Gallery: Today, Dec. 14, 2021

Today, Dec. 14, 2021

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My thanks to Len, D, and Brian, the fruits of whose research make up these pages

Will pests, vermin, and viruses live on into the higher dimensions?

Matthew Ward: Will insects harmful to humans and animals be in fourth density? No. Indeed all life in this universe derives from God via the love-light essence of Creator and thus is a soul; however, the darkness contaminated the energy streamers of many life forms so they would become harmful to third-density civilizations. Earth life as a slug, minute aquatic form or harmful insect may be a step up the evolutionary ladder for persons who once had intelligence and reasoning ability, but whose free will choices during physical lifetimes became so dark that they devolved into first density’s primitive existence. …

It can be no other way – simply, this is the physics that governs life in this universe. As Earth continues apace into successively higher planes, nothing with low vibrations in any form – physical bodies, subversive plans, theft, dishonesty, unjust laws and imprisonment, bigotry, cruel customs and deeds – can survive. (Matthew’s Message, Mar. 1, 2012, at https://www/

I’m afraid it’s true. The German police arrested Santa Claus. Some people have no regard for optics.

Laura Eisenhower: With David Ridriguez and Alex Collier – Navigating the Madness

Alex gives us his take on what’s happening in the global chess game. Alex was a contactee and developed a relationship with the Andromedans, which he reported on some years ago.

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He got his first dose on May 25th, 2021. He is still suffering with no help from doctors.

“Tried to finally enjoy a day of fishing it lasted 20 mins and I hit the deck. This (video) is (of) when I got in the door. It’s very hard and emotional for me to watch but it means more to me to help and educate others about adverse reactions. I love you guys.”Video Player

Brazilian City Cuts Hospitalizations and Mortality Rates in Half After Implementing Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID

THE BIG LIE: The ‘Powers That Be’ Overcount COVID Deaths and Undercount Vaccine Deaths – All for Money and Power

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, December 12, 2021


This didn’t make any headlines.

The city of Itajai, Brazil offered Ivermectin to its citizens during the COVID pandemic. The results were spectacular. Hospitalizations and deaths were cut in half.

Zero Hedge reported:

Early on in the pandemic, before the vaccines were available, the Southern Brazilian city of Itajai offered Ivermectin as a prophylaxis against the disease.

Between July and December of 2020, roughly 220,000 people were offered a dose of 0.2mg/kg/day (roughly 18mg for a 200lb person) as an optional treatment for 2 days, once every two weeks.

133,051 people took them up on it, while 87,466 did not.

After analyzing the data, a team of researchers spanning several Brazilian institutes, the University of Toronto, and Columbia’s EAFIT concluded in a December pre-print study that hospitalization and mortality rates were cut in half over the seven-month period among the Ivermectin group.

THE BIG LIE: The ‘Powers That Be’ Overcount COVID Deaths and Undercount Vaccine Deaths – All for Money and Power

In 2020, the ‘powers that be’ argued that the government was accurate in its reporting of COVID deaths.  Then when we reported that only 6% of all COVID deaths had no co-morbidities and COVID was the only cause the ‘powers that be’ freaked out.

The ‘powers that be’ found one individual to share that all the COVID listed deaths at the CDC were ’caused’ by COVID.  Case closed they thought.

Hospitals were encouraged to list deaths as COVID deaths because there was an incentive to do so.

Now the opposite is occurring with vaccine-related deaths.  Dr. Simone Gold reported on this in September.

It was even uncovered that the CDC changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to help cover for the vaccine deaths.  (There are billions in revenues related to the vaccines.)

When the powers that be wanted to scare America into COVID submission, they counted every related death as a COVID death whether COVID was the cause or not.  Now with the vaccine, the powers that be want Americans to feel safe taking the vaccine, so they don’t count a death related to the vaccine unless someone dies two weeks or more after taking the vaccine.

It’s clear, the ‘powers that be’ are manipulating data to overcount COVID deaths and undercount Vaccine deaths.


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