Gallery: Celia Fenn: 3rd December 2021

Celia Fenn: 3rd December 2021

December 3, 2021 by 

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3rd December 2021

Day before Total Solar Eclipse on 4th December

The area of Totality will be over Antarctica, and partial eclipses will be observable in Southern Argentina, Cape Town in South Africa and Southern Australia.

Today is a very potent energy…although I found yesterday, the 3rd December, to be such a crazy day.

The energy was just everywhere and all over!

I feel a bit disconnected and spacey as Earth prepares for this major Solar Shift and Transformation.

So……the New Golden Solar codes will br imprinted in the Crystalline White snows and ice fields of Antarctica!

These powerful higher dimensional energies will then travel up South America via the Andes to Central America and then through North Americas to Canada via the Rocky Mountains.

The second route will be up Africa via the Nilotic Meridian, through the Middle East and into Europe.

The third route will be through Australia and into Asia!

Stand by….the power is on its way!

You may feel a bit weird and wired today!

Rest where possible, drink lots of water…and listen for the rustle of Angel Wings…or the hum of Space ships!

Anything can happen in this crazy energy!

Love to everyone!

Celia Fenn


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