Gallery: Matthew Ward: The “Outer Space” Reps Shift into Their Natural Bodies

Matthew Ward: The “Outer Space” Reps Shift into Their Natural Bodies

December 14, 2021 by 

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On July 4, 2012, Matthew Ward furnished us with a most interesting look at Disclosure at that time.

He described “outer space” negotiators meeting with Earth officials, entering the room looking human, switching to their native forms for a while, and then switching back to human again. Uhhhhhhhhh…. Yah, that would be impressive.

He details the operations our star family were then carrying out and tells us an Earth council is overseeing everything.

He says that negotiations at the time were extensive but that it wasn’t yet the time for Disclosure. Well, probably not the time yet for everyone to remove their masks.

Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2012, at

In various parts of the world, negotiations are ongoing between representatives of civilizations that are assisting Earth and some of the principals in your governments, banking, manufacturing, military, agriculture, mining, medicine, education, religions, transportation, entertainment – actually, every field that affects life in your world. Considering that spectrum and the level of attendees, you won’t be surprised to know that some within the Illuminati ranks are among them.

The “outer space” representatives enter these meetings looking no different from you, then shift into their natural bodies for a while before returning to their first appearance. As you can imagine, this shifting – actually, the very presence of these individuals from other worlds! – has had profound effects on your negotiators. However, the extraterrestrials’ only purpose is to produce profound results – wise decisions by your people – and those are coming about.

The visiting contingent has made persuasive presentations that opened your negotiators’ eyes to the folly of proceeding in their respective directions of competition, conflict, corruption, conquest and deception. Some Illuminati in attendance are eagerly jumping on the band wagon; others are less enthusiastic, but since it is abundantly clear that their day is over, they are joining their counterparts who very willingly abandoned ship, so to say.

Knowledgeable discourse and reasonable discussions that lead to expanded awareness and cooperation always are far preferable to more forceful measures.

Furthermore, the only means whereby light warriors do battle is with light itself. Enlightenment facilitates smooth transitioning from old systems to new, and that is important indeed; but the greater significance is that it is your leaders in all those areas, not individuals from other civilizations, who are setting the new course for your world. …

The council knows the collective consciousness of Earth’s residents, thus they know that the arrival of extraterrestrials at this point would panic most people. Not only would that create more negativity for Earth to get rid of, it would strengthen the dark ones – they thrive on fear energy.

At this juncture, it is deemed judicious for you and for your brothers and sisters from outer space to meet closer to the end of the year, when they can join you in full recognition and overtly assist you without any lamentable repercussions. However, that timing is not set in stone – it could be earlier. There is continuous monitoring of Earth happenings and how effectively the light intensity is raising the collective consciousness, and as soon the possibility of widespread fear no longer exists, our space family will join you.

During the interim they will continue using technology aboard their crafts to reduce the toxic effects of chemtrails and other pollutants. They will continue to level out the effects of earthquakes and soften the power of major storms without decreasing the amount of negativity released. They will keep on causing weaponry to malfunction, blocking the most potent aspects of the Illuminati’s weather control technology, and destroying their operations in mammoth underground facilities. Also with divine permission to assist you, they can relocate specified individuals who refuse to step down from the helm of various activities that are against the good of Earth humankind.


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