Gallery: Jesus: A Christmas Message

Jesus: A Christmas Message

December 21, 2021 by 

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Channel: Victoria Cochrane

Beloveds, I am with you in Spirit and always in your hearts.

As the religious festival of Christmas approaches with another commemoration of my birth, I reach out to all living souls at this time, regardless of your religious faith, sexual preference, race, colour, creed or criminal history.

I, like you, was born in the light of the love of the Creator and I returned to it at the time of death. During my life on Earth, I never doubted that the love of God was with me, no matter how alone I might have felt at different times.

Christmas may be a religious festival, but the meaning of my birth goes much deeper than what has been cited in the Bible and retold endlessly on Earth.

My life mattered, yes, but was not more important than yours or any other soul who has ever lived.

The message that I wish you to know this Christmas is to not to follow me in the Christian faith, if that is not your belief or will. It is for you to know that you and I are always connected through your Higher, or Christed, Self and the unconditional love of the Universe.

We are never separate and there are no pre-requisites to feel my love. My love and compassion is yours to give to yourself and others – the more you do, the more you connect to your higher knowing, leading your vibrations to rise to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper understanding of who you truly are in spirit.

This Christmas give gifts if it gives you joy, but giving your love freely and without expectation to your family, friends, to strangers, those in need and to the world is the highest and best way to bring my love to the world.

Do what brings you joy and peace, even if you yourself are the one who is alone or in need in some way.

Connect to the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature. For one day, forget your troubles and just give thanks to God, the Creator, for the gift of life and for your health and wealth to come.

I will be there showering blessings upon you.

Feel me in your heart, for I may have come and gone, but I have never left!

I AM ever with you.

Yeshua ben Yoseph (Jesus).


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