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Today, Dec. 17- 2

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A selection of Dr. Vernon Coleman videos today.

My thanks to Len, D, and Brian, the fruits of whose research make up these pages

What’s the Covid Jab Doing to the Brain?

Dr Vernon Coleman, 13th December 2021


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It’s the 13th December, 2021.

In my video dated 11th December I detailed some of the health problems which face the gullible folk who have succumbed to the lies and misinformation shared so widely and enthusiastically by governments, the medical establishment and the mainstream media.

In that video, entitled ‘Here’s why most of the jabbed will die early’ I mentioned my fear that the jabbed might suffer brain damage as a result of the covid-19 jab.

That fear was real, as I will show in this video.

It has been established that there is much that no one yet knows about the covid-19 jabs and the eagerness of the Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency in the UK to licence a product about which information appeared to be lacking has never been adequately explained. We do know however that, as I was the first to reveal, the MHRA received a huge sum of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which has financial links with jab producers such as Pfizer.

As far as the effect on the brain is concerned the big question is, can the lipid nanoparticles carry the mRNA jab across the blood brain barrier?

The blood brain barrier is a semi permeable barrier of cells which prevent some substances in the blood from crossing into the protective fluid around the central nervous system.

It is vital to know if this happens because if it does then all bets are off as to what might happen to the brain.

And after all, liquid nanoparticles are already used to deliver other drugs across the blood brain barrier.

If the LNPs carry the mRNA jab into the brain then the neurons, the brain cells, might be marked as foreign by the body’s immune system. And as more booster jabs are given the problem will get worse.

The worry is that brain cells might be targeted and killed by cytotoxic T cells.

It has now been established that mRNA has been found in all human tissues except the kidney. It has been found in heart, lung, liver, testicles – and brain. A Japanese study, for example, showed that the vaccine does end up in the brain.

Also worrying is the fact that researchers have called for studies to investigate any relationship between jabs and acute CNS demyelination.

How much damage will this do?

How long will it take before brain damage can be identified?

I don’t have the foggiest idea.

And nor does anyone else.

In a normal experiment with a new drug, doctors would be looking and checking all the possible problems before releasing the drug for widespread use.

But the covid-19 jabs are being rolled out to billions without any one having the faintest idea what will happen.

If you have been jabbed, the first certainty seems to be that the mRNA vaccine will enter your brain.

The second certainty is that the more covid jabs you have, the more dangerous this will be.

How many of your brain cells will die is something only time will tell. And children, of course, will be more vulnerable because they are more vulnerable anyway and because they are likely to live longer.

Some experts, advisors and regulators will tell you that the risks are small. But how can they know that? And what is small? They told us that the blood clotting problems were small.

In my view, having one of these jabs is the equivalent of taking a huge dose of LSD and waiting to see what happens. And hoping that you’re not going to end up like Peter Green for example.

And, remember, the covid-19 jabs don’t stop you getting covid-19 and they don’t stop you passing it on. According to the NHS’s own guidelines in the UK you can still get or spread covid-19 even if you have had three jabs.

The choice about whether or not to be jabbed should be yours.

But governments want to make these jabs compulsory.

You can find links to more information on my websites and

If this jab were being given for a lethal disease with a 50% mortality rate then the risks might be worth taking. It’s not and they’re not.

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If we are going to win this war then we have to fight hard and with determination and passion and the truth. Remember, this is primarily a propaganda and media war.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

The EMA covid-19 data leak, and what it tells us about mRNA instability

Summary of the public assessment report for covid-19 vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech

Assessment Report – Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna

Concerns of lipid nanoparticle carrying mRNA vaccine into the brain: what to make of it?

RNA vaccines and their lipids

Vernon Coleman’s no 1 bestselling book Endgame explains the awful truth behind the covid fraud and the global warming fraud – and explains where we are heading. Endgame is available from Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Here’s Why Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early

Dr. Vernon Coleman, 11th December 2021


It’s the 11th December, 2021, or thereabouts.

