Gallery: Stages that Lie Beyond Culpability

Stages that Lie Beyond Culpability

December 5, 2021 by 

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One of the developments ahead of us is that there will, at some point, be a great deal of shame being felt in the world.

People who thought they could get away with anything being brought to book. The most unspeakable crimes being revealed to everyone.

Psychologist John Enright said that being wrong was like death to the ego. A lot of people are not going to be able to dodge feeling and being considered wrong. And they won’t be responding by accessing their hearts, by and large, but their egos.

The web they’ll be caught in includes the sequestering of their wealth. They’ll be without resources, I guess you could say, like the rest of us.

The dark will, I believe, respond in  one of three ways. Those that can strike out in defense, posturing, retaliation, etc., will until they’re cornered.  Those that cannot may choose to leave the scene, perhaps taking others down with them.

And a third group will repent.

Repentance will be genuine or not.

At this point we enter the picture.

Perhaps we serve the social role of prosecuting or judging their crimes like the Judge Advocate General (JAG) is doing at the moment.

Perhaps they’re part of our family. Perhaps our kids know their kids. Whatever the connection, we come in and we’re called upon to respond.

I ask us at this moment to be very, very selfish. Ask yourself: Never mind all the issues and personalities, how do you want to feel as a result of what you decide to do? How do you want to feel tomorrow?

I ask that question generally but I also want to zero in on one issue: That of mass executions.

If we do something as extreme as participate in mass-executing Team Dark, how will we feel tomorrow? Will we gloat? Do we like the experience of gloating? Where does it leave us?

Have you ever experienced love or bliss? Not experiencing it is the price we’ll pay. Ah, but how can we estimate the loss of something we haven’t experienced? Listen to the testimony of those who have, I suppose.

How will our children look upon us if we execute our enemies? What traits in us will doing that bring out in us? Are these ways of being that we want to leave to our children? (1)

We’re preparing our bed now and we’ll have to lie in it if we do this.

Proving criminality, culpability, responsibility is not the end of the battle. Dealing with the convicted in a manner that allows us to sleep at night and get out of bed in the morning – very selfish concerns – is a stage that lies beyond.

I put thus message out into the collective consciousness and the Law of Attraction will bring it to where it needs to go.


(1) Through inevitable intergenerational transfer and socialization.


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