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Terry Andrews ~ Choosing the New

November 24, 2021 by 

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November 21, 2021

by Terry Andrews (,

This past week, we had another big shift, moving us even further into the new realm. It is happening very regularly now, as we move steadily ahead into this new expanded way of being. As we expand we are being asked to simply let go of what is old. Whatever can be let go of, do just that. Continue to lighten the load by lighting yourself up and acknowledging your Self as a creator of this new time.

I had an experience with this last weekend, when my cat developed what seemed like a UTI. It’s the first time he’s had this happen, and he was very uncomfortable. It was Saturday night, and options were very limited. I did some healing on him (using Reiki and two other healing techniques I’ve learned). That night, he wanted to be outside on the porch, and since it was stormy and I knew he’d stay put, I felt that was okay. I checked on him a few times in the night to see how he was doing and found him sleeping on the chair. The next morning he drank a lot of water and seemed much better. By afternoon his appetite was back (after not eating for a day), and he ate a big helping of food. Monday morning I called my vet, and was told she could see him in two weeks. I asked what I could do in the meantime, and they said they didn’t know. I called a few other vets, and they weren’t even answering their phones. Appointments for new patients were two months out, the recordings said.

For a moment I felt helpless, not knowing where to turn or what to do. And then I heard a clear message. When it came through, I felt like I had been moved into a very different reality, which is what often happens. There was a definite shift. And here’s what I heard: Use your powers. Use your tools. And I thought, of course, that’s a no-brainer, why didn’t I think of that? In the old world, we feel powerless, like we have to turn to someone else, someone outside of us, to fix whatever is wrong. We have been powerfully trained to do this. But in this new energy, at some point we have to launch ourselves. We have to behave in a new way and not keep running back to the old ways.

I’m sharing this because we will all be having experiences that take us beyond what we’ve always done and always relied on. This is part of our transformation, to be open to new ways and to begin to use new ways. We want to base this on our wisdom and our knowing. It might feel like we are flying by the seat of our pants, but in reality we are beginning to soar. We are beginning to taste freedom and empowerment and our personal sovereignty, all the things we have longed to have. And we are beginning to put our personal creative power and our divinity to work.

By no means am I offering medical advice here. I am simply sharing what I did when my old world options were unavailable. In addition to the energy healing, as I mentioned, I searched online for home remedies for this issue. I wondered if D-mannose (a sugar found in cranberries, apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables) was an option, since it has worked wonders for me. I generally keep some in my pantry.

I was surprised to find chicken-flavored D-mannose powder for cats and dogs online. Since it would take two to three days to receive it, I decided to use what I had. When I opened one of the capsules from my pantry, though, what was inside looked like a compressed cranberry. Now what? But then, remaining in that fluid state I had been moved into, I decided to cut it into tiny pieces and add some of it to my cat’s food. I told him it would help him. Lo and behold, he ate every speck of the food with no problem.

Since then, he is back to normal. Tail held high as he walks past. Purring loudly when he sits with me. Investigating everything. Sleeping comfortably. And voicing his opinions.

When the message came through, use your powers, use your tools, I felt a strong shift taking me into a very different space, so I knew I was being supported there to take action. Our true power, of course, is only used for good; it cannot be used in any other way. So this was a great reminder to remember that we always have options, and as we move into this new time, this new space, this whole new environment and way of being, we will change how we do things. Everything is being remade. All of our systems are changing. The familiar systems of education, banking, health, government—all of it is evolving. And we will all be creating these new ways. This is a very exciting time, ripe with potential.

See what’s showing up for you, how you’re being guided, and where you can choose the new. Feel how we’re being supported as we make new choices and as we open to new possibilities for all of us. This is a step-by-step process, an intuitive process, and it involves opening to Love and to trusting our Selves. All we can do is our best as we take each little step into our whole new way of being and doing.


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