We all know that the short term risks for those accepting the covid-19 jabs are horrific – worse than the risks associated with any traditional vaccine or drug that’s ever been made, and there have been some horror stories in the past associated with pharmaceutical products.

Drug companies are the most ruthless of all corporate entities – they make arms companies look positively benevolent. And, as I have pointed out before, they make those involved in the illegal drug trade look comparatively decent.

It was known in late 2020, a year ago, that the covid-19 jabs would cause heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems, myocarditis and pericarditis.

I know this because I made several videos last year, 2020, in which I explained that all these things would happen. And that the adverse events would not be rare or even uncommon.

If you’re interested take a look at my video called Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Vaccine Side Effects or Vital Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine. Both videos were recorded and published in December 2020 and they are still there. If they’d been on YouTube they would have been removed, of course.

I’ve written umpteen thousand words about the short-term problems with these jabs.

But I’ve also been investigating the medium and long-term dangers and what I’ve found is truly terrifying. This really is a cull. Most of the vaxxed will, I fear, be lucky to last five years – and all for a jab that doesn’t do what most people think it does. To be honest, anyone who still accepts one of these jabs should be considered suicidal or certified insane. Life expectation is going to fall dramatically – and not just because the quality of health care is deteriorating daily. I honestly find it difficult to believe that there are people around who are so brainwashed and so terrified by the lies they’ve heard that they will accept as many jabs as they are offered.

If you doubt my credentials by the way, take a look at the list of my predictions and warnings on

And if you doubt that just read your way through my 20 million words of published books and old columns.

The politicians, the Government scientists and the journalists claim that there are no medium or long-term dangers associated with the experimental jabs.

But they say that because they seem to know nothing about traditional vaccines which can and do cause medium and long-term problems. And, of course, they know nothing about the experimental covid jabs because no one on earth can say with certainty what is going to happen in one, five or ten years’ time.

I have, however, made a determined, clinical attempt to analyse what I think will happen. And this is what I’ve come up with.

First, of course, there are the heart problems. It seems that the damage to the heart that is responsible for so many fit sportsmen dropping dead or collapsing is likely to affect far more people than we know about. Doctors can hardly remove hearts from living patients to see how many are suffering serious, early stage heart trouble. And it’s early days as far as the myocarditis and pericarditis and other problems are concerned. This problem is now a permanent part of life for many. And it was all predicted with great precision. Again, just look back at the videos I have made during the last two years. Everything was predicted. The videos are all on Brand New Tube. I warned that more, far far more, will die of the jabs than died or will die of the rebranded flu.

It seems, of course, that the heart problems are made worse by heavy exercise. There will, I fear, be sudden deaths among those labouring, digging snow or doing heavy gardening. Deaths among the elderly will be dismissed as a result of ordinary ageing.

Incidentally, have you noticed that recently the official line is that people who go to the gym are more likely to have strokes or heart attacks – as if simply going to the gym was the problem? No mention of the jab as the cause. They are trying to normalise strokes and heart attacks to cover the jab injuries.

And this is, I suspect, is also why so many young people have been collapsing on the dance floor. The exercise, combined with the heat, has put pressure on damaged hearts. And they’ve collapsed. I think the stories about people being injected in night clubs or drinking spiked drinks are largely just that – stories. Stories designed to cover up the real problem. Bizarrely, I’ve even seen it claimed that global warming is the cause of all the heart problems we’re seeing. That really is pushing it.

I have no doubt, sadly, that we’re going to see more and more people suffering serious heart trouble as a result of their jabs. The elderly will die earlier than they might otherwise have died. But deaths among the young will continue to shock. Already there are calls for defibrillators to be put into schools and sports clubs because of the unprecedented epidemic of heart attacks.

The change in the immune systems of the jabbed will also be of great significance. It has been reported that many of the double jabbed have lost a good deal of their immune system capability. This will mean that they are incredibly vulnerable to many diseases.

