Gallery: Four Takes on What’s Happening Right Now

Four Takes on What’s Happening Right Now

December 9, 2021 by 

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Matthew and mother Suzy

I’d like to repost extracts from four channeled sources on what’s happening right now, to give us a composite idea, particularly of behind the scenes activities.

Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward, Dec. 1, 2021.

This brings us to your last two years. What happens on Earth affects the entire universe, and what Gaia and her peoples around the world have been enduring has emanated low vibrations and adversely impacted other worlds.

The Illuminati’s recent action [the pandemic?] was the last straw, so to say, and additional civilizations started beaming massive amounts of light to Earth so everything can occur faster. Thus, karmic lesson completion, truths emerging, resolution of conflicts, corruption uprooted, and circumstances lining up like dominoes to remove all remnants of darkness are in high acceleration.

That many distant civilizations now are intervening in a process that will benefit them is neither self-serving nor denying Earth’s peoples the right to manifest the kind of world they want. It is God’s response to Gaia’s request for world transformation to come more swiftly so her peoples can live freely, joyously, peacefully and harmoniously, be nourished in body, mind and spirit, and all their needs supplied in abundance. That is what her peoples want, too.

The inpouring of light will enlighten and embolden the masses who believed the blatant lies about the “pandemic.” They will start joining the people who are heeding the honest medical specialists and refusing to be vaccinated or wear immunity-weakening masks and they are protesting lockdowns. The loss of God-given and constitutional rights is nearing the boiling point, and what is upcoming can rightfully be called the peoples’ revolution against evil.

Since the Illuminati’s laboratory-made coronavirus failed to cause billions of deaths, they have been making fortunes from covid tests and solutions falsely called vaccines; and, aided and abetted by mainstream media, politicians and scientists in their ranks and those they control, are claiming covid variants have become part of life so even infants need to be vaccinated. However, their dark agenda always has called for much more than satisfying avarice and power over the populace, and recently they released another, stronger, lab-manipulated virus to do what the coronavirus didn’t.

[Corononavirus was supposed to kill large numbers but offplanet scientists reduced the potency of the virus. Now the cabal has released a second lab-manipulated strain, which I imagine star scientists will tone down again.]

Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele, Oct. 31, 2021.

We realize that in many ways ordinary life has become difficult because much that you have been accustomed to no longer functions as it once did. Allow the process, for all is as it needs to be at this time in order for the un-awakened majority to wake up–if not fully, then at least into a new and higher sense of what life should be about. ​

The energy you are feeling has become increasingly intense as high resonating frequencies of Light come in contact with and expose the low resonating and dense energies that have dominated and defined mankind’s thinking for eons. This high frequency energy is causing everyone to question their choices, beliefs and goals–life in general as they have always lived it and believed it to be.

The dissolving of the false is the purpose behind everything taking place at this time–the exposures, awakenings, change, resistance, and the dismantling of many old firmly entrenched paradigms. Never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth at this time not only to clear personal energetic debris but also to assist with the heavy lifting of the world’s collective consciousness. ​

All is proceeding according to plan both within and without. Trust, and cease continually attempting to fix everything with old tools. Doing, doing, doing is a three dimensional activity that you have been programmed to do. Real change can only flow from within, the Source of creative thinking and new ideas. Go within for answers and solutions no matter how seemingly mundane the problem or issue and what manifests will be practical and seemingly ordinary but works.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Oct. 29, 2021.

Matters have reached rock bottom on Earth, and out of the chaos shall come a new way forward that will recognise the end of many old ways that still persist. You must move on and set up the Earth so that it can receive your help to manifest the new ways of life that will introduce many advances that have been held in check.

It is because you passed the marker in 2012 that you signaled your readiness to take a great step forwards. As a result much of what you have taken for granted and has been part of your daily lives will no longer serve you, as you are now on a new path that will bring many improvements in your daily life. Indeed, changes will come very quickly and many are ready when the appropriate time arrives. After all you have been through you are due many pleasant surprises.

“A Message from Mira through Valerie Donner, Nov. 30, 2021,” December 1, 2021, at

Since we are in the Earth Council, we are attuned to what you are experiencing now, we understand how you are feeling. Most of you are adapting well but can still not make much sense out of that which doesn’t make sense. We suggest that you don’t even try.

We see the overview and we understand why these imbalanced energies are working so as to be seen for the great awakening. They are not intended to make sense, especially for those who are already awake. The others are experiencing the extremes, and some are still not questioning.

Please take a note that many are popping up all around the planet. This is happening increasingly in large numbers for their awakenings. Some are faster than others and it takes time. We understand how your patience is wearing thin and we ask you to even become more patient. This patience is part of the awakening.

Your nervous systems are on edge and your sensitivity and empathy levels have greatly expanded, especially in the last two years. You have your physical ups and downs as the light, the planetary changes, the eclipses, the sun, the Earth along with evolving consciousness, are managing the planetary shifts. …

The worst part of the mission is nearly complete.


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