Gallery: Today, Nov. 13, 2021 (Revised)

Today, Nov. 13, 2021 (Revised)

November 13, 2021 by 

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My thanks to Len, D, and Brian, the fruits of whose research make up these pages.

Remember: “War” is for the purpose of declaring martial law. Declaring martial law is for the purpose of announcing the fall of the cabal and the return of the Republic. 

No need to worry. White-hat action is what we’ve been waiting for.

The code word for the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death is “London Bridge is Falling Down.” (1) Has the Economist just announced the Queen’s death? Or are they merely rallying the troops in preparation?

The person of the Queen is a ley line of influence in the cabal. That line of influence lost will be a difficult hurdle for the deep state to recover from, all other inroads of the Alliance and the Company of Heaven considered.


(1) “Judy Note: London Bridge is Falling Down. Queen Elizabeth has passed. Evidently the Global Currency Reset started in London at 12:00 am GMT on Mon. 8 Nov.”  (Judy Byington, “RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 08 Nov. 2021,” at

UK Police Movements

Simon Parkes Blog, Nov. 11, 2021


UK police who have served in the metropolitan police force of London and who are now stationed in other parts of the country are being called back to London on temporary assignment.

Some military units being brought to the capital to share barracks with London military units.

Police speculate that it’s something to do with the Queen… (1)


(1) The death of the Queen is expected to be announced shortly, a signal for Operation London Bridge to begin (see above). I don’t know what that operation entails, but it’s linked to the Reval in some way.

The plot against Trump continues to unravel. I’m sure Durham’s arrests are finely targetted.

Igor Danchenko Charged With Lying To FBI

Simon Parkes Blog, Nov. 11, 2021


Now that the Russian Igor Danchenko has been arrested by order of Durham for lying to FBI agents about the Steele dossier which sought to target Trump, we should start to see things moving faster.

So finally some in-your-face action!

Courageous LA County Sheriff Tells The Truth About Covid Vax Mandates

Brandon Smith,, November 8, 2021


Excerpt only.

The Sheriff of LA County, Alex Villanueva, proved his courage this week with a public media address covering the destructive effects of the covid mandates on his own department, using cold hard data to show that thousands of personnel and deputies, 30% of the Sheriff’s department, will be leaving or will be forced out of work by LA County if the vaccine mandates move forward in January.  …

I recommend watching Sheriff Villanueva’s even handed and rational presentation in full here:

Keep in mind that the Sheriff is a vaccinated person, but he continues to defend the rights of his deputies to make personal informed decisions on the jab. Being anti-mandate does not mean a person is necessarily “anti-vax.”

(Read more:

Featured Image

UK health agency deletes study that called vaccine efficacy into doubt after media outcry

David McLoone, LifeSite News, Nov. 5, 2021


The figures published for the week ending October 21 included a chart which showed that for all individuals over 30 years of age and who were double jabbed, the rate of infection was much greater than for those in the same age range who had not received any shot.

LONDON (LifeSiteNews) — After British government data on the rate of COVID infection showed that contraction of the virus was significantly higher among those who had received the jabs than those who hadn’t, the government has now retracted those graphics from its latest “vaccine surveillance” reports.

The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the body which replaced the now-defunct Public Health England, publishes weekly updates “on the real-world effectiveness and impact of the COVID-19 vaccines,” collating the raw figures of recorded COVID infections from those aged 18 and over and categorizing infections according to vaccination status.

The figures published for the week ending October 21 included a chart which showed that for all individuals over 30 years of age and who were double jabbed, the rate of infection was much greater than for those in the same age range who had not received any shot.

It can be seen from the above figure that among 40–79-year-olds, the rate of infection is more than double in the “fully vaccinated” versus their unvaccinated counterparts, with “vaccine” effectiveness dropping to an all-time low of -131 percent in the 40–49 cohort and suggesting that the jabs may cripple the natural immune response.

The UKHSA defines vaccine effectiveness as “estimated by comparing rates of disease in vaccinated individuals to rates in unvaccinated individuals.”

Following an outcry of criticism from mainstream media in Britain, in which journalists and scientists criticized the UKHSA for “providing material for conspiracy theorists around the world” and the Office of Statistics Regulation (the U.K. statistics watchdog) labelled the reports as “potentially misleading,” the UKHSA backed down and has since amended its reporting to dispense of the charts detailing a decline in vaccine effectiveness.

The agency now reports infection figures in tabulated form without charting the rate of effectiveness of the jabs, leaving readers to calculate the rate of “vaccine” effectiveness themselves.

In addition to removing graphical representation of the data, the UKHSA has heavily caveated its findings, writing:

In the context of very high vaccine coverage in the population, even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease.

Despite the government facing much criticism for its COVID death reporting as based on a positive COVID test taken within 28 days of dying, the government agency noted that some “fully vaccinated” individuals within its report “may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than because of COVID-19.”

The latest report, published November 4, shows a continuation in the trend of dropping vaccine effectiveness in most age groups, with the 18–29 group dropping around 8 points to a marginal 14 percent effectiveness and the 30–39 group dropping 6 points to negative 37 percent effectiveness.

The group in which the vaccine has performed worst, the 40–49 set, regained 3 percentage points of effectiveness from the vaccine over the week prior, meaning the group still registers as the most poorly protected at a staggering negative 128 percent COVID shot efficacy against infection with the novel coronavirus.

