their messages. Censorship has been carried out for a long time. This is nothing new. They have used discreditation campaigns against those who knew the truth all the time. They have invited them on to their talk shows so they could put them down and make them look like heretics in the eyes of the public.

Now they believe they have the entirety of earth where they want them, they have put forward their last control agenda. And you see this agenda is insane. Yet some go for it, they believe it, and that is because these are the ones their grooming tactics have worked upon. These people are lost. They have given up all of their rights and do not even complain. These are not the people who will go forward to become homo universalis or homo divinicus, whatever name you so choose.

They are lost. The human is a fighter. The human knows his rights. They know how to stand up for their rights so that such a time as is being experienced on earth now never occurs. They know how to guard their rights and how to defend their rights should they come into question by any other being of the universe. We take nothing lying down such as is being seen now upon earth.

It is unfortunate that the grooming campaigns have worked, but they have.

Yes, and as for Canada, you will all have the fight of your lives because as you say, my love, there is no place of safety here. Quebec seems to be the worst off province as well as Alberta. But there are no safe places because your so called leaders were groomed as well. They went through the same disempowerment process as everyone else and your leaders have no clue as to how to stand up for themselves either.

Those who are more fortunate, such as Ron De Santis, do have a clue.

It takes being in touch with your intuition, my love, because that is where the human derives its true power from. The Intellect is not your power source – the right side of your brain is where you access it. Intuition is the only way through this.

But yes, you are collectively going through your shadow. You are all complicit in creating this current scenario upon earth. Those in the know have already been murdered to silence them. And now what you have left is a do or die scenario for the rest of the people – you must oppose them in groups, in large numbers, or succumb to their control over you.

The timelines are beginning to split out and eventually you will not see so much of the shadow as you are now. But this is because humanity has worked through it as a collective. You will begin to see the true reality of life. But this is eventually. Keep your minds focused on what you want for humanity – all of humanity, even the people you detest – and keep your eyes peeled for trouble. At its earliest sign, have a back up plan. Group up and continue to work with others for mutual support.

They are creating internment camps which they will begin using to catch those opposed to their control agenda. They will be allowed to die in these camps because it is your death that they seek.

Your true God is a God of life. Well they believe themselves to be the gods of death. If you understand how they think, they you will be able to see what their plans are. Satan is the god of hell and they desire him to rule planet earth. Anyone opposed to this now will be dealt with.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: You are most welcome, my love. I am glad you decided to do some work today.

Me: I still need days off. I work too much and I’m resentful of it at times.

Ivo: And so you realize this and must make changes.

Me: Yes. Thanks Ivo.

(edited by permission)


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