So, I suspect the vaxxed will be extremely vulnerable to new variations of the flu. They will constantly be encouraged to accept new jabs, new booster jabs and so on. The ignorant, the fearful and the susceptible will become pincushions, the drug companies will make untold billions in profits, the medical profession will be paid huge fees to give the jabs and the evil conspirators behind the Agenda for a world government will move ever closer to their aim. Vax passports will morph, apparently naturally, into digital passports, containing financial details and so on and the enslavement will be complete. The future is now very, very close.

There will be serious neurological problems too. These are already developing – the facial nerve palsy is well known, of course. But there will be many others that were known about back in 2020.

Will there be fertility problems? My guess is that there will be. Certainly, no one can say that there will not be.

It is astonishing how many women won’t have a glass of wine in case it affects their baby but will happily have an experimental jab. No one knows what will happen to them or their unborn baby.

More and more women who have been jabbed and do get pregnant will be born with underdeveloped babies. Or the babies will have serious heart problems. Who knows? Many babies will doubtless be lost mid-term or born dead. Medical history is littered with examples of drugs which everyone said was safe but which turned out to be not so safe. Thalidomide is just one of many drugs in that history.

And what will happen when those babies grow up? Will they be completely infertile? What other problems will they develop? The mRNA is an entirely new type of product. No one can tell you exactly what is going to happen. No one can tell you what will happen in five, ten or fifteen years. We have to wait and see. And before anyone sneers, let me remind you that there have been drugs which have affected the children of women who took them.

The drug diethylstilboestrol (DES) is a manufactured version of oestrogen. It was given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages. It was thought to be safe though it was useless for this. In 1971, it was found that the drug caused cancer and doctors in America stopped prescribing it. Doctors in Europe carried on for another seven years.

But there’s a twist. It later became clear that the daughters of women who took DES while they were pregnant were at increased risk of developing several types of cancer. I wrote about this in my book Paper Doctors in 1977 – and European doctors then stopped prescribing it for pregnant women. It took 40 years for the cancers to become apparent.

The cancer risk for the vaxxed cannot be under-estimated. No one knows what will happen.

There are already early signs of problems.

A doctor in Idaho, America reports that he has seen a twenty times increase in the incidence of endometrial cancer in jabbed patients.

And, of course, menstrual problems are known to be a serious problem among the vaxxed. I fear that the incidence of all types of cancer will increase dramatically among the vaxxed. With altered immune systems there are bound to be big problems ahead.

And there is another problem.

Will the vaxxed be able to take prescription drugs or over the counter drugs? If they take aspirin or warfarin, for example, will those bleeding problems get worse? We’re in entirely new territory. I doubt if the mathematicians and psy-op specialists advising the Government have much idea of the problems that can happen with drug interactions with ordinary humans. And, since the covid jab is entirely new, there is no limit to the number of problems which lie ahead.

So what can the vaxxed do to help themselves?

Well, first and foremost, I hope the vaxxed don’t have any more of the notably toxic jabs poked into them. I suspect that the damage is cumulative – maybe that’s why they’re so keen on pumping the stuff into people in such quantities.

The jabbed should avoid strenuous exercise – lest their hearts be damaged in some way. I fear that damage might not always show up when the heart is tested. Gentle exercise only for those who have had the covid-19 jab. The footballers who said `no’ were wise beyond their reputation.

And if I’d been jabbed by accident (and it would have been a hell of an accident for me to have had any jab or vaccine) I’d want to keep my immune system in tip top condition. You can easily buy vitamin D and zinc. You can easily buy supplies of both – but don’t take more than the recommended dose because they can be serious and potentially deadly side effects if you do. The jabbed should check with their doctors first – before taking any medicine or supplement.

Will the vaxxed be a threat to those around them? Well, yes, I fear they will. They will carry some infections without showing symptoms or signs and so I suspect they’ll spread those infections. Asymptomatic spread didn’t happen before the jabs but now there is evidence that the vaxxed may spread the infection without showing symptoms themselves.

I reported a long time ago on the theory that immunosuppressed individuals could provide a reservoir in which viruses might more easily mutate.

And will the vaxxed be vulnerable if they mix with the unvaxxed? Well, again, yes I fear they will. The immune systems of the vaxxed have been changed forever. Just how vulnerable they will be is a big mystery.

