Gallery: Archangel Michael: Personal and Systemic Deconstruction of the Cabal Occurring

Archangel Michael: Personal and Systemic Deconstruction of the Cabal Occurring

December 13, 2021 by 

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I’m taking an in-depth look at energy and, in the course of that research, I came across this 2014 discussion with Archangel Michael of the process by which the Illuminati will be made to yield control.

“Archangel Michael: A Process of Deconstruction and Reconstruction, channeled by Linda Dillon, February 27, 2014, at

Steve Beckow: Well, Lord, many people who became aware of what the Illuminati were doing, what they were up to, watched the process by which the Illuminati extended their control, and may even have been able to perceive them getting careless, not caring who knew about certain things they were doing, not bothering to answer charges against them, dismissing things out of hand, etc. And then the Illuminati started to be opposed and to lose control.

Now we’re in a process in which they’re progressively losing more and more control. Is it possible for you to describe what happens when a group like this loses control, what stages they go through, or how this process looks like, how it works?

Archangel Michael: Yes. What you have done is describe the group that you refer to as the Illuminati at the pinnacle of their arrogance. And you have witnessed that particularly during, again, the last decade, and certainly within the last five years. But with that arrogance, and with that carelessness, as you have put it, with this feeling of invincibility, untouchability, they became reckless.

There have been a group of souls who have come to Earth. Many of them — well, some of them are your star brothers and sisters — many of them are of the blue ray of truth, and many of them are green — yes, Raphael’s, but also Earth-keepers — and their sole mission and purpose has been exposure of this crime.

As the Illuminati — and we do not wish to group them — as the individuals who have been in this situation [move] from the arrogance and the recklessness and carelessness, there has been deep, profound denial.

And part of that has been what you would term a false grid, a paradigm, a belief system that somehow they were the chosen of the Father (usually the Father, not the Mother, which is interesting in and of itself).

And so they felt a sense of great entitlement. But as the world, external and internal — understand, one does not collapse without the other — as these paradigms have been collapsing, there has been a great deal of anger, rage, striking out against those who would challenge them, but also rage and challenge, can we say, against the Source, the Father One, against heaven, and with that, a great sense of somehow that they have been abandoned and not that they have erred, but that God has erred.

And you see this not only in the financial systems. Look to the political, social institutions as well. This is a common theme. And as they have believed this, then they have finally begun to look in the mirror and realized that they have been off their path, that they have erred.

And as they are being penetrated with greater clarity, they are coming to realize that not only have they erred, but they – most of them – are at a place where they know the magnitude of what they have done is so phenomenal that they don’t know how to fix it.

They were never, can we say, ‘prime creators.’ And I use that word and term very purposely. They were manipulators. They thought that they were the favored ones and they forgot about gratitude and humility and sharing.

So, many of them have become very disorganized in their energy fields, in their thinking. They are in a crisis of faith and self definition. Now, can they re-emerge? [Steve: I think he means recant, turn their hat around, go another way.] Yes. Will they re-emerge? No, not all of them.

But if and when they re-emerge, they re-emerge very differently. And that is where it is important to keep vigilance and charity in your hearts, forgiveness. Because they do know some things that are important to the future. They know what works and what doesn’t work, because they have walked through the gates of hell, literally.

SB: What you’re describing reminds me of what happens, or what used to happen, anyways, in encounter groups. The amount of  hammering that sometimes is needed to break through a constructed self.

AAM: Yes.

SB: Denial, and private myths about what a person is doing, how, even though I’m amassing all the wealth of society I’m contributing in some way. So this is really a personal deconstruction that’s going on with members of the cabal.

AAM: It is a personal deconstruction and it is a system deconstruction. And they are running parallel.

SB: And this includes the military? This includes the media, entertainment industry?

AAM: Yes, it does.


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