Gallery: Jesus: “There was an Infilling of the Holy Spirit at a Very Early Age”

Jesus: “There was an Infilling of the Holy Spirit at a Very Early Age”

December 25, 2021 by 

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Merry tumultuous Christmas, everyone!

You know, religious differences have ignited the equivalent in their day of world wars. Crusades, Arab empires, Christian empires, on and on.

Sometimes the leaders of these religions are despised by “the other side.”

I’ve always wanted to establish that the leaders of these religions received their mandate, their bona fides, from God – all of them, or perhaps most of them. And to show that their leaders would not have wanted war.

I don’t mean that they were messengers, but avatars; the word means “descent.” They were a descent of the Divine into matter.  (1)

In this interview on An Hour with an Angel in 2011-2, Jesus and I discuss whether he was one.

Apparently Jesus wanted to have the conversation, because he dropped the phrase “Holy Spirit in flesh” earlier, which for me is a good definition of an avatar. That certainly caught my attention and I bookmarked it.

I had a number of reasons for wanting to hear him on the subject and the exchange rewarded me greatly.

Jesus was very patient and humble.  I could have gotten his admission that he was an avatar after he said “I would accept that label,” but I missed it and went on. However the whole discussion was very valuable to me as a cross-cultural scholar.

He made the point that in his day taking on designations like “King of the Jews” could be fatal to oneself and one’s family so he avoids them.

When did the Divine descend into Jesus? He says:

“There was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half.”

Jesus is not discussing a mere enlightenment event – “I saw….” “I felt….” He’s pointing to an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, Shakti, Aum.  He’s describing an avatar.

I’ll post the entire transcript for Jesus’s one radio show in 2011 and two in 2012, on his life and ministry, starting Boxing Day. They’re chock full not only of insights into Jesus’ own life but also of priceless explanations of mystical teachings.

I’m taking a holiday from now till New Year’s.

Excerpt from “Transcript of An Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 9, 2012,” at

Steve: Well, you have mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh [an Incarnation is “the Holy Spirit in flesh”], so I’m going to turn at this moment to another line of questioning. I’m quite sure we’re not going to get finished with our discussion today, so if you’d be so kind as to return next week, we can continue and I won’t try and rush through this, if that’s satisfactory to you.

Jesus: Yes, and why do you think I have turned it in this direction, dear friend?

S: Very good. Thank you. I know I can rely on you to guide me. You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry? Sri Ramakrishna says….

J: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. Let me put it that way.

S: All right.

J: There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher.

Audio Player59:5601:01:53

Jesus’s discussion begins at 00:45:45.

S: Okay. Well, maybe we could creep up on it then from another route. Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form. But –

J: Yes.

S: – Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit descended into your form, is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim.

S: Okay.

J: Yes, I will accept it. You know there was so much controversy, when I did walk the Earth, not only about my family’s position but about the politics of the “King of the Jews” and wanting leadership and political intrigue. So I am always very hesitant to give myself or to accept designations.

S: I accept that.

J: And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then! [laughs]

S: Yes, Lord.

So happy holidays, everyone! And thank you, Jesus, for being so humble and patient with an eager interviewer, demonstrating right then and there your divine qualities.


(1) See “Avatars (Incarnations of God, Embodiments of the Divine, God-men/God-women)” and the sections that follow, at

(2) Once the silver cord is broken, the dead usually cannot be brought back. But….


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