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Today, Nov. 29, 2021

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My thanks to Len, D, and Brian, the fruits of whose research make up these pages.

Riccardo Bosi, leader of AustraliaOne Party, appeals to Australians to wake up.

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Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi: This Stops When We Stop It

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Biden/Harris Link to Foreign Interference in US Election

Below is a PDF link to Sydney Powell’s full 270 page document on Election Fraud that shows the Biden/Harris link to foreign interference in US Election Fraud by the Communist Parties of China, Venezuela, Iran and Russia.

While they may be proof, its contents are beyond my understanding.

Download at:

Download here:

I came across this rather remarkable summary of world events yesterday (article below) , which I read from beginning to end and felt few alarm bells go off.

It wasn’t till I read “By at least Jan. 2021,” at the end of it, that I asked myself what the date of the article was (it turned up in a Google search). And here it turned out to be written a year ago.

It’s by Judy Byington and it was posted in Before It’s News. I have hesitations about the site itself but none about the article.

I do have hesitation about the rumor that Chinese troops were somehow stationed or training in Canada. When that rumor was first floated some time ago, I tried to track it down and got not a ripple. I’d have heard.

But her broad brushstrokes do a good job of summarizing the main allegations of “patriots,” supporters of the Alliance aka white hats, followers of Q, and usually supporters of Trump … uuuhhh, yes, my own political point of view. You noticed.

For me this account would be “invisible”; it’d simply show up as “the truth.” Normally, it’d be invisible to me that I even have a point of view:

Chinese Communists, Democrats Rig 2020 Election for Biden as US Faces Martial Law

Before It’s News, December 12, 2020


Just prior to the 2020 Election in October the Chinese Communist Party, with help of [the] CIA, took control of Dominion Voting machine software. By the Nov. 3 Election Day and through offices in Germany, Spain and their headquarters in Canada, Dominion machines were hooked up to the Internet to swing the vote from Trump to Biden in Battleground States.

Promoter of a New World Order concept, George Soros, was head of the Dominion Board of Directors. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband was said to be a major Dominion share holder, her former Chief of Staff was also a major stock holder, as well as was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Diane Feinstein’s husband. Retired Admiral Peter Neffenger, now on the Biden Transition Team, was president and listed on the board of directors of Smartmatic that counted US Election votes in Germany.

Patriots of The Alliance had a Plan. Whether or not we wanted to admit it, the US was in a state of Martial Law – and had been since Bush Jr. declared it after 9/11. The Bushes were said to be part of Soros’ Deep State trying to instigate the New World Order – but they didn’t anticipate a plan formed over 20 years ago and now being implemented by a group of patriots called the Alliance.

Communist China was at our gates, ready to take over. Over decades the CCP had carefully studied the U.S. system, successfully took advantage of our open society, bought massive amounts of US land and corporations, plus infiltrated our school system and politicians’ pocketbooks.

The Alliance Plan: “Watermarked election ballots were cleared by the Supreme Court before the election said Dr. Charlie Ward, who had direct access to President Trump and the Alliance. “Trump has the exact count of validated votes (80% voted for Trump) from a Quantum Voting System that ran in parallel with the Dominion voting machines… Now he was taking the fraudulent election through the courts and identifying the bad guys… The Alliance knows that if we aren’t successful in the Supreme Court, the mess could be taken the Military Court at GITMO… They have arrested so many that GITMO was full and there was a prison ship there to take the overflow (Over 209,000 sealed indictments have been filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office)… Pelosi has stopped the Stimulus (NESARA) funds from going to the people and admitted so after she thought that Biden had won.”

“The Swiss bank UBS sold the election stealing Dominion voting machine maker to the Communist Chinese. This means the U.S. military and intelligence agencies will be hunting down and capturing for interrogation purposes, many people, starting with UBS management and Davos World Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab. Arrests in the U.S. are already well underway, Pentagon sources confirm.”…Benjamin Fulford

By the 2020 Presidential Election our Republic was in even more of a fragile state than after 9/11. For the first time in modern history, we were experiencing widespread and well-planned election fraud. A Texas lawsuit charging 2020 Election Voter Fraud against the four key Battleground States had been joined by 22 other states – yet on Fri. 11 Dec. 2020 the US Supreme Court refused to even look at the mountains of evidence of Voter Fraud. No court has seen the evidence. No court has even wanted to see the evidence – and that’s against the US Constitution.

