Gallery: Solar Storm —> Ring of Fire? Hmmm….

Solar Storm —> Ring of Fire? Hmmm….

November 26, 2021 by 

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How many times have we been told that something is in the offing and then it doesn’t come?

But, still, it’s interesting to consider what might be heading our way, etc.

Here’s one to track.

The Federation of Light predicts a solar storm just before the Singularity or Ring of Fire.  So, more for those interested in connecting dots, here’s part of the account of yesterday’s solar storm, due to arrive tomorrow.

Not saying this is the big one. Been there, done that: No more predictions.

Just reviewing our notes.

You won’t be able to access this site for some time if it does prove to be the big one so download what you want to have on hand, including from the Downloads Page. All is free.

Keep in mind, when you download, that this could provide a screen for the Reval.

I’ve updated and rationalized the booklet Ring of Fire, Wave of Love, which I’ll attach here, for you to “read all about” the predicted solar storm.

Download here:

Solar storm warming: Breaking News image

A coronal mass ejection may strike the planet on Saturday (Image: EXPRESS)

Solar storm warning: Sun ejects 50,000 mile-long ‘canyon of hot plasma’ – impact predicted

SPACE WEATHER forecasters are braced for a cloud of hot plasma and magnetic field from the Sun to lash the planet.

Sebastian Kettley, Express, Nov 25, 2021


A so-called coronal mass ejection (CME) was seen escaping the Sun on Wednesday and may deliver a “glancing blow” to the planet. CMEs are large clouds of charged particles and magnetic field that stream from the Sun’s corona – the outermost layer of the star’s atmosphere. According to the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), CMEs can reach the planet at speeds between 250 km per second and 3,000 km per second.

Astronomers at have now warned yesterday’s CME could reach the planet by Saturday.

The warning comes after a large filament erupted from the Sun’s southern hemisphere.

The filament split the Sun’s atmosphere wide open and released a cloud of debris into space.

The website’s astronomers wrote: “Imagine a canyon 50,000 miles long with towering walls of red-hot plasma.

Download here:


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