Gallery: Christmas 2021

I can hardly bring myself to write this. This year has been difficult for everyone. it started with death Of my tenant Bill, or ‘old Bill here’ as he called himself, a long time resident of Tamborine who was advertising at the same time I was looking for a tenant about a year ago.

I was reluctant at first, he was very old but it turned out he was the best tenant I’d ever had. He was able to do work in the garden, picking the best crop of chocolate pudding fruit, I ever got. And took stuff to the tip in his Ute. He was kind and considerate and rang me regularly to ask if it was ok to do something. He appreciated that I didn’t restrict his activities and we got on well. It wasn’t until the funeral that I found out he’d been a rock climber til his 70s, and a science teacher before that, and had built his own yacht and sailed it all through the Great Barrier Reef with his children.

So the sad part was that after a Welfare Check request, by the Police, I was the one who found his body. It was a shock and of course led to procedures which were unknown and difficult and took time to work through, but eventually I found another tenant.

Somewhere in the midst of the chaos caused by border closures, I managed to drive the van into NSW and visited Woodenbong And the camping sites just over the border.

By August, things were worse and I could no longer travel, I escaped to Mitchell, west of Brisbane and Roma, to the outback and spent my time in the hot springs until the lockdown was over.

After my work experience at Work Cover during the implementations of the Hazardous Substances Legislation, I was very wary of the vaccine with its hidden substances and its lack of transparency, And of course messages from my Higher Self, so I choose not to have the vaccine.

I remain a Pure Blood, and am more than ever determined to remain so, because now the evidence is out, it is obvious to anyone who does the research, that this is not a good idea. I am committed to holding governments responsible and see the return of our constitutional rights

Having said that I am hopeful this Christmas will bring you Peace and Love and Joy, and that 2022 will be the year we retain our Soverignty and the truth will be exposed

Yours in love and light,

Christine Deacon

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