Gallery: Today, Oct. 22, 2021

Today, Oct. 22, 2021

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My thanks to Len, D, and Brian for their research, the fruits of which appear here.

Remember: “War” is for the purpose of declaring martial law. Declaring martial law is for the purpose of announcing the fall of the cabal and the return of the Republic. 

No need to worry. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

“This would be like the Chicago Bears benching their entire team”…Suburban Chicago Sheriffs Say No to Offering Aid to Chicago After Vaccine Mandate Showdown

Leisa Audette, Stillness in the Storm, Oct. 20, 2021


The vaccine mandate is all about control over safety when it comes to letting first responders go. They are desperately needed with the rising crime in urban areas like Chicago.

by Leisa Audette, 100 Percent Fed Up, October 19th, 2021

The city of Chicago thought they could reach out to the suburban sheriffs to fill in for the police officers who didn’t follow the vaccine mandate. They were wrong!

The Chicago Tribune is reporting two key suburban county sheriffs said they will not send their deputies to Chicago.

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain responded to requests from CPD saying he will not send any personnel to Chicago unless an officer is under “direct duress” because he does not support what he calls the “slanted agenda” of the city’s politics:

“I don’t feel like the onus is on us to go in there in an emergency situation that was created by poor government and a lack of support the officers receive. These are global issues and law enforcement is blamed for excessive force and high crime rates, but there is a lack of human resources, vocational support programs and addiction treatment like we’ve done here in Kane County.”

DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick also said no to the request:

“It doesn’t make sense to say I only want my residents touching vaccinated people, but I’m going to send all these potentially unvaccinated people from other municipalities to replace them. This would be the same as the Chicago Bears benching their entire team and calling the Packers to come in and play the game before meeting the coach or seeing the playbook. It would be chaos.”

Hain made a great point comparing his state’s attorney to Cook County’s controversial Kim Foxx:

“It just seems to be a wild card without a clear understanding of what is reality and what is not. I have a great deal of faith in our state’s attorney here and I understand how she would review a case, but in Cook County, how does Jussie Smollett get so much attention and get released, but a police officer gets charged with excessive use of force and aggravated battery?”

He’s protecting his officers and he’s making a great point about sending in unvaccinated police officers from his department to cover for officers who were put on leave or fired for not getting the vaccine.

Sheriff Hain says he has received several calls from Chicago police officers asking if he is hiring.

Source – 100 Percent Fed Up

Florida has second biggest decrease in new COVID cases in US as DeSantis refuses lockdowns, mandates

LifeSiteNews, Oct. 20, 2021

( the media called the Florida governor ‘DeathSantis’ and claimed Floridians would be subject to perpetual infection, COVID numbers have dissipated in the Sunshine State while beginning to rise in blue states.Wed Oct 20, 2021 – 11:45 am EDT

(LifeSiteNews) — COVID-19 cases in Florida have dropped for the fifth consecutive week and new cases are among the lowest in the nation after a temporary increase which caused a flurry of media coverage over the summer. Major outlets had accused the Sunshine State’s Gov. Ron DeSantis of causing the surge with his pro-freedom policies.

“Florida is now outperforming every state in the contiguous United States in terms of new COVID-19 cases per capita. And they did it all without a Vax Pass system, widespread business closures, mask mandates, and/or draconian lockdowns,” wrote independent investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel for the Brownstone Institute.

“And it all happened under the leadership of a man who the corporate media and ruling class have taken to labeling ‘DeathSantis’ for his refusal to implement draconian COVID policies, such as mandatory masks, pharmaceutical injection mandates, business closures, and the like,” Schachtel added.

According to a New York Times interactive map and case count of COVID-19 reported cases in the U.S., Florida saw a 45.5% decrease in reported cases over the past 14 days.

