Gallery: I am in Love (A Description of a Heart Opening)

I am in Love (A Description of a Heart Opening)

December 18, 2021 by 

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Steve: It sounds very much like Digger just had a heart opening. (1)

Who’s next? We are laying new track.

I am in Love. I don’t know why. I haven’t met anyone.

Yet here it is. Love so big, so strong and all encompassing I feel it surge from deep within and gently flow throughout my entire being.

It is not the Bliss-filled emotion I have experienced before. That love was high energy. Almost too much to handle, it consumed me and I wasn’t sure how to hold it. (2) I wasn’t able to sustain it actually. I asked my guides to help me tone it down before I blew a fuse.

Blissful love is amazing and, boy howdy, won’t that be a great day when everyone has a chance to engage with it. It will be like a huge carnival with everyone dancing and laughing, excited to be there. (3)

This is my personal idea of what Bliss felt like. I cannot speak for anyone else.

But this feeling right now is more like a Romantic love. Gentle. Full.

Dreamy Incredible. It is so sweet that if anyone tries to cross me today I won’t care. I will look at them with this love and give them a hug.

I do not know how this came to be. Like I already mentioned, I have not met anyone here in physicality.

I don’t want to confuse things. We get lost in the programming of what love is. We have been taught that sexual love is love and our hormones are given all the power and permisson to rule our lives.

It is powerful indeed but as we have found through years of practice, it is not very sustaining. Profitable for divorce counselors and product advertisers, society has fallen under its spell leaving us somewhat vacant in fully understanding love in all its sincerity.

There have been many types or categories of emotions that define love. They are strong wonderful feelings.

Nothing is as strong, at least not that I have experienced, as the love felt as a Parent. Having a child is beyond anything I could have  ever imagined. Any parent out there will know of what I speak.

It is almost unexplainable. It’s something that can only be experienced. You cannot go to a Pub or find it online.

It is created, nurtured, developed and instantaneous at the same time. It is intense, and unshakeable. It is not surprising that many Fathers just walk away when confronted with the idea of separation from the family.

It is too much to deal with and much easier to turn away rather than face those feelings of separation.

Parental love is so strong as it is designed to protect and nurture. It needs to be unshakeable. But it also breaks the spirit when things go awry.

Considering the  variety of living circumstances in our multi-functional families, the love for the child often serves as the glue that bonds many together. It is a sustained love even if sometimes driven deep out of sight.

Blissful love, Romantic love, Parental love.  All amazingly wonderful emotions to experience. We are so lucky to have so many options.

As we pull ourselves away from the programming of what love has been advertised to be, we are rediscovering ourselves. We are realizing that loving ourselves is not conceit or a taboo notion anymore. Self-love is the foundation in all of our spiritual seeking.

This love is unconditional. (4) This love is sustaining. (5)  This love is free and in abundance. (6) This love is overlooked if we continue to search outside of ourselves for meaning and happiness. (7) I believe that is shifting.

Going out on a limb here making it more of a declaration. It has shifted.

I personally have been experiencing many shifts. They seem to be speeding up and it feels a bit like being the silver ball in an arcade game. Bouncing off the rubber belts and hearing bells and dings of accomplishment as points accumulate towards an uncertain goal.

I love this game.  Is self love the goal? I believe it is that. And so much more.

There are many bells and whistles going off around the planet, the galaxy and beyond. The game has been afoot for longer that we understood.

Wouldn’t it be great if the goal were to get to a point of engaging in a state of love that is sustained and permeates all of existences?

In many ways that is outside of me. I mean, it is a part of me and I am a part of it. But within myself, What I am experiencing is an actual feeling of ‘being in love’. (8) I am in love. It’s pretty simple.

No bells or whistles. No silver ball needing to bounce off walls for accolades. Something has shifted and it is amazing beyond words.

I think that what I am feeling is not definable.  We can look at defining it as Divine Love, The Christ consciousness. Universal Love.

But right now in the midst of its energy, I don’t need to define it.

It is so gentle and so forgiving that trying to put it into a category or give it boundaries would diminish its glory. This is definitely a milk and honey moment. All I know is that this is what I wish for everyone. I will sit in this energy and send it out to all. If this is the Spirit of Christmas may it be so and may it be Christmas from here to eternity.

Merry Christmas everyone.

You’re not going to believe what’s under the tree!


Footnotes by Steve

(1) A heart opening occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra. It may take the form of the hridayam or heart aperture exploding or imploding but, whatever form it takes, the result is a flood or tsunami of love unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Digger describes it here.

Ascension is a full and permanent heart opening, beyond the Third-Dimensional seven-chakra system.

(2) Bliss is like that.

(3) This is what higher-dimensional love is like. You only want to share it.

(4) By its very nature, love is unconditional: It flows everywhere.

(5) It’s all you want and need!  Hunger and thirst may exist on this dimension, but on the dimension on which this form of love exists, it is all you need.

(6) Never-ending, eternally flowing.

(7) Totally. Looking outside ourselves will never have us find it. It flows inside the heart and is known when the heart opens, as it appears to have with Digger. What did Krishna say? The ignorant walk by the place I reside, there in the heart.

(8) Yes, the love is felt as tangible, more substantial, real, and touching than anything else we presently know.

I hope Digger is just the first of many!


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