Gallery: Jenny Schiltz ~ Eclipse Messages

Jenny Schiltz ~ Eclipse Messages

November 20, 2021 by 

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November 19, 2021,

I dreamed that I was learning to scuba dive. I got all strapped into my wet suit and gear.

It was explained that this wasn’t ordinary scuba diving. I was going into areas that were deep, dark and twisted, with long paths. It honestly felt like being squeezed into the ductwork of a building.

In the training, they said this would be the hardest part of all. They showed me scuba diving with the sun high in the sky, how it filtered all the way to the bottom of the ocean. You always knew that the surface was right there, that you were always going in the right direction.

What I was getting ready to dive into wasn’t like that at all. In fact, sometimes the only light I had was the one strapped to my chest. They explained that though the path was dark and convoluted, if I trusted my heart, my training, and my team, I would make it out.

Fear was the enemy, as it would cause me to use too much oxygen and make it so I couldn’t tap into my knowing. My job was to keep calm, centered, and full of faith. The potential for getting lost was real.  Many had done so. They had become distracted, depressed, or had remained stationary due to fear, but also due to comfort.

I was shown where there were parts with a wider cavern, how some reached that place, felt it was better than the tight places, and refused to continue on the journey. They were content there, and eventually ran out of air.

They told me that part of the journey is embracing the challenge and the discomfort. Mindset would get me through: to enjoy the journey and see it as an adventure.

I asked how I will know which way to go…there were offshoots and options. They told me that all the paths lead to the same place eventually as long as I kept going; that I had the blueprints of the fastest route memorized, I just had to remember and trust my knowing. Not everyone memorized the same blueprint, and if I trusted someone else’s direction over my own, I would get lost.

I heard my team say, “Have faith, and remember it’s all inside of you (tapping their hearts and then minds).”  With that, I fell backward into the water and woke from the dream.

This Dream is very fitting for the intense eclipse energies. This energy is digging up all of our stuff, AND it is reminding us who we are at a Soul level.

The solar winds are immense, weakening the magnetic shield on earth (and in our auras). We are also being blasted by plasma, codes, and transmissions from the Grand Central Sun. All of this is on top of the eclipse has some of us jazzed, some flat out, and others angry and frustrated.

Whatever you are feeling is perfect and needed. Do your best to slow down your thinking and reactions so that you can observe them and dig into the why and who (which aspect) is feeling and reacting.

These energies are assisting us with surrendering to our Soul and path. It is the systematic and sometimes brutal breakdown of our limitations, beliefs, and ego.

This is a very intense time, be easy on yourself and others.



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