Gallery: Brand New World and the Rules Have Changed

Brand New World and the Rules Have Changed

November 4, 2021 by 

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I’d like to look at how conventional enlightenment theory has been overtaken, by listening to the Company of Heaven on how the rules have changed.

When we listen to the celestials and the masters on the new realm we’re headed for, they tell us that we’ll see many operational changes.

For example, previously a resident of the Middle Summerlands could not visit the Higher Summerlands, never mind visit a higher dimension than the Astral Plane altogether.

But now all that is different, St. Germaine says:

“You see all the rules have changed.  You have decided to maintain form. That doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

“That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’”  (1)

Anyone who thought matters were written in stone may wish to take notice.

Archangel Michael says this new development is a result of the newness of a mass, physical Ascension:

Archangel Michael: You are in a time of individual and collective Ascension that has never occurred upon your planet or elsewhere so many of the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings have shifted, can we say, expanded. (2)

That “elsewhere” means anywhere, in any universe. Like the early explorers before us, ours will be the first venture into the new space.

Michael says that the realm we’re going into is brand new as are its operating rules:

Steve: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct. (3)

I told him that what he was telling me was very different from what I’d grew up on.

Steve Beckow: It’s very different from classical theory.

Archangel Michael: Classical theory has served you well. Now you are on a new course. (4)

Where was the oversight of these changes coming from? The archangels?

Steve: And this is all happening at the archangelic level, is it – this shifting of the rules or application of the rules, is that correct?

Archangel Michael: Yes, that is correct. (5)

In this, we’re seeing an illustration of what Sri Ramakrishna said a century and a half ago: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (6)

Matthew Ward has talked on a few occasions of his work in designing astral worlds. Why am I startled to think of archangels designing a whole new space?

Behind all this and informing it is a totally new approach to enlightenment.

Previously it was a guru/student relationship that worked on instruction and spiritual practice. Now, so many stand to ascend – or not ascend – that the process is meant to work now by entrainment, as Michael explains:

“Now [in olden times] that sense of bringing others along wasn’t defined by dimensions. It was more a teacher/student, sage/novitiate relationship. So the framework was very different.

“What you have now, is the knowingness that you are, for purposes of explanation, moving forward dimensionally, flowing back and forth, and that sense also of the flow throughout dimensions, that you can flow back and forth, that it was not restricted, that it wasn’t that you arrived at Heaven’s Gate and that was it.

“This flow is new. Well, it is not new but it is new to human thinking and the sense that, yes, you are not looking for students or followers. What you are truly doing, yes, as pathfinders, you are showing the way, but you are also bringing along the collective in entrainment.

“Now the sages did not think of this, of their journey as a process of entrainment, of bringing the entire collective along. You do. And when I say ‘you’ I mean the current thinking and body of understanding and knowing in the lightworker community. So the fundamental premises have changed.” (7)

The environment has changed, the fundamental premises have changed, and the rules have changed to keep up with them.

Many more changes to the rules probably await us as we move closer and closer to a dimensional jump and a brand new world.


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