The data shows that Florida, which has come under fire by Democrat politicians and legacy media outlets for its laws defending the freedoms of Floridians against coercive vaccine mandates, forced masking, and lockdowns, has experienced the most significant drop in COVID cases in the U.S. second only to Hawaii, which saw a 50% drop in reported cases over the past two weeks.

According to the data, Florida, the third-most populous state in the union, is recording a daily average of 2,357 COVID-19 cases per day, compared with 5,501 in heavily-restricted California. The numbers indicate Floridians experience some 11 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, while California records 14 per 100,000.

Despite nearly even vaccination rates between Florida and California, however (59% and 60% respectively), the New York Times data indicates Florida has recorded some 120 deaths per day attributed to the virus while California has recorded just over 100.

While it is unclear what has caused the disparity, it may have something to do with the fact that Florida, a popular retirement destination, has the second-highest percentage of elderly residents in the country, with 20.5% of the population aged 65 and older out of a total population of 21.5 million, while California ranks 45th in the union for its percentage of elderly residents with 14.5% of its total population of 39.5 million in the 65 and over category.

Additionally, studies have shown that something as simple as the weather can have a lot to do with the transmission of any respiratory disease.

Florida cases rose over the summer while Floridians battled high humidity, tropical storms, and spiking temperatures, leading many residents to seek refuge indoors where respiratory transmission rates are known to be higher.

News Reporter Puts Her Faith First After Losing Job Over Vaccine Mandate: ‘God Has a Purpose’

Resist the Mainstream Staff, October 20, 2021


A Missouri news reporter says faith in God will get her through the difficult days ahead after she says she was fired from her job for not complying with a COVID mandate.

Kim St. Onge, who was a reporter for nearly 10 years, told CBN News that she was forced from her position with KMOV News in St. Louis.

St. Onge was granted a religious exemption after submitting a letter from her pastor, but the company that owns the news station laid out a number of additional rules that the reporter didn’t agree with.

“It felt really discriminatory,” she told CBN News.

She had to wear an N95 mask at all times, take a COVID test twice a week, and attend work meetings virtually. St. Onge “drew the line” when she was told not to sit among her vaccinated colleagues, even though she followed all the other measures.

The reporter said she contacted her union representative, advising that she couldn’t abide by the terms, and was subsequently let go.

St. Onge noted that drawing closer to Scripture has helped her get through the painful process of losing her job.

“I have Scripture that I would repeat in my head when I was feeling discouraged. When it’s all said is done… I only answer to God,” she told CBN News. “Our Savior already went through all this and He’s got it.”

“Joshua 1:9 is my favorite … I have used it countless times. ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you where you go,’” St. Onge recited.

And she stressed the importance of staying “true to my convictions.”

St. Onge refused a non-disclosure agreement “worth several thousand dollars” so she could speak out against the conditions rather than be silenced.

She chose to share details about her ordeal in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“Some of you will staunchly disagree with my decision,” St. Onge wrote. “I understand some of you may even feel personally offended by my choice. But, this is too big to stay quiet. Our freedoms are being stripped away … freedoms our parents, grandparents, and so many others fought for.

203,000 members of smart union stand strong against forced covid injections

203,000 Members of SMART Union Stand Strong Against Forced Covid Injections

Humans are Free, October 20, 2021


Nearly a quarter of a million workers who belong to one of the North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions are just saying no to mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination.”

In a letter to the Union Pacific Company, International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) general chairman Roy Davis expressed strong disapproval with the company’s “unilateral” requirement that all workers get jabbed for the Fauci Flu.

Davis also wants an immediate response from the Union Pacific Company about the union’s concerns, as well as confirmation that it will negotiate in good faith to drop the requirement.

“We understand that OSHA has issued a Federal requirement (September 24, 2021), but Carrier has created new working conditions without negotiations with the Organization,” the letter reads.

“We also recognize the seriousness of the pandemic, but such does not permit Carrier to institute an arbitrary policy, which will have a sweeping effect on the current working conditions and Union Pacific Railroad, rather than negotiate an agreement.”

