Gallery: Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 3

Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 3

November 14, 2021 by 

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With thanks to Isabelle Hartford, in Switzerland, for our transcript.

Adamu Speaks: Adamu Declares Victory

Part 3



So, in order for their plans to work, what they really want is this kind of control, a control from a place of the population of the planet gratefully, with respect, with love, with adoration, with adulation, bow to them and say:

“Masters, we see you. You are worthy of our respect. You are worthy of being held on a pedestal. We thank you for everything that you are. We will serve you.”

And how will they hope to accomplish that? They hoped to infect you with a virus which their puppets, organized, paid for, researched, figured out, crafted, created, and then released. A virus that was so virulent that it would cause mayhem.

The virus as designed would have been pretty much as infectious as the one that you’re experiencing, but the difference is, it would be far more deadly: something like 5% of everybody that got infected would die of it. Something like 20% of everybody that got infected would need hospitalization. A true global pandemic disaster.

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The story that you’ve been watching in your opposition-controlled news is the story of that virus. But, on the other hand, the virus that is circulating, right now is not much more than a flu. It’s not more than a flu at all.

The variants, as they release, very quickly become more transmissible, less deadly. They get around very quickly, and they cause far less trauma, far less illness: it’s pretty much like a flu.

These are the numbers, these are the statistics. So how did that happen? Let us just say: divine intervention. And leave it at that.

That the disease that they released is being vastly outcompeted, is not longer really even in circulation. Being vastly outcompeted by variants that are tame. Variants that are causing very little death and disease.

So much so that they’re having to lie and obfuscate, and twist the story, and manipulate and control. Which means where previously they would have released the virus and just waited and watched, and allowed you to become panic stricken and paralyzed with fear, so that they could then sweep in and say: “But we have the cure, we have the vaccine” – and I’ll get to the “vaccine” in a moment. The purpose of the virus is the “vaccine.”


If you have been stabbed, there’s a good possibility that you’ll catch the same disease twice. In fact, a high likelihood. Because not only does it diminish over time: it’s busy destroying your immune system.

So your immune system is getting weaker and weaker over time.

So what that means, is that it’s just a matter of time. They have a tiny little window of time in which to operate, in which to act, in which to get everybody on board.

And it’s not working!

Too many people are waking up.

And I’m not sitting here before you in judgment of the “vaccinated”. If you yourself have been “vaccinated”, then perhaps you are concerned. Perhaps you had ill effects. Perhaps you’re saying: “I’ve got the “vax” and I’m OK.” So, perhaps. I’m not in judgment.

The solution to the problem is the same, and I’m going to get to the solution in a moment. What I am saying is: there is this tiny window of time in which they need to grab control. And if they can’t, if they fail: it is a mathematical certainty that humanity will wake up!

Humanity is waking up.

There’s a kind of a universal law, that plays out. Which is the pendulum-like nature of all that is. Of consciousness, of life, and everything has a pendulum-like nature.

If you push things artificially in a particular direction, then there’s this natural push to return to balance. Everything wants to come to balance: if you push it this way → it wants to push back ←

And they’ve not only been pushing. In order to achieve their goals, they have had to be in rapid fire, beating the collective consciousness, slapping you to shock you, to keep you traumatized, to keep you off balance, to keep you unable to get your bearings and things. But what is sensible, what makes sense, unable to gather, to make groups … to engage your healthy defences.

But they can only do this for a short while before people say: “ENOUGH!”

And start to push back.

So this is what we are seeing in the battleground countries.

The populace of Australia had been complacent. People who believed in their government, in their social systems, they believed they had really a beautiful free country, where they took their freedoms for granted. They believed in their democracy.

And the egregious grab for control has shocked them immobilized them, stunned them, paralyzed them. And so, the control is very intense in Australia. They are pushing back, awakening is happening, but it looks pretty dark in Australia.

The other three battlegrounds, to one degree or another, look a lot better. People are pushing back a lot more.

In the United States, for example, there are, I would say dark states, and bright states.

There are those states where the state authorities are very much along with the agenda. Very much into lockdown, and control, and abuse of the population, and manipulation, and bringing in paramilitary type forces to enforce control. They’re very much in line with that.

And there are bright states, where there are even rules and laws and executive order type instructions being issued, that the state will not align with this kind of nonsense.

