Gallery: Judith Kusel: How to Cope with These Times

Judith Kusel: How to Cope with These Times

December 17, 2021 by 

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I am so often asked, how to cope with these times?

I have indeed stepped out of the Old 3D matrix, and thus indeed am in the New Earth. This does not mean that I am not functioning in the Old Earth, yet I do not allow the Old to dictate to me anymore.

It is a matter of transcendence.

I am always told that the Old Earth does not exist anymore. In truth is only exists in holographic form, for those who still wish to engage in it, for in truth we create our own reality!

Read that again: you create your own reality.

In the higher dimensional state, you indeed feel a deep sense of Oneness and Unity. There is love – and love all abiding.

The duality has vaporized, and now you start to experience life differently. The judgements have gone, the divisions, the separations, and you start to realize, how much of the Old 3D was a mere acting out of old Hollywood film, which in truth has become redundant. It is only accessible to those who wish to be stuck in that old movie, thus are playing the same old movie over and over again. Yet, it is one of those old reel films, that you need to rewind on a cranky old machine. The sound is distorted, as is the truth. After all is but a movie and it is not the truth.

Any moment you can step out of that movie and indeed start to step fully into the truth of who and what you are, in truth.

You step into a new reality which you now create in harmony and Oneness embracing the Divinity within. There is inner harmony and peace. Your vibrational frequency now can soar into new realms and operate there, unbound, unfettered. Indeed, the possibilities which now open, are endless and boundless.

All you now create, is reflecting your own inner wholeness, and whatever is not, has no power over you anymore.

What other people are doing or not doing in the Old Earth and old movie, is their own business. It is their own choice. You allow them the freedom to be.

It is not where you choose to live out your life any longer. You have left that behind you forever.

It can at times appear as if there is a huge glass bubble around you, and no matter how the old movie actors try to get into your bubble (the

New Earth) they cannot. Because their frequency is too low and thus they, as yet, cannot step out of the old movie. Yet, in truth they can, if they wish to.

I love this time.

For it brings the infinite new. The Infinite ability to co-create the New Golden Age in the New Earth, inspired and with love, within the Law of One, as One.

Of course, you can choose to still play in that old Hollywood movie – the choice is yours.

I choose to rather operate in infinite space, within the infinite creation, with awe and wonder, love and joy, and experience signs and wonders and so much to marvel about, and know more about and indeed, to expand into.


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