Gallery: Magenta Pixie and the Nine ~ Trifurcation Solar Eclipse (Diamond Sun Light Body Activation)

Magenta Pixie and the Nine ~ Trifurcation Solar Eclipse (Diamond Sun Light Body Activation)

December 12, 2021 by 

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Magenta’s description ~

Your December 4th 2021 solar eclipse was the portal opening for this final shift, allowing the Trifurcation energies into your reality and heightening the psychic abilities of all receptive, organic human souls. This initiation you undergo at this time is known as the ‘solar body’ or ‘diamond sun light body’ and this is that which you come into now.

My notes are under the video.

This is not a transcript. What follows are my notes, taken while listening to this typically densely-packed transmission from The Nine. Also, keep in mind that she speaks at the end of the video of the activation codes embedded within the message. Perhaps these notes will make it easier to grok meaning while listening…

When asked if the three-world split is happening now, The Nine respond by saying that a portal opened with the solar eclipse of  December 4th, and we’re on the very precipice of the trifurcation.

There are three aspects of future society manifesting within the trifurcation ~

  • Draconian rule and assimilation to AI society, driven by fear;
  • Indigo uprising of people who won’t go along, but they are also without harmony.  It’s draining to fight that fight;
  • Spiritual bypass of the physical, only communing with the Divine.  Escapism is the tool used here.

This, however, is the inversion of the trifurcation, where all 3 are still under the control of the old.

But there is unity among the Human Collective, and seeds have been planted, surrounded by beings of such a great magnitude of light and love that peace, harmony and unity can be felt by those with ‘eyes’ to see.

To reach the genuine trifurcation, there must be a unification of the indigo and spiritual souls.  Those living with one foot in both worlds are playing the roles of scouts and informers in the lower densities, acting as bridges to awaken those existing within the AI/Borg society.

Both manifestations are on track to happen, the false awakening as well as the true one.

It’s not out of our control, though, because We are the Architects and Designers both individually and collectively…our thoughts and intentions determine what our experience will be.

The future world is up for grabs according to what we do. Our immersion in the Photon Belt is sharpening our perceptions.

The bad guys have inverted our projections and hijacked our unity, and we turn against one another as a result, becoming easier to control.  Our insecurity becomes the blueprint for future reality.

However, there are those keeping Humanity on track to keep the 5th dimension code alive. That torch is now passed to us.  Without our conscious intentional magic, there can be no New Earth, yet we are here, and we are creating it.

Human solidarity creates the singularity event for all universes and metaverses. Those who remain as Humans hold greatly heightened abilities: the collective Galactic body that is Humanity on Earth.

The Photon Belt is flooding us and activating codes that unify our DNA and environment.  It gives power both individually and collectively. We do this not only for Humanity, but for the soul experience and life-giving force of positive polarization.

We are being asked to hold our sovereignty. The trifurcation will happen.  The eclipse was a portal opening, heightening the psychic abilities of all on the planet. This initiation is of the Diamond Sun Light Body.


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