Gallery: Judith Kusel: Living Waters of Life

Judith Kusel: Living Waters of Life

December 20, 2021 by 

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There is an intensifying energy which is building up into a powerful crescendo bringing in a massive lifting of the souls who are now operating fully in the New Earth and the higher dimensional state into a higher state of co-creation with love and in unity the New Golden Age.

With this a mass opening of the Sacred Heart is occurring in those who are awakening and those who will awaken in great surges now.

I am constantly being reminded of water lately, the Living Waters of Life.

This wave of energy is literally like standing under a massive waterfall, being cleansed and purified, refreshed, reborn and reactivated, and then allowing the waters to not only wash within and without but THROUGH you!

Thus you become the Waterfall and Living Waters and thus ONE with it and all it flows into.

The Living Waters indeed embrace the Power of Love. Unconditional love. Infinite Love.

This will literally bring about a mass heart opening of humanity, where divisions and separation are washed away.

The Heavenly floodgates are opening.

Torrents upon torrents.

Just allow the waters to wash into you and out if you and become as one with the waters.




And you will find the waters will lift you into the Highest Christ Conscious and the infinite Power of Love and infinite Power of One.

All is One.

Judith Kusel


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