Gallery: Message From The Mehbians

Message From The Mehbians

November 18, 2021 by 

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November 16, 2021, via email

Meea from Inner Earth

We are a race of beings that went inward into a vast array of caverns during your last pole shift. We are a combination of Atlanteans and Lemurians. There were already several races living on your interior; some extremely advanced, more energetic than physical. To these beings we owe our survival and the ability to continue to evolve.

We are human.  You could not recognize any differences between our people and humans on the surface. We are more refined genetically, and we have advanced technologies for energy, transportation and healing. We are a very ancient civilization, builders of the megaliths and stone temples.

It has always been our desire to return to the surface and unify with the rest of Earth humanity, using our wisdom and technology to aid in many of the challenges facing surface humanity. We have transcended war, disease and poverty, and we lack for nothing, although our needs are simple.

We are part of an Alliance from the stars with the ability to travel at hyperlight speed and interdimensionally. We are not profit driven, and we prefer quality over quantity, natural over synthetic. This leaves far less of a footprint on our environment, which is balanced and thriving.

Before we consider unifying with the Terrans on the surface, the surface must find unity. In our world, there are many forms of life, some very evolved, others less evolved. Our civilization consists of very tall beings, beings of average height and very short beings…just as on the surface, only more of a variety.  There are more races, cultures and colors represented in the interior.

We have found that the path to unity lies in ~

  • Communicating
  • Listening intently without judgement
  • Releasing the past and old grudges
  • Seeking common bonds and goals
  • Being of service to the whole community in all it’s diversity (first and foremost)

Those who are blessed with abundance, higher knowledge, and the ability to heal and provide, effortlessly help those less fortunate. Our civilization is dedicated to Universal Law, creating the opportunity for each individual to reach their highest potential. Because of this, we experienced a quantum leap in evolution, living an abundant, loving and joyous life in harmony with one another and with the environment.

Terrans on the surface, if they choose, can do the same.

There is one prerequisite before this process can start: Terrans need to unify for the common good. This means transcending all religious, cultural, and racial boundaries. Although there are many races, religions and cultures, each individual has a soul. That soul came from God/Creator/Great Spirit; the Unified Field of consciousness and energy; whatever name or description you want to give it.

We are all family on the soul level, all connected. The source we came from in it’s most unlimited understanding is pure, unconditional love, joy and bliss. Love is the ultimate, everlasting power in the multiverse. When each individual makes their own personal connection with that source, the wars, disease and poverty end. It is really that simple.

It’s getting past the complexity of the intellect that needs to be conquered: competition, fear, survival, the socially engineered ignorance of the false narrative of division. Almost all wars are wars within self, generated by wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience and limiting mental concepts.

There never was a holy war.  There was only one king or leader wanting what another had using fear, religion and division to fire up the armies. This has played out in Terran’s history. The greatest of all tyrants were the most wounded and abandoned as a child, seeking love, respect, self-worth and power over others.

No one ever taught them that all that is everlasting comes from within, that the external is transitory and always changing; the unquenchable thirst that never satisfies. Love, joy, happiness and approval are not to be sought externally, but within the soul which is your connection to Source. There you are loved, accepted and approved beyond imagination.  No words can encapsulate the Creators love.

Knowing the difference between being clever and being wise are also qualities of self-mastery. The intellect and altered ego are already talking you out of this. Generating reasons to fail.

A very ancient word, Inlakesh has two translations. One is greeting my other me, the other is, “The God in me salutes the God in you.” In some cultures, they don’t even have a word for “I” or “me.”

This is the foundation of our civilization. This and similar understandings once were the foundation of surface Terra. They were hijacked by lesser negative forces over time. Now it is time to return.  Due to natural cosmic cycles, it is no longer optional for the evolution and ascension of Terra to return to Universal Law, and what some call Unity Consciousness.

Ours and other advanced civilizations from the stars, many of which are your ancient ancestors, are here only to empower and assist in this transition. Terra has a long history of invasion and manipulation by other forces with other agendas. There has been an intergalactic war in the heavens as well as beneath your Earth. This was to remove both seen and unseen negative influences.

These wars were dimensional and temporal. The benevolent beings on the interior, forces on the exterior, and galactic and interdimensional beings have all been successful in removing the vast majority of these influences. This is a step in the direction of ending tyranny, draconian law and moving into Universal Law.

The hierarchical networks of these seen and unseen negative influences on Terra still exist. They are woven into every aspect of government, religion, agency and institution. They are known by their unbridled greed and lust for power. They do not serve the greater good, they do not empower.  They overpower.

These leaders and their kingdoms are not frequency-specific to Terra’s evolution into higher states of awareness or consciousness. Action/Reaction, or what some call karma, will be amplified and accelerated. All that which cannot adapt, transform or align with Universal Law will diminish or collapse entirely. It is a process no man or woman, no technology can stop.

We must take the path of the mother, which is phasing out of one dimension and into another, moving into a higher consciousness and energy…a new way of life. Those who choose this path have our full support. This does not mean we will do everything for you. Everyone has to do their part, take their stand, and do what is right in service to humanity and Terra.

Tyranny lives only by agreement and ignorance. Time to wake up, rise up, unify and join the rest of the universe in peace. A world beyond belief awaits you.

Meea, from Inner Earth

Permission to spread far and wide, granted.


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