Gallery: Ivo Of Vega: Your Thoughts Change, Low Frequencies can Trap You

Ivo Of Vega: Your Thoughts Change, Low Frequencies can Trap You

October 28, 2021 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Sharon:  I don’t need to see the “old information”. I’m past that. I want to see new innovations, I want to see what beautiful things will be coming out of the rebellion that clearly has taken over this planet.

I saw one post today about a doctor who is starting underground medical practises for anti-vaxxers. Okay, that’s what I want to see and hear about. The old stuff is a pile of panic, anxiety, fear, anger and hatred. We’ve all been there, done that, got the T-shirt and we’re done with duality. Really done with it. I certainly am.

You thoughts change. You don’t want the old anymore. You draw on what you know to be more healthy, but you don’t want to live within what’s around you. You couldn’t care less because you know it’s all going to change, so why hang on to it? Why adapt to it when it’s going to go anyway?

You do things your way because it feels right to you. You don’t care what everyone else does. And that is the mindset of a rebel. You’re non-conformist.

I’m tired of hearing about the bloody virus. I’m tired of hearing about the Storm. I’m ready to get on with the next phase of things.

Ivo, I know you have a good point to make about low frequency posts/thinking/video’s etc.

Ivo: I do, indeed, my love. And that is that people must be careful about how much of these things they expose themselves to. The reason for this is because low frequencies are a trap for the human mind.

Yes, a trap. One thing many of you are apt to do is to attempt to understand the mindset of the beings that are doing this to you. Well, if you are healthier, chances are you cannot. So that is a trap. Just accept that they are doing these things, for whatever reason, and stop asking why.

The other thing that humans do is they become depressed and anxious when they are too exposed to these low frequency news posts/conversations/video’s. They become depressed. For that reason, Sharon, who has had much personal experience with depression, has said, “Tell me something wonderful that is coming out of the rebellion,” rather than continuing to tell me about the rebellion. Because she understands of course that the solution for depression and anxiety is positive energy. Whether they come in the form of thoughts, messages or physical activity, they still help depression very much.

Ivo: So you must be careful that you do not become stuck in negative news.

Me: I think some people whose posts I see are. They just keep posting the same stuff, as if they can’t believe it.

Ivo: Which is another problem with low frequency posts/news: You cannot align with it. So you cannot believe it. So you are shocked, which delivers adrenaline, which your brain and body can become addicted to. So you stay stuck for that reason as well.

Ivo: I study what you encounter on a day to day basis, my love. After all, I am your guide.

Ivo: As I have told you, worry is only fear in disguise. There is no element of caring in worry. It is projecting fear towards a person or a situation and is counter productive.

Me: Yes. I’ve learned not to worry about Ivo.

Ivo: In summary, we will state that there is no end to fear. Fear is a state that feeds upon itself.

There is no positive resolution, and you must all admit that is what you are looking for.

So to fear the Storm is counter productive. Because to fear offers you no resolution. Only in love, in a higher frequency, will you find your answers.

Me: Yes. Fear is the virus.

Ivo: Exactly, my love.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I thank you as well. It will not be long now and we will be back together again.

(edited by permission)


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