The letter goes on to explain that according to Section 6 bargaining requirements, Union Pacific is required to maintain the status quo, not to arbitrarily impose a “sweeping change to the current working conditions” that do “not meet the standards as contained in the Railway Labor Act.”

“The Act mandates that ‘Carriers and representatives of the employees shall give at least thirty days’ written notice of an intended change in agreements affecting rates of pay, rules, or working conditions, and the time and place for the beginning of conference between the representatives of the parties interested in such intended changes shall be agreed upon within ten days after the receipt of said notice, and said time shall be within the thirty days provided in the notice.’”

SMART petitions to sue Union Pacific Railroad for trying to mandate covid jabs

Until Union Pacific agrees to meet with SMART to negotiate in good faith about all this, the union says it remains “vehemently opposed” to any change to working conditions, including Chinese Virus injection mandates.

Union Pacific has no legal or rightful authority to act in this manner, SMART says, and given how serious this is, the union is asking for a written response from the railroad immediately.

SMART actually sent a second letter to Union Pacific that same day expressing “grave concern” about the mandate and requesting “immediate court action” to address it.

“We adamantly believe that the terms of a vaccine mandate must be negotiated, so as to protect the membership,” this second letter reads.

“The fact that Union Pacific made no good faith effort to negotiate with the Organization in this manner constitutes a failure to make and maintain Agreements concerning rules and working conditions, and we view Carrier’s recent actions as an attempt to exert an illegal change in working conditions.”

Since more than 203,000 people are represented by SMART, this pushback against Union Pacific is a big deal. It piggybacks on a move by union employees of Boeing who have begun staging “sickout” protest days every Friday against the company for trying to force them to get injected for Chinese Germs.

“I have a feeling this is exactly what they want,” wrote one skeptical commenter at The Gateway Pundit. “Stop the supply chain and then the country will be ripe for invasion.”

Another agreed, noting that the “elites” do not depend on the infrastructure of society to survive – all of that is for us to survive. And since we are the ones they want to cull, the supply chain issues caused by strikes will only create further shortages by design.


Beijing Exploits Hollywood to Project a Positive Image of the CCP: Report

Kelly Song, Epoch Times, October 20, 2021


Beijing is manipulating Western movie and film production, especially in Hollywood, to project a positive image of itself to the world, according to a September report by a French military think tank.

The 650-page report aims at exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s all-encompassing global influence tactics. On the cultural front, the report pointed out that the CCP has been exerting control over Hollywood studios through blacklisting, limiting access to the Chinese market, and content censorship.

While the CCP has been using films as vectors for propaganda since it took hold on China in 1949, the United States did not feel its influence until 1997, the report said. That year, three films were released that punctured the Chinese regime’s positive self-image: “Kundun,” “Seven Years in Tibet,” and “Red Corner.” While the first two focused on Tibet, a highly sensitive topic to the CCP due to its ongoing suppression of the local culture and religion, the latter depicted an American wrongly accused of murder in China.

In addition to banning the films in China, the CCP blacklisted both the directors and leading actors of the three films. The regime further barred the production companies involved from working in China for five years.

Despite the fact that the Chinese market was of a modest size, comparable to that of Peru at the time, the French report said Hollywood immediately took the message to heart.

Then-CEO of Disney Michael Eisner met with then-Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji in 1998 to apologize and promise that Disney would not produce anything like Kundun again, according to the report.
Lure of the Chinese Market

A 2020 report by PEN America, a New York-based free speech advocacy group, illustrated the regime’s treatment of Jean-Jacques Annaud, director of “Seven Years in Tibet.” In 2009, almost a decade after he was blacklisted by Beijing, Annaud agreed to direct a French-Chinese co-production film. In December 2009, Annaud apologized for his participation in “Seven Years in Tibet” on Weibo, a Chinese social media app similar to Twitter. The post has since been deleted, but it was archived by PEN