And then there are states inbetween, that are trying to find out how to figure it all out. But the point is, there isn’t – as there is the case to a large degree in Australia – there isn’t a monolithic movement towards control.

And the dark elite need that. They need that to happen in those four countries, and then they need it to happen worldwide.

This process of creating a police state is not tenable.

Not even – there’s a tiny little window in which you can do it. And then, people wake up and they push back. People don’t want to be controlled like that.

It becomes very difficult to manage all of this.

Now, the d-elite / delete have tools of control. For example they own the money supply. And we know that.

The thing that we on planet Earth collectively agree that we human beings we agree, this is what power is money, you know that thing … They print it, they own it, it’s theirs. So, they have vast resources, vast financial resources.

Their networks are ancient. They’ve been working on them forever. So power and control is really what they have. But they have to work very, very, very hard to control a populace that is fighting back.

They can’t do it over the whole planet: for all of their resources they cannot do what they’re doing in Australia everywhere at the same time. Too much pushback, too many fires lit all over the place, they cannot control it.

So they need you to be going along with the plan. And you’re not.


What you have is two cohorts at either end of the scale.

If you look at the world from over here, you’re saying: “This is bad! This is utterly mad! No! No, I will not permit you to put your death stab in my body! Because I can see that it’s not safe and it’s not necessary! No!”

Perhaps, I have immunity, or perhaps I have some real reasons. I’m out! I’m against it!


And the other cohort says:

“Please just make it better! Please let’s just get back to normal”.

… There’s no going back to normal, that’s never going to happen.

But they believe it.

“The scientists on TV, these are the authorities. And they know, they know best. They are the informed ones. They say I must just take the ‘vaccine,’ and we should all of course just get ‘the passport. That’s just reasonable, because we want to be safe.

“We want to keep Granny safe, we want to keep the kids safe, it’s for the children. And for Granny.

“So just take the vaccine. And everybody should just take the vaccine. And if they won’t take the vaccine, tie them up and force it on them, because they’re the bad ones! They’re the ones that are driving the new variants, the new variants or the things that are making the vaccine not work….”

This is that view. OK.

And then there’s the group in the middle.

Now the group in the middle are heterogeneous. They are 3rd density beings who just don’t want to decide. They just want to live their lives. “Just leave me alone, I don’t want the vaccine. I just want to do what I’m doing.” You know, pay the bills and feed the kids, or live the life that I choose. “I just want that.”

But with a bit of pressure you can kind of get them to choose this. Or as you apply pressure, they say “wait, that’s not OK” and they choose that.

So that’s really what’s happening. These two groups are growing, so that the undecided are eventually either in one or the other camp.

It wasn’t meant to look like this. It was meant to look like that. That was what they intended.

So what does it look like? It’s kind of like: they can’t win if it’s kind of like that.

Because every time you bring out the paramilitary police forces, every time you open up the water cannons on protesters, every time you turn protesters who just want to hold a sign and say “No! I won’t do this!” every time you turn those forces on them, you turn protestors into rioters.

And every time you do that, you have people on the sideline saying: “Is this our democracy? Are those our police forces?”

And if you start to bring in actual soldiers, well then you have civil war.

And what I’m saying is they cannot cope with worldwide civil war. They lose.

And think about those policemen and women, those soldiers: they live somewhere. Somewhere at home there is their family member who, for reasons of their own, are part of this group who said “NO!”

Somewhere inside of them, there is profound dissonance. It’s only so far that you will be willing to go for the sake of the salary. When what you’ve been asked to do is turn against your own people.

So it’s kind of a mathematical certainty: given time, that as these groups converge, over time this groups expands, and that group shrinks.

As this group notices that the “vaccine” is causing real health problems … And, friends: it’s going to cause real health problems!

Already the health problems caused by the “vaccine” are off the charts unacceptable. Already the machine, the media, big tech, politicians, scientists, medical practitioners that are under control, already that machine is running at full speed.

You know, you can imagine an engine that’s red hot, because it’s running so fast, to control the narrative, to keep the lie that the “vaccine” is safe and effective, already that machine is red hot.

Now, over time, “vaccine” injuries increase. Over time it gets worse and worse and worse. Each new booster that you had multiplies the problems, and has further devastating effects on the immune system.

There is this little window in which you grab control of everybody, because if you don’t get it in that window: that happens. It’s a mathematical certainty. It’s busy happening.


(To be continued.)


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