The problem is that the authorities will not be honest about any of this. They will claim that deaths among the vaxxed are caused by new variations and whenever they can they will, of course, blame the wise ones who have refused to allow themselves to be jabbed with the most deadly, toxic brew ever invented and promoted by governments, drug companies and the medical establishment.

And will the jabs have any effect on the brains of the vaxxed? Well, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Anything which seems to affect circulatory system and the immune system seems likely to affect the brain in some way. Apart from major bleeds what is going to happen to the intelligence of the jabbed?

Maybe that explains why those who have been jabbed all seem so darned stupid. Most of them are wearing masks which is about as stupid as you can get. And, of course, the masks will increase the stupidity because those wearing them will be breathing in a reduced amount of oxygen.

The bottom line is that I fear that the jabbed have a massively reduced life expectation. And I don’t believe that’s an accident.

How long will they live?

Well, some will probably live long lives. Some cigarette smokers live into their 90s. The human body doesn’t always behave as expected – that’s the whole point.

But I fear many will die during the winter months. Mortality rates are going to soar over the next few years. Governments will blame new variants of the rebranded flu. But that will be yet another lie.

On average, I fear many of the jabbed may have no more than another five years before they become a statistic.

The fact checkers will say I can’t prove this.

And they’re right. I can’t. All I can do is look at the facts we do have and draw conclusions. And I would remind you that I have been absolutely right about this fake pandemic and the jabs since March 2020. I have, I believe, been far more accurate than any government spokesman I’ve seen. And my videos, articles and columns are all still there for you to check if you like.

There are four free books available as PDFs on this website. Please send copies of Proof that face masks do more harm than good to everyone you know.

Evidence That They KNEW the Covid Jab Would Kill Thousands

Nov. 29, 2021


(Links at bottom of page)

It’s the 29th November 2021 and the extent of the conspiracy to suppress the truth and to promote a deadly covid jab is becoming clearer by the day. In February 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew the covid-19 jab was going to kill or main thousands of healthy people.

They have the gall to call us conspiracy theorists but what we’ve talked about is no theory. Everything the truth-tellers and the Resistance Movement have said has been accurate.

The governments, the advisors, the drug companies and the medical establishment are not conspiracy theorists of course – they are conspiracy practitioners, and their evil plot to kill people, to promote their great reset and to introduce the new normal is now so blatant that it is difficult to believe that the majority still believe the lies they are being told.

This morning, Darren Smith, editor of the magnificent The Light Paper – the only honest newspaper in the UK – sent me what looks to me to be yet more serious evidence that both Pfizer and the FDA knew how many thousands were going to be killed by their vaccine.

According to what I’ve seen, Pfizer prepared a report for the FDA dealing with the worldwide safety of their ‘vaccine’ until 28th February 2021. If you want to read the report for yourself I’ll put the details and this transcript on my website within 24 hours. This information was kept secret and only released after a group of professionals in the USA used the FOIA to obtain the information from the FDA. So far just 91 pages have been released. There are around another 300,000 pages to be released, I’m told.

In February 2021, Pfizer reported that, after just weeks of jabbing, there were already 42,086 adverse reaction case reports of which 25,379 had been medically confirmed. Most of these came from the US and the UK but there were also reports from 61 other countries. Remember, it is believed that only 1% of adverse reactions are officially recorded.

Of these patients, 1,223 had a fatal outcome. Which, for those journalists and fact checkers who like to hide from the truth, means death.

And 11,361 people had not recovered from the adverse events they had suffered. There were 9,400 individuals for whom the outcome was not known.

What were the adverse events?

Well, you might as well just look up the index in a medical dictionary. There were respiratory problems, nervous system problems, eye problems, immune system problems, cardiac problems and vascular problems. There were 1,403 cardiovascular problems, 932 haematological problems, 70 liver related problems, 449 cases of facial paralysis, 1,050 immune system problems and 275 stroke problems. At the bottom of the report there is an appendix – a list of adverse events of special interest. Just about every disease you can think of, with the possible omission of flat feet, is listed there. Pages and pages of it. There were spontaneous abortions, heart attacks, myocarditis, brain haemorrhage – they knew all this was happening. Every Health Minister and medical advisor in the world should have known of this.

