Gallery: Today, Dec. 12, 2021

Today, Dec. 12, 2021

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My thanks to Len, D, and Brian, the fruits of whose research make up these pages

Scientists developing cancer cure stock image

We were told that we’d be seeing many medical breakthroughs being released at some point. Is this one of them?

Cancer breakthrough as ‘effective’ treatment targets ‘major cancers’ without side effects

CANCER researchers have developed a “very, very effective” new therapy, which they claim can switch off “most major human cancers” without any obvious side effects.

Sebastian Kettley, Express, Nov 30, 2021


After more than 15 years of backbreaking research, scientists at Princeton University in the US have published two papers describing their promising new therapy. The researchers were focused on identifying a “little-known but deadly” gene called metadherin (MTDF), which is present in most major types of cancer. Metadherin is present in lung, colon, breast, prostate and liver cancers, making it a potential target for future cure development.

According to cancer biologist Yibin Kang, the Princeton researchers have figured out a way in which this gene can be attacked or disabled.

And more importantly, their research so far indicates this can be done without triggering any obvious side effects.

Professor Kang said: “You can’t find a drug target better than this: MTDF is important for most major human cancers, not important for normal cells, and it can be eliminated with no obvious side effects.”

So far, the new treatment was only tested on mice and human tissue.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson gives a cogent summary of what does not work or make sense in the “Covid gods’” strategy to meet the virus.

The extent of Digital Tracking in Australia…. Later in the program Max Igan expresses the anger, disgust and rebelliousness of Australians. Pretty stiff language. Reader discernment advised.  Not for the weak of heart or vaccinated.

Dr. Coleman looks at the dangers of the vaccine and the future for society when so many drop dead from heart problems.

Judge Berates Albert Lea Bistro Owner: ‘You Just Wanted to Make Money During a Global Pandemic,’ Gives Her 90 Days, $1,000 Fine for Violating Gov. Walz’s COVID-19 Indoor Service Ban

Hayley Feland, Minnesota Sun, December 10, 2021


ALBERT LEA, Minnesota – The owner of the Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro began her 90-day jail sentence Thursday after a jury found her guilty of violating COVID-19 emergency orders from Democrat Gov. Timothy J.  “Tim” Walz at her Freeborn County District Court trial.

Melissa “Lisa” Hanson represented herself sui juris, while she was prosecuted by Albert Lea’s City Attorney Kelly Martinez on six of the nine misdemeanors charges against her.

All six of the counts were for willfully violating the governor’s November 2020 executive orders, which prohibited serving alcohol indoors.

The jury was selected on Tuesday and the opening arguments were delivered on Wednesday.Judge Joseph Bueltel

Judge Joseph Bueltel released jurors at or around 2:30 p.m., and they deliberated for roughly 60 minutes on Thursday, reconvening with the court at around 3:40 p.m.

Following the announcement of guilty on all counts, Martinez asked to poll the jury and all of the six jurors affirmed that guilty was their verdict.

Next, Buetel asked the prosecutor for her sentencing recommendation.

Martinez said her recommendation was that the court sentence Hanson to 10 days in jail, a $500 fine, paying the court fees – as well as ordering her to shut down a farewell celebration that some local supporters had planned to take place on Thursday evening at the former location of The Interchange. Martinez also requested that the court give Hanson a one-year probationary period.

The city attorney said to the judge that Hanson failed to appear in court in the past and has shown egregious bad faith during the trial.

Hanson believes the law does not apply to her and she engaged in unlawful conduct to this day, she said.

The owner of the wine and coffee bistro was an ongoing public safety risk, she said.

Given her opportunity to respond, Hanson said Martinez was wrong about her willingness to participate in the legal process.

She had indeed showed up for every court date, with the exception of a single date for which she had not received the court summons, she said.

Hanson also said she objected to the claim that she was a public safety risk and said that as a first-time offender, jail time is not appropriate for her. “There’s no reason to put a person like me behind bars. Just because I have a passion for liberty and freedom doesn’t mean I should be put behind bars.”

Martinez said to the judge Hanson’s statements were unequivocally false.

When Hanson and Martinez were finished, Bueltel said in detail for about 20 minutes Hanson was willfully ignorant of Minnesota laws and executive orders and went into detail explaining them to her.

“You were a public risk because you kept your business open,” the judge said.

Hanson was like a career criminal and a drug or alcohol offender, he said, and there was only sentence he felt was appropriate would be to cause restraint both to keep Hanson from acting like this again and to stop others from following suit.