There was no point in following daily events in the Fake News, either. We don’t know, and can’t even comprehend, the entire picture of the New World Order coup against the US Republic, especially the International Child Exploitation ring run by proponents of this takeover of the US Republic.


The Alliance’s Plan involved ups and downs. The downs were as much a part of it as the ups. If we knew what their Plan was, so would the enemy and they would plan against us. It was our job to weather the storm. Albeit it rough at times, we would continue forward.

There were only three constants to all of this: (1) Fact: What has been happening to our country, the children and people of the globe, was corrupt and dirty. (2) Fact: Military Law was the only way out. (3) Fact: With help from God, Trump and Patriots of the world, we would win.

On 7 Nov, the Saturday after Elections, CIA Director Gina Haspel was captured and detained for Election Fraud. She was injured by US Spec OP’s forces that raided a Frankfurt Germany Dominion server farm site owned by the CIA. Unfortunately five US soldiers and one of the CIA mercenaries were killed in the firefight.

Evidently Haspel was in Frankfurt to protect server data that would incriminate Deep State leaders such as Obama and Biden. She was said to be cooperating to lessen her own sentence and revealing information about an extensive Voter Fraud scam perpetrated by Democrats in the 2020 Election.

The Democrats Are the Party of China

The Military raid captured Dominion Voting servers, which were found to have swung votes from Trump to Biden from their locations in Germany, Canada and Spain. Simultaneous raids took place in Toronto (Dominion Voting System headquarters) and Barcelona Spain (another CIA Scytl server farm used in the election vote switching fraud).

Over a year ago the FBI (and later the Alliance) had secured Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptops. On those laptops there was said to be hard evidence of years of Chinese financial connections to the Biden Crime Family. Over his forty or so years in politics the “Big Guy” was said to have demanded, and received, a healthy 10% kickback from his family’s overseas dealings. Since the Democrats were said to be the Party of China, the evidence never made it to the Fake News during the months leading up to the 2020 Election.

The Cabal’s Response: The Democrats, UN and China were trying to get rid of Trump and put in the New World Order. The Soros-owned Mainstream News was not reporting on the military buildup in Europe and the US, but supporting censorship in Social Media.

Cabal plans were to ask the UN to invade the US and depose Trump as “a dictator,” using Black Lives Matter and Antifa members to create chaos and overthrow the government. The Chinese Communist Party had plans to sneak their Nuclear Submarine out of the China Sea and head for the US. A large number of Chinese troops were known to be stationed and training in both Canada and Mexico. [Improbable allegation.]

If the above didn’t pan out and Biden didn’t become President, Plan B was for the Democrat states of California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and New York, which were running in huge deficits, to secede from the Union and create a nesting ground for New World Order proponents.

The Alliance’s Response: Rig for Red, Zero Day for a central communication blackout, was approaching. There were massive troop movements across the US and gathering at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Naval vessels were stationed off both the East and West Coasts, while multiple arrests were being made on the 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. For the past week a large movement of planes have been flying across the US and Europe, with stops at GITMO, plus there was lots of military activity in Iceland.

There was hard evidence of Chinese financial connections to the Biden Crime Family, as [with other] politicians who supported the Chinese Communist Party’s attempted takeover of the US.

Sit back and enjoy the Show as this would all play out. Fri. 18 Dec. was the deadline for the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Department of Defense and Director of National Intelligence to produce an assessment on foreign intelligence interference in the US Election. Executive Order 13848, Sect. 1 (a): Imposing sanctions in the event of foreign interference.

By at least Jan. 2021 Martial Law would likely be declared to secure the Constitution and uphold the Rule of Law. It was advised to have several weeks of food supply ready in case of a national shutdown of businesses.

As a code of the Alliance said, Where We Go One, We Go All, (WWG1WGA). Fact.


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