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Report on Magenta Pixie

October 26, 2021 by 

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Two Telegram messages from Daniel Catzmagick on Magenta Pixie’s condition. Diagnosis: Deep Vein Thrombosis and a suspected Pulmonary Embolism, the latter caused by a Covid clot.

Hi everyone,

I am now able to give you more information on the nature of Magenta’s condition. No clear prognosis at this point. Doctor’s words this morning to Magenta were “You are stable but not out of the woods yet.”

So on Saturday after 13 days of covid symptoms, with increasing breathlessness, Magenta noticed that her left leg had swollen to 5 times the circumference of the right leg. Up until this point, knowing she should be up and walking around, she was actually simply unable to do this. They were doing their best to stay out of the hospital and tried many of your holistic treatments with thanks.

However once her left leg became swollen, hard to touch, mottled purple and very painful, Magenta knew this needed to be treated in hospital. Coupled with the feeling of her being about to faint at any movement beyond the bed.

Paramedics were called and got Magenta into the ambulance with suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism.

These conditions were all but confirmed once arrival at the accident and emergency. You can now see the level of upset and distress the family have been under as these are life threatening and potentially fatal conditions.

Magenta cannot praise the emergency services enough for they surely saved her life. She has nothing but praise for the hospital treating her.

Magenta’s staunch belief in holistic treatments and a quite unhealthy rejection of all pharmaceuticals has been tested to the very limits. She has had to surrender her life completely to the universe and indeed to the medical services.

She was put straight onto the highest oxygen levels, given morphine for the pain and started immediately on a course of blood thinning medications and steroids.

Risk comes with all these pharma drugs but without this intervention we would of lost her.

Magenta now continues to be monitored regularly and small improvements are being made but doctor’s words today to her were “you are not out of the woods yet”.

They have lowered her oxygen today, to see how she goes and she’s managing to remain at 95 oxygen saturation despite lowered dose. BP, pulse, sugars and temperature all remain stable at normal levels.

Magenta cannot weight bear at all on her affected leg and is completely immobile. She does feel and so do the family feel that the extensive well wishes, healings and meditations from across the world has so far kept her safe, alongside the life saving medication she must take.

At times she says she has seen colours, seen lightworkers step forward in her visualisations with offerings of healing and love. She has also at times seen an occasional high vibrational healer come into her space. She sends her eternal gratitude to each and every soul who has taken part in energetic healing of various kinds for her.

Let us not be under any illusions here however. Magenta at this time is following the full recommended protocol from the hospital, with plenty of questions for the medical team. Whilst holistic treatments and supplements are wonderful, these can come later.

Please do not try to suggest that Magenta should leave the hospital or discontinue treatments. The physical level is just as important as the subtle realms at this time.

The doctor’s diagnosis is Deep Vein Thrombosis with highly suspected pulmonary embolism caused by a covid clot. However, when Magenta pointed out her extensive bed rest they added “compounded by extensive bed rest” to her diagnosis.

They have tried to tell Magenta that this occurred because she is unvaccinated. She is on a ward of seven covid positive ladies who are all double and triple vaccinated. Most have only recently had their booster.

Magenta is polite to the doctor’s, listening to them speak but she remains as firm as ever in exercising her boundaries about what she will and will not do.

She refused PCR testing and instead has been given two new flow style tests.

They are now talking about giving Magenta mononeucleal antibodies depending on the results of her recent covid antibody test.

Magenta, after doing some quick research with Stew Peters on Rumble at her brother’s suggestion, pointed out to the medical team that these are useful for early and mid disease progression. Magenta is now on day 16 so should be building up a robust antibody profile by now.

The medical team are taking her as day 4. From when she tested positive. She remains polite but firm that as far as she is concerned she is day 16. It will be interesting to discover her antibody status.

So Magenta is balancing risk with need and with logic whilst holding strong boundaries in complete surrender. It is all she can do at this point.

We apologise that we cannot give any further prognosis but this new update may help you to have a bigger picture as to what is going on with Magenta. Obviously the surface level has only just been scratched here and I am sure you can imagine the multi dimensionality of both personal and global components to this situation.

We truly love you all, Magenta is grateful to each and everyone of you and you are all in her thoughts as we know she is in yours.

With love and eternal light,



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