Bueltel, who was appointed to the bench in 2002 by Reform Party Gov. Jesse “The Body” Ventura, said Hanson took advantage of the COVID-19 restaurant shutdowns by being the only store with her doors open.

“You sure played them for the fool, didn’t you?” he said. “You just wanted to make money during a global pandemic.”

Bueltel barely concealed his personal animus against Hanson and told the restaurant owner he was going to teach her a lesson. “You don’t want to recognize our law. I want to reinforce that the law does apply to you. I want to send a message to the community that executive orders are law.”

In addition to the 90 days in jail, the judge fined Hanson $1,000.

When Hanson asked for a more detailed explanation of what the sentencing would look like, Bueltel said: “You’re your own counsel, so figure it out.”

Hanson has yet to be tried for the remaining three misdemeanors, two additional counts of violating emergency orders, and one count of public nuisance. Hanson could spend up to nine months in jail and be fined an additional $3,000 for those charges.

As Hanson was led away by deputies following the sentencing, she raised her hand and stated, “Liberty and freedom.”

The case is Melissa Hanson v. the State of Minnesota, No. 24-CR-21-137 in Freeborn County District Court, Minnesota.

Proof of The Graphene Oxide Wireless Network

Ava Garcia, True Defender, Dec. 11, 2021


The deadly shot is indeed the most sophisticated spying equipment – and that has been proven numerous times!

But in today’s report, we’re offering proof – microscopic proof of the existence of nano microorganisms with sensors inside the vaccine, and our bodies are a very suitable environment for their future!

Watch the explicit video content of the Stew Peters Show.

“Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid is a professor of chemical sciences at the University of Almeira. But he’s also affiliated with La Quinta Columna and has dedicated himself to performing an independent analysis of vaccine samples. And he’s now released his findings in three parts. Earlier this month, he put his full graphene oxide findings on ResearchGate. And his findings were clear: Using a technique called micro-raman spectroscopy, he found ample evidence of graphene oxide structures within random vaccine samples.

But Dr. Campra’s follow-up research could be even more important. In another ResearchGate paper, Campra speculates that micro-structures seen in the vaccines, made of graphene oxide, could be components in a wireless nanosensor network…”

The Victorian Labor Party has been thrown into disarray after five parliamentarians threw in the towel last week (pictured, Premier Daniel Andrews alongside local ministers)

Seven Australian MPs leave Labor Party in Victoria.

‘Dictator Dan’ loses his SEVENTH MP in as many days as the Andrews Government is left in tatters after another shock resignation – as former minister says it’s a ‘sign’ of the state of the party

  • Jane Garret is latest Victorian Labor MP to confirm they’re quitting parliament
  • Six Labor MPs announced departure from politics across three days last month
  • MP Mark Gepp confirmed on Thursday he’s not seeking re-election too
  • Dan Andrews’ controversial pandemic bill  passed parliament on Thursday
  • It needed the support of crossbench MPs to make it through the upper house

By Kevin Airs For Daily Mail Australia, 3 December 2021 


Dan Andrews’ Labor government has been plunged into chaos after a seventh MP announced she was quitting the Victorian parliament at the next election.

Jane Garret, member for Eastern Victoria, has joined the exodus out of Spring Street in the wake of the furious backlash against the premier’s handling of the pandemic.

On Friday, she confirmed her coming exit and said it was a ‘sign of strength’ within the Labor Party that so many were leaving at the same time.

Her announcement follows Victorian MP Mark Gepp  revealing on Thursday that would be the sixth Labor MP in just a matter of days to confirm they are quitting.

Mr Gepp joined Lara MP John Eren, Richmond MP Richard Wynne, Altona MP Jill Hennessy, Ringwood MP Dustin Halse and Yan Yean MP Danielle Green who all announced last week that they would not be seeking re-election in 2022.

The Victorian Labor Party has been thrown into disarray after five parliamentarians threw in the towel last week (pictured, Premier Daniel Andrews alongside local ministers)

On Thursday, the Victorian premier had to rely on the support of crossbenchers to get his controversial pandemic bill through parliament after a 21-hour debate.

The bill sparked riotous protests across Melbourne but will now take effect on December 16 after it passed the upper house by a thin margin of 20 votes to 18.

On Friday though, Ms Garret insisted: ‘It’s a sign of just how strong the Labor Party is when so many people make the call to step aside and give our huge range of talented young people the opportunity to become the next generation of MPs.

(Read more:


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