Gallery: Poof Said, for Nov. 8, 2021

Poof Said, for Nov. 8, 2021

November 28, 2021 by 

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Things have not changed from last week. Progress is slow and deliberate…. Have patience. There is Gold at the End of the Rainbow…

Greetings and Salutations,

The troubling times and energies everyone is feeling are, in fact, quite real. You also feel similar intuitive hunches that things are changing: that it’s about time for the showdowns to start occurring, and that missives are afoot. You get the drift? Right?

We can assure you that times are changing, with plans to derail the onslaught of pain and distress that is now firing off in every direction.

Get ready for some action very soon. We can’t tell you the day nor could we even if we knew— but we too know that the final countdown is under way and that last-minute shifts and changes are being considered just to make sure.

Nothing is going to happen with this program or any other program until this next phase has been completed. Sit back and watch, wait, and add prayer energies to the good that needs to happen, the positive outcome that you are expecting whether any one else is, or not.

There are things afoot that we wish we could share. Just trust us for now to be attuned to the measures to protect and to assess any and all potential outcomes.

You can doubt all you want, but we ask you what does that add to the progress that has been ongoing? Nothing. The least you can do is to stop taking away energies essential to the desired outcome. Nothing that you can do personally will help right now other than positive energies, and stop building doubts and dissension.

We can’t help what it takes for the big boys to act but they will act when the time is right. Their withdrawal and removal, or so it seems, is all due to stopping the civil outbreaks that they know are possibly due to the clout and the power of the cabal.

The cabal is splintered. Stop being a negative resource and let go. Let God.

We are ever watchful; you know this; and thank you for being willing to see your gullibilities and your cautionary side. We appreciate that. Be patient, you are on the winning side…..

Love and Kisses,



(1) “Poof” is J. A. Holmes, who gave us his “intel” regularly some years ago, before the Deep State offed him.

Now he communicates from the other side. He has a ringside seat. I put a lot of credence in his enhanced observations.

On Poof’s passing in 2013, Sanat Kumara eulogized him:

“Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least, as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

“There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body. …

“Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.”  (“Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013, at


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