Gallery: Introduction” to The Next Milestone in Ascension

Introduction” to The Next Milestone in Ascension

November 11, 2021 by 

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We attach here a booklet we hope you’ll download and keep handy in the event of what several of our sources are calling a singularity, a solar flare, a ring of fire, a wave of love, etc. accompanied by an Internet outage.

The Divine Mother called it a planetary heart opening and so shall we.

These are discussions of that event from several different angles, along with what to expect and how to respond. 

What is missing from these discussions is news of the Alliance, their EBS, transition to a new Internet, etc., which could be happening at the same time as the planetary event.

Download here:


Ascension, if my understanding is correct, has so far been a gradual and a sudden process.

It’s a gradual process in that between decisive events, we rest, assimilate, integrate and continue to cleanse, to en-lighten ourselves.

It’s a sudden process in that it’s punctuated by what the Divine Mother has called an “ignition. ” Let me let her explain:

Divine Mother: It is that feeling — well, it is more than a feeling; it is knowing; it is ignition — it is that feeling that you have been switched on to a different frequency, and it happens suddenly. You may be working at it, working at it, working at it, and then you wake up one morning, and you see, perceive, feel, know different.

You may come out of a meditation, and most of you are surprised! You think, “I’m seeing colors,” or creatures, or light, “in a different way. You know, yesterday, I didn’t think I could do this, and today I think I can do this task and 20 more.”

You are embracing your multidimensional talents yourself. So in that way it is very abrupt. It is the feeling, “I am not the same person as I was yesterday.” You may not know how or why, but it is very clear and very line-in-the-sand.

SB: But that is not Sahaja Samadhi [i.e., Ascension], Mother, is it? When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

DM: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. (1)

One such event is a fourth-chakra heart opening. I had one on March 13, 1987 and the planet appears to be on the brink of having one in late 2021 or early 2022. (Take into account that all my predictions to date have been wrong.)

If I were to try to put into words how I felt then, I could not. Words only go so far and higher-dimensional love is beyond them.

What I can tell you is that, if it is a heart opening you’ve had, you’ll be drowned in a love such as you probably have never experienced in your life or even dreamed of as existing.

It will amaze and astound you and you’ll realize why the masters never stop talking about it. Love, love, love. Enough already! Until you experience it.

And so the Golden Age of Gaia issues this booklet, hoping you’ll print it off and benefit from what the Divine Mother, archangels, and galactic masters have to say about what seems like an upcoming event.

Print it off because we‘re heading for Internet outages and you might not want to be without what’s said here when that happens. You won’t be able to go to the Golden Age then and download your favourite titles.

When it begins to happen, if it isn’t a sudden flash but a gradual rising of the kundalini, just allow it. As a lightworker, you’re under the Mother’s guidance. All is well and exactly as it’s intended to be.

If the Reval comes too, and we begin our vacations and reorganization, just know that we have loved … really loved … working for you, keeping you apprized of as much as we know of what’s going on as possible and as much of what the Company of Heaven advises us of as we can find.


(1) “The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans (Repost),” September 15, 2017, at

Download here:


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