Oh, and there were 1,833 cases of anaphylactic reaction.

There were 270 pregnant women reported and of these 23 had spontaneous abortions. There is a list of adverse events occurring among women who were breast feeding their babies.

Among those under 12 who had already been jabbed there were 24 serious problems recorded.

None of this is a complete surprise, of course.

In December 2020, I made a video listing the adverse events known to be associated with Pfizer’s covid-19 jab. The list included myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. None of these problems was a surprise. And what we have now is evidence.

It now seems clear that Pfizer and the FDA in America were well aware that the jab they were promoting could eventually result in vast numbers of deaths and serious injuries. I cannot begin to estimate the size of the future problems among the jabbed.

We should not be surprised by any of this.

We are dealing with bad, bad people.

This is an experiment and way back – 10 months ago – I made a video headlined ‘Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals’.

I pointed out that doctors or nurses who did not tell their patients all the potential problems would be guilty of a crime. Patients are entitled to know the risks of a medication – it’s called informed consent. And this is especially true when they are taking part in an experiment – which the covid jabs are. Doctors are ignoring the age old principle of ensuring the benefit exceeds the risk.

The information so far revealed is just a tiny part of the information still kept secret. It’s estimated that all the documents the FDA used to approve the Pfizer jab won’t be made public before 2076 – over half a century away.

All this information should be released and published immediately. Why should anyone be expected to trust Pfizer or the people pushing these jabs?

The British Medical Journal has reported that a Pfizer subcontractor, used when their jab was being tested, is accused of falsifying data, hiring inadequately trained jabbers, un-blinding patients and failing to follow up on reported adverse reactions. The title of that paper is ‘Covid-19: researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.’

Meanwhile, the drug companies are making a fortune.

Pfizer, one of the world’s most fined companies in history, expects its 2021 covid jab sales to reach $36 billion and in 2022 they’re expecting $29 billion, though they admit they are hoping for much better than that. And they also expect the ‘market for covid-19 vaccines to be durable and to continue generating sales for years to come’.

Pfizer, like other big drug companies has a bad record for honesty.

In the UK, Pfizer was fined £84.2 million for overcharging the NHS by 2,600% and in the US Pfizer was hit with a $2.3 billion fine for mis-promoting medicines, making false claims and paying kickbacks to doctors to prescribe their drugs. At the time that was the largest health care fraud settlement in American history.

The CEO of Pfizer is quoted as saying that people who spread misinformation about vaccines are criminals.

For once I agree with a drug company employee. He’s right. The police should arrest all politicians, all medical advisors, thousands of doctors and journalists, the staff of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the entire staff of the BBC and the so-called fact checkers.

Governments have deliberately and systematically created fear to terrify and manipulate and virtually force people to accept a jab that doesn’t do what most people think it does – it doesn’t stop people catching or spreading covid-19.

And now governments and advisors and journalists are demanding that the jabs be mandatory.

When will people realize what is happening to them? I’ve been making videos about this assault, this coup, since March 2020, nearly 300 of them, and find it difficult to understand how people still can’t understand what is happening to them.

The word ‘genocide’ can no longer be considered hyperbole. Medical advisors everywhere must now comment on these Pfizer figures.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. And thanks to Brand New Tube and to Muhammad Butt. Please subscribe to my channel on Brand New Tube and spread my videos about on other platforms.

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Read the

And visit my own website where there are videos, articles and free books.

Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up and once they are awake they don’t go back to sleep.

If we are going to win this war then we have to fight hard and with determination and passion and the truth.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.


Vernon Coleman’s international bestselling book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying – here’s the proof is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. The book is a fact packed history and analysis of the hazards of traditional pre-mRNA vaccines – and includes sections on compulsory vaccination and autism.

13th December 2021

Nov. 29, 2021



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