Gallery: Activation at Boykambil 3/3/20

Activation at Boykambil 3/3/20

So three is the child in the creative process. it’s also completion, completion of cycles, personal and cosmic. The cycle of 3,400 years and 26,600 years. So completion is to be celebrated, difficult as it is to let go, letting go of relationships, houses, even people who may have been an important part of our lives. In order to move on, we need to put the past behind. A time to acknowledge the past and what we’ve learned and move on into a future we are creating as we go.

Every thing is in Divine Timing, we are all going through it, how we handle it is important.

So prior to March 3rd, I would like those who wish to participate to think about : What they want in the New Cycle.

What makes your heart sing? raises your energy? brings you Joy and Happiness?

How do you plan to achieve what makes you happy, with room for exploration, adventure, love and action?

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

Write your thoughts down and bring them with you on 3/3/20.

The Aquarian Energy Is  the Water Bearer, hence we are doing this activation at Hope Is. in and near the water.

The February energies are CHANGE or REPEAT. The repeating pattern will become more intense each time it repeats, forcing CHANGE sooner or later.

The 3 is also The Triquerta symbol, which has been coming through for me for about a month until I fathomed out what it means.

This symbol is part of the Tree of Life and also the VesicaPiscis symbol from Glastonbury well. It is a three circle fractal version of vesica piscis. And it’s a symbol for water in a higher dimension. It’s called triquetra and it’s an image we are to work with.

I like completion and the symbol triquetra for this alignment.

I kept wanting to make the symbol turn in three dimensions and managed to achieve this, with a computer program – first at slow speed, then at high speed going towards singularity where physical laws break down, which is what happens I believe when we go from 3D to 5D. At this speed it becomes another symbol.  It’s actually the symbol for Strontium in an alchemical alphabet. What that means in this context, I don’t know. The gemstone Celestine, is a major source. Strontium 90 is also a biproduct of uranium production and a chemical which can replace calcium in the bones. Whilst levels are high from Fukushima, it is not considered as big a problem as caesium. It begs the question is Strontium going to replace calcium in the body in 5D. I’m getting a yes to this, so I’m on the right track here.

I like completion and the symbol triquetra for this alignment.

Water, the healing energy of water surrounds you. Let it wash through you and purify your emotions both conscious and unconscious, bring you to new levels of understanding and wisdom.

Sing the water song from the Alogonquin Native American Indians.

“We sing this song like a lullaby. The song means  the water is the life’s blood of our mother the earth. Water is the life’s blood of our own bodies”

— Grandma Nancy

Nee bee wah bow

En die en

Aah key mis kquee

Nee bee wah bow 

Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

,Sing four times facing the four directions.

Magenta  Pixie in her latest video mentions the Triquerta in her antidote to the Corona virus, so I was picking up the right symbol for this time and activation. What she says is our spiritual frequency will protect us.

The Invocation which will help the collective.

I am immune from accepting random negative, infiltrated thought, seed or program from becoming suggestion – energetic or physical code.

I am Immune  from accepting infiltrations beyond my own Personal sphere and I hold strong that boundary with the sovereignty of the Excalibur codex. I ask and call all light beings and angelic ascended masters and archangel structures of positive polarised Source consciousness, to stand by me in my endeavours as a light warrior of Gaia in transition.

I hold fast to the Diamond. light Code, Rainbow gemstone codes and fields as an activated Starseed and make this my call, my Plea, my bond and forever code. So  should it be, so it is.

Within this I  stand with compassion, love and gratitude.

White winged Collective Consciousness  of Nine

I found this almost impossible to type, some type of interference. I ask to be  protected from negative interference In work, deed, and action. So be it so it is.

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