Gallery: Bob Jackiewicz: Shifting form Separation to Unity.

Bob Jackiewicz: Shifting form Separation to Unity.

November 16, 2021 by 

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Shifting form Separation to Unity.

Bob Jackiewicz, email

The shift from separation to unity continues and, I think, is getting easier.

I did read that the “two [or three] world split” would become more defined and that it would become easier for those in the lightworker community to feel unity.

Last night before supper I was declaring my appreciation and gratitude for the deep feeling of alignment I felt throughout the day when I also declared, “thank you” to my higher self.

I thought, “how ridiculous.”

I suddenly got feeling of how untrue that declaration was. “I am That!”, I thought.

It felt odd that I would make that statement. It felt “off.”

That experience was then for me a glimpse of how, indeed, thoughts, behavior patterns, and beliefs keep me separate from my truth.

It was what I consider one of those “aha” moments where, as I’ve mentioned before, an intellectual concept moves into an experiential one and grounds itself there. It was lovely.

As these movements from the “experiential” to the “intellectual” continue to accumulate the more I can, with clarity, disclaim those beliefs and patterns of behavior that keep me separate.

I feel like I’m making progress when I eliminate those distractions from my perception.
It does feel like I’m living from the heart.

The distinction between heart living and intellectual living [navigating] is becoming clearer.
With that clarity comes easier decision making.

Truly, the advice [Joseph Campbell], “follow your bliss” is more completely understood when viewed from the heart-space.

From an intellectual perspective, I can contemplate what that “bliss” is. But then I’d be missing the point.

More appropriate is the guidance that is found in feelings [the heart], “if it feels good, do it” or “if it doesn’t, don’t!”

Quite simply, when I navigate from the heart and ignore the intellectual demands [save the intellect for its unadulterated capacity where it’s not supporting an ego perspective that’s based in fear or the maintenance of illusory security].

So, yes, it feels like it’s getting easier to discern how I want to navigate and it’s becoming clear, through feelings and not ideas, that I’m arriving there at that good feeling place by using the heart.

When I follow the heart’s guidance I feel joy. Yay!


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