Gallery: Reducing the Judgments While Keeping the Discernment

Reducing the Judgments While Keeping the Discernment

December 12, 2021 by 

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Matthew Ward

Matthew says we’re experiencing increased energies designed to bring on karmic completion. I imagine that means the completion of our vasanas (or core issues):

“The Illuminati’s recent action was the last straw, so to say, and additional civilizations started beaming massive amounts of light to Earth so everything can occur faster. Thus, karmic lesson completion, truths emerging, resolution of conflicts, corruption uprooted, and circumstances lining up like dominoes to remove all remnants of darkness are in high acceleration.” (1)

I certainly am seeing really-deep-seated vasanas arise in me that go back through long threads to their origins.  I’m not doing as well with them as you might expect.

I source them afterwards but not without projecting my anger first. I have to get on top of both the vasanas and the anger before becoming a CEO.  I know that what can be small outbursts or chance remarks from a CEO can be a crisis for someone on the front lines.


One of the things I’ve learned from this latest round has to do with a matter that’s confused me for a long time.

There are some parts of a vasana that I like and some that I don’t. I don’t like the fear and pain and suffering involved when we fall victim to our vasanas.

I don’t like the way I feel when such a mix of emotions goes off.

I don’t like it when the only way forward seems to be confrontation and hostility.

I don’t like the consequences of me getting mad.

But I do like – and have always liked – the way I galvanize myself to action in the course of the vasana. I reach realization by bliss but I’m spurred to action by a vasana. I do things that I’ve been dragging my feet on since forever.

The eruption of a vasana often draws many strands together. I just need to remain its observer rather than allow it to drive me.

But how could I possibly like a vasana? I’m confused.

And then I realized today that what I don’t like about a vasana are the judgments I arrive at but I do like the discernment I arrive at. And when I made a distinction between judgment and discernment the confusion I’d been in lifted.

That which stemmed from and resulted in judgments is third-dimensional and comes out of the whole belief system which I called “separate selves struggling for survival amid seeming scarcity.” (2)  We compete with each other for scarce resources. We make ourselves right and others wrong. We excuse ourselves and don’t excuse others. And so on. Well, at least I do.

Judgmentalness traces back to my past and is all about right/wrong, shame and blame.

But the discernment part is not shame and blame. It’s informed estimation, calculated risk, and the feedback from other fact-based skillsets that warn a person of possible danger.

Discernment is fact based, communicated in Perro (neutral language). Judgement is communicated usually in one-sided, inflammatory language.

There are no negative feelings in Perro; there are in our judgmental conversations.

I now saw what I needed to do: Drop the judgment but keep the discernment.

When I remove the judgment from what I’m about to say, I feel restored to sanity.

Whereas before I didn’t know what road to take, I now see that the direction is way from judgmentalness and towards discernment when a situation arises. It’s funny how this seems so obvious now but it wasn’t at all obvious to me before.

Now that I’ve made that distinction for myself, the next edge I push will be to reduce the judgments while keeping the discernment.

Later I’d like to look at the energy that’s being beamed to us, where it’s coming from and what route it’s following to get to us.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Dec. 1, 2021, at

(2) “Basic Third-Dimensional Illusion: Separate Selves Struggling for Survival amid Seeming Scarcity,” May 17, 2020, at


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