Gallery: Projects Pandora and Magneto: Turning Humans into “Transhumans”

Projects Pandora and Magneto: Turning Humans into “Transhumans”

December 28, 2021 by 

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Too important a message to get out not to poke my head in. I’m literally shaking having watched it.

Like Frazzeldrip, it got in.

This short video (1) alleges, among other things, that the graphene hydroxide in the vaccine is part of a New World Order agenda to totally mind-control the entire world population and turn them into complacent “transhumans.” Total mind control – thoughts, emotions, body, etc.

(This discussion has nothing to do with transgender.)

It looks at DARPA’s Projects Pandora and Magneto, which pushed this agenda.

The unidentified Australian author calls what we’re being herded into “next-level transhumanism.” I did not understand until now what “transhumanism” referred to.

Do not watch unless you can tolerate your worldview being shaken and your sense of security dented.  Otherwise leave to “honest witnesses to the truth.” (2) Having watched it, I find myself trembling.

Those with a need to know in particular and honest witnesses in general (doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.) should definitely watch.Video Players


(1) Description below the video, on Youtube, reads:

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(2) “Every Society Needs Honest Witnesses to the Truth,” January 5, 2021, at


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