Gallery: Ascension is like Changing the Channel

Ascension is like Changing the Channel

November 13, 2021 by 

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Credit: The Fifth Dimension

I am a day closer to reunion with God.

By “Ascension,” I don’t mean to suggest we’re going anywhere.

The nearest physical comparison is to say we’d be changing channels on the TV.

Just as all television signals are simultaneously in the room I’m sitting in, so are all dimensions. They co-exist in the same space, but at different “levels” or frequencies.

Therefore I actually don’t get up and walk somewhere else. Or go there in my big balloon (with the Fifth Dimension [1967], bless their hearts). (1)

I simply become responsive to different, usually-higher frequencies.

In some cases we visit one dimension or another, such as in nighttime astral travel or brief accompanied trips to higher afterlife realms. (See 2)

But most of the time most of us stay with our favorite channels – the Third and Fourth Dimensions.


As I ponder Ascension, I realize that the “I” that will ascend is like a bubble or field of awareness.

More particularly, it’s a mental/emotional/spiritual field of awareness, a bubble of memories and worries, hopes and fears.

I’d like to look at some of its properties.

I am it. When I move left, it moves left with me. When I go forward, it goes forward with me. I carry it with me, always, as I think we all do.

Put another way, the “me” that is more than a point of awareness but less than a physical body is like a bubble of felt space.

I’m not aware of it until it’s brought to my attention in, say, feedback or someone “invades my space,” getting too close to me. All of a sudden I become aware of it. I might then get uncomfortable or hostile.

I can’t describe how far out it goes; I just know it has extent.

It’s what goes on in that field of awareness that’s of major interest to me in life. Spiritually, it’s the only space I’m ultimately responsible for.

I know intellectually that we are ultimately One. But, interimly and daily, I identify with the bubble.

It defines the field of my inner experience. When I feel despondent or angry, hostile or repentent, I feel it as if it were happening throughout the bubble.

So when I change the channel to the Fifth Dimension and ascend, I believe that I’ll take everything I really value with me in the sense that I’ll take my bubble with me. In my opinion? Taking that with me is all that really matters in the end.

Just as, when I board a plane, I leave my possessions behind even though I still own them, so here I leave everything behind but my bubble while I change to Channel Five. But I still own all I did before. I’m not moving anywhere physically.

The plane (the timeline) I board does go somewhere and I along with it. I may for instance be on a timeline that’s different from some people I used to know, who now seem to disappear or fade from memory. Of that I cannot speak. It sounds possible and I know some channels have said it’s so. I just haven’t gotten around to looking into that subject yet.

For me, all possessions and momentoes are just props to stimulate my memories of the past and desires of the future. I don’t need them, even though I know they’ll be awaiting me in a higher dimension if I actively want them. (3)

Finally, in my view, I’m karmically responsible for my bubble. You’re karmically responsible for yours. The only changes that really matter to me are those that occur within mine: Am I more loving? Am I more forgiving? Am I more gentle? Or am I grumpier? Less tolerant? Less generous?

If I’m a tightfisted Scrooge, I’m responsible for that. You don’t make me mad or sad or anything else. In my bubble I do all that without outside assistance. (4)

So I’m already a space traveller and I have my spacesuit and bubble helmet on. And I walk among similarly-space-suited astronauts.

All of us look outside ourselves for the major motivators and determinants of action, but I think, if we really looked, we’d find them inside ourselves, in that mental/emotional/spiritual bubble – primarily in the way we feel.


(1) The Fifth Dimension, Up, Up and Away! One of my favorites from 1967!  Video Player

(2) On “Temporary Ascents or Visits to Higher Realms” than the Astral Planes, see here:

(3) By the Law of Attraction, my wanting will ultimately create them on that higher plane.

(4) I have a well-functioning Make Me Mad and Sad Department that does all that.


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