Gallery: Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Nov. 5, 2021

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Nov. 5, 2021

November 5, 2021 by 

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A keeper from Mike. Another “steering document.” Notice that the Company of Heaven is issuing them at this time – through Mira, the Arcturian Group, Blossom, Mike, etc.

I recommend you print these “keepers” off and read them during the transition.

5th November 2021. Mike Quinsey.

The changes are taking place that will speed up your experience so that life becomes easier. Most of you accept that you reincarnate upon Earth many, many times as you experience in a variety of different roles that further your evolution. All is carefully planned to give you every opportunity to continue evolving with the ultimate goal of Ascension in mind.

You may not be aware that since you have passed the marker you will carry all knowledge with you, to be available for [you] when you reincarnate. Previously you would have had no remembrance of an earlier life. Many aspects of your life will be different and to your liking making it easier for you.

In general terms the new energies are revealing that which was hidden, so be assured that which has been secret will be revealed in the course of time, because it is a period of cleansing to bring out the truth of what has been taking place and hidden from view.

It is the normal outcome to ensure that people become aware of what has been taking place in the past. Any criminal activity will be also be brought to the surface for all to view and already the culprits are fleeing to avoid justice. However, be assured in reality there is nowhere they can hide to avoid answering for their acts against Humanity.

Dear Ones, you are recognising changes taking place, and anticipating more because at your level you recognise that you have only a limited time to take actions that will hold off the increases in temperature that are predicted. To ignore the evidence will be failing Humanity who will pay the price of insufficient action being taken. (1)

There may seem to be no real emergency but the changes are now speeding beyond what was anticipated. Awaken too late and you will have an impossible task on your hands. Show real intent to get to grips with the problem and we will be able to give you a hand.  

The list of priorities is long and if the promises to really get to grips with the problems are upheld, you will start a sequence of events that will awaken people into action. Yet again it is the younger generation that understand the urgency of the matters and demand action.

We do not wish to scare you but there is always a time when such things call for an urgent response. There are also many beneficial changes to come as all is not bad news, but it is the timing of your response that is pressing before matters get out of hand.

On a brighter note more souls are awakening to the greater picture, and realise that it is within your power to bring about a collective response to Mother Earth’s needs. With or without you, the changes will have to be addressed, and we wait to see what we hope will be positive action. The people have power in numbers and slowly but surely more are becoming aware of the threat to your civilization. It is a matter of getting your priorities right and dealing with the more immediate threats.

Beyond your immediate problems is a path to a wonderful future of which you have little idea and it comes with the upliftment of the vibrations. It is beginning to happen now and there are the first signs of a more peaceful era beginning to commence, that will continue to raise the vibrations until complete peace is brought about.

All of your efforts to change things for the better will be well worthwhile and we are of course looking well ahead and in that time many of you will have reincarnated again upon Earth. However, in the future reincarnation will become unnecessary, as you will come and go at will.

Life will be quite different to what you experience now and much more acceptable and rewarding. You will travel far and wide unlike your present restricted experiences. You are by nature a wanderer and will always feel the urge to travel the Universe. When you do you will have much to offer those you meet as you will have become a Master.

You wonder why you cannot recall your earlier experiences but when incarnate they are held back, so as to allow you to experience without such influences affecting your actions. It is far better this way as you would be distracted from your present life plan, when it is best that you fully concentrate on the present.

You could say that you have been given the tools that you need to be successful, and certainly help is all around you to ensure you follow your dedicated path. The dark Ones try to distract you and hold up your progress, but if you are focussed to reach your goal, nothing will be able to stop you reaching it. Keep your physical body fully protected and mentally see the protective energies completely enclosing it.

When you are told that you are not your physical body, it means that you can leave it and experience outside of it. For example, when you are asleep your soul leaves it whilst still attached by the silver cord that ensures wherever you are it stretches and keeps that link you need.

However, at death the silver cord is broken and you are totally disconnected. Some souls move to just above the physical body whilst asleep, and will remain there until they awaken with no knowledge of it. Yet those souls who are aware leave it to visit what you call the Summerland where they meet family or friends. (2)  Few remember such meetings but may nevertheless sense that something took place whilst they were asleep without being able to bring it to mind.

Out of the body experiences are quite common and you can be forced out of the body by accident, or whilst having an operation when the soul has frequently found itself watching it take place. Such experiences are not uncommon and verified by those carrying out the operation.

In a similar way a soul has been seen leaving the body upon the event of their death. It is only in recent times that such happenings are generally reported, because there was previously a reluctance to do so, possibly for fear of being ridiculed. (3)

Life continues to throw up evidence of odd happenings that can often be attributed to those souls that are permanently out of the body. It explains the movement of objects that no one can account for and even the appearance of those that were thought to have been permanently lost.

Also as previously mentioned spiritual Beings can often be present at healing sessions which they oversee or actually take part in. Spirit is always ready to give help in perhaps more ways than Man is aware of at present.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


(1) Mike has just given the reason why I post the  major news: “To ignore the evidence will be failing Humanity who will pay the price of insufficient action being taken.” Insufficient action being taken – a slap on the wrist, suspended sentence, a fine, even a Presidential pardon as with Marc Rich – how many times have we seen the problem swept under the rug. Mike is saying that that cannot happen this time and I agree.

Remember Michael as well:

Archangel Michael: It is abuse and control of the most vulnerable. So it is the descent into appetite. But where our forté is is, yes, exposure so that it doesn’t re-entrench itself because this is rather entrenched behaviour on all kinds of levels.

So you start to bring forward the justice, the truth solutions and it is not merely (and I say that very cautiously) forgiveness but it is the application, yes, of compassion, patience, determination, vigilance.… So that this does not occur and re-occur and re-entrench.

So you are speaking in neutral ways about the events that are uncovered, pointing to the deeper systemic, ancient situations that have contributed to this.

And then, you are pointing the way to the new because you cannot create a Nova Society where there is not an understanding, an agreement about what is acceptable in the most basic, human-rights ways. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.)

(2) See “The Astral Planes – The Higher Summerlands,” at

(3) For more on leaving the body, see “Coming Home” at


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