Gallery: Simon Parkes’ Update, Nov. 9, 2021


Simon Parkes’ Update, Nov. 9, 2021

November 9, 2021 by 

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Simon Parkes points out that his and Charlie Ward’s presence back on Youtube should be taken as a concrete sign that things are happening, that the white hats are either in control of Youtube or have increased influence.

Simon predicts dramatic changes in the next two weeks but he doesn’t see G/NESARA being declared until February/March; the Reval sooner. (1)

Her notes that this is the third time the white hats have attempted to declare the Reval. The first was President Kennedy’s efforts to end the Federal Reserve and the second was 9/11.

“We should see everything we hope to see” in the next two weeks. I believe he was referring to the EBSs and what follows them.

He makes the point that he doesn’t want to do updates when little in the open is happening. Behind the scenes a great deal is happening. But in November, he says, we should hear all about it.


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Although your video may default to Hooktube, in fact Simon’s video did first appear on Youtube.


(1) His opinion agrees with Poof who said he believed G/NESARA would not be declared until the New Year.


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