Gallery: Poof Said, Nov. 8, 2021

Poof Said, Nov. 8, 2021

November 8, 2021 by 

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We are here for the count down and for the efforts you are putting forth to help the masses still clinging to hope above all hope.

We are making plans because we know this won’t go on forever. It will shift and you too will shift…

Just play ball a little longer and watch this whole thing unravel while the efforts of those who held the ship erect can be revealed for what/who they really are ….

We know how “under stress” all of you are .. so just shoot for the higher dimensions and allow this charade, as you call it, to continue for a little more time .. It has to change; everything has to change….

There are nomenclature that speak to fools, to witches and crooks, saints and choir boys….

All kinds of efforts are underway to make sense out of a world gone Awry. For now, this is the latest news we can give you on the entire money game and the shifting seawall beneath it…

There are those who want to get this done, but others who do not yet feel it is safe enough nor do they see enough clout in the marketplace to pull it off.

We can assure you that everyone will come out ahead but to what degree I can not say…

No one can know until all the cards are laying on the table
ready to disperse…

For now, what we can share is that constraints and whistleblowers are doing what others have tried for years. Now they are being listened to…

Trust the process! Allow the folks who do have something to share to speak up and be heard…

Be assured that many do not want some of you to be heard…. but if you are asked, please step up to the plate and join in…,

There are many things afoot and there are many things that will jar your soul if you let it…

Do not get too caught up in the game…

Be Patient…

Love and Kisses,



(1) “Poof” is J. A. Holmes, who gave us his “intel” regularly some years ago, before the Deep State offed him.

Now he communicates from the other side. He has a ringside seat. I put a lot of credence in his enhanced observations.

On Poof’s passing in 2013, Sanat Kumara eulogized him:

“Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least, as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

“There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body. …

“Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.”  (“Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013, at


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