The U.K. is not alone in reporting high rates of “breakthrough” COVID infections. The Public Health Agency of Sweden reported last month that 70 percent of COVID-related deaths between September 1­–24 occurred in the “fully vaccinated,” according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

In Israel, too, where around 71 percent of the population have had at least one dose of the abortion-tainted COVID shots, in September breakthrough infections were said to “dominate,” with around 60 percent of gravely ill hospital patients with COVID-19 having been “fully vaccinated.”

Many major studies, conducted in numerous countries throughout the world, point toward natural immunity as a more robust and successful means of protection against COVID-19 infection than that offered by the available experimental shots.

Dr. Robert Malone, medical doctor and scientist who assisted with inventing mRNA technology used in vaccines, has suggested that those who have taken the shots are liable to spread the virus more readily than the unvaccinated.

In an October 7 interview, Malone said that “vaccinated people have less symptoms than the unvaccinated but can still easily spread disease.”

Since such a person will “definitely be producing the virus … he’s going to say, hey, I can go to work today. But he’s going to be spreading the virus like crazy,” Malone said.

Image: The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are DYING after taking covid vaccines

The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are DYING after taking covid vaccines

Lance Johnson, Natural News,  November 10, 2021


(Natural News) Young, healthy athletes from around the world are suddenly starting to suffer from heart conditions, breathing difficulties, nervous system disorders, among other serious chronic diseases. Some athletes are collapsing on the playing field, never to wake again.

A German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, took note of this disturbing pattern of cardiac arrest in a report titled, “Puzzling heart diseases in football.” The report seeks to understand why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.” The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are suffering and DYING after taking covid vaccines. Jake Kazmarek, a 28-year-old bodybuilder died unexpectedly four days after taking a covid vaccine. Another recently-vaccinated athlete collapsed in the middle of a game; hockey player Boris Sadecky (24) died after suddenly collapsing on the ice.

Long list of young vaccinated athletes coming down with heart problems and cardiac arrest

The German report documents the sudden collapse of FC Barcelona’s Sergio Agüero, a 33-year-old striker who was taken off the field after suddenly coming down with breathing problems and dizzy spells. Sergio managed to survive, but there is a large number of athletes whose collapse led to hospitalization and early death.

A 17-year-old soccer player named Dylan Rich died of a heart attack mid-game in England. A 24-year-old named Lucas Surek developed a heart muscle disorder and had to be kept out of the BFC Chemie Leipzig club. Twenty-five-year-old Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern Munich underwent heart surgery after suffering from a cardiac arrhythmia post vaccination. Belgium’s Rune Coghe (18) suffered a heart attack during a game. Thirty-one-year-old Fabrice N’ Sakala from Istanbul collapsed on the field and had to be taken to the hospital. Bitterfeld’s team leader, Dietmar Gladow also suffered a heart attack pre-game. Marvin Schumann a Gifhorn amateur, went into cardiac arrest and had to be revived. JSG Hoher Hagen had to revive a 17-year-old player mid-game in Hannoversch Munden.

Other young people who suffered cardiac arrest on the playing field include Anil Usat from VFB Schwelm in Ennepetal, Dimitri Lienard from FC Strasbourg and Diego Ferchaud. This young 16-year-old collapsed in a U-18 league game in Saint-Lo. This should not be happening to young athletes. A 13-year-old soccer player form the Janus Nova club in Saccolongo Italy also collapsed right on the field. Belgian soccer player, Jente Van Genechten (25) went into cardiac arrest in a cup game. Another Belgian soccer player named Jens De Smet (27) died in the hospital after suffering from a heart attack, mid-game.

The list of sudden adult death is exhaustive and includes trainers and referees. One game was abandoned because a referee went into cardiac arrest in Lauber SV in the Donauworth district. An assistant referee collapsed with heart problems at a game in Emersacker. A goalkeeping coach from SV Niederporing had a heart attack at a training session. During a team training, 53-year-old coach Antonello Campus collapsed in Sicily. An English line judge had to be carted off with heart problems at the World Cup qualification match for women in Chemnitz.

The Covid Blog documents several other cases of young athletes dying suddenly in the United States. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what’s going on.

Warning: Some people dying. Use discernment before viewing.

Or watch here:

Hit graphic to watch video

(or go here:

Spike proteins were designed to cause inflammation in the cardiovascular system

Young athletes who aren’t at risk from a natural infection are continuously being coerced to take experimental mRNA spike protein vaccines in order to keep their careers. The spike protein encoded in people’s cells was designed to kill red blood cells by hampering their ability to transport oxygen. The spike proteins have also been shown to cause clumping in the blood, leading to blood clots. Dr. Richard Fleming demonstrates this nefarious characteristic of the Pfizer vaccine, by showing microscopically how red blood cells are deprived of oxygen when they are contacted by the vaccine ingredients. As Dr. Judy Mikovits points out, these spike proteins were designed in a lab with a component from HIV. They also contain syncytin, allowing the vaccine to express cancer genes, cause reproductive harm and immunodeficiency. Even the Wall Street Journal is now commenting on the damage done by these vaccines, which includes heart inflammation, pericarditis and myocarditis.

Watch Dr. Richard Fleming show how covid vaccines deplete oxygen levels in the blood.


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