Gallery: Fire the Grid: Wednesday, November 17th, 11 AM

Fire the Grid: Wednesday, November 17th, 11 AM

November 16, 2021 by 

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Fire the Grid — November 17th, 2021 — 11:11 AM GMT

A letter from Ana Lily Castillo:

Dear Beautiful Manifestors,

We are at the precipice of something so totally amazing. We are creating the new world. The new time.

This new time will be filled with beauty and abundance for all.

This is the time the Hopi have declared that we are moving to the new field. It is within us to make this shift happen.

We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for.

The time is now and we have a project in which you can bring forward your individual light and create the world that will bring us into the great time of peace and prosperity.

What is needed now is your lovelight, your joy, your greatest spark and your gratitude for all that we have already received.

So, this is a letter to bring instruction as to how you individually can assist in bringing this new time and new field forward.

I am writing it like a chain letter…not a letter of a curse should you not pass it on but a great blessing.

If your heart feels truth in all that I share, we invite you to join us this Wednesday November the 17th at 11:11 AM GMT.

For a wondrous gathering for mass creation.

IF your heart feels truth in what I share, then share with another.

What joy will you bring?

This wonderful creation day has been given to me by the Light Beings that I have been speaking with for almost 20 years.

When they come with a message for the people, magnificent things happen.

In 2002, I was able to bring my son back from death.

In 2007, we gathered such a group of humans with love energy that we actually shifted the earth grid, which was measured by Princeton.

And we are moving toward the greatest date of all in Feb 2023, when we will gather as the largest mass of humans the earth has ever seen and we will pulse our light and vote for the new earth.

Our new home with all the wonders and joy of this world without the pain of our current circumstances.

This vote is imperative to our new experience.

But for right now as we await the greatest of gatherings we have the opportunity to practice and fill our own human fields with the strongest light…the strongest Light of Grace.

It will give us strength to continue while this old paradigm changes.

It will lift us up as this old world shifts and creaks through the changes and it will fill us with love for each other as we actually change the physical world. One human heart at a time joined in love for an hour.

Every time we join in love for an hour we help ease our way into this new time.

Joy is coming quickly.

The new time will allow us to play in a field that is inclusive and abundant for all.

This is the time the ancients speak of and we are most blessed to be able to participate.

So, my beautiful friends, if your heart feels drawn to this wonderful opportunity to come together globally for one hour then I invite you to join us.

Gather at the intended time and feel your joy, I mean really feeeeeel it.

Join with the others experiencing this bliss and say Thank You.

Joy is the fuel, and gratitude is the ignition.

Bring us your joy, no matter what the joy, as long as it is in harmony with the principles of

1. Do No Harm

2. Use Honestly and Integrity in your Intentions


This is but one event offered to us at this time.

Many more will come as we practice for our greatest event ever.

Share your light, share your joy and share this message with another if your heart brings you truth.

After we Fired the Grid back in July, the Light Beings shared with us another energy date for us to gather on, January 13th, 2022.

But so many of you asked for an earlier date, and so the Light Beings were delighted to provide this one now coming up in just a few days.

We didn’t have the time to prepare for this one like we wish we could have! Due to many different challenges and procedural requirements, we needed the time to accomplish other things.

However, we have great news! We have an incredible development team currently working on deploying an amazing global map that will connect all of us new earth participants! Part of their current task is to lay down a digital foundation that can take us into tens of millions of participants.

That’s a lot… and we are so thankful they know how to do that!

Just because we didn’t have time to promote like we wish we could have doesn’t mean we can’t have an effect… and it still can spread quickly!

How do I participate? It’s easy, click here.

Ana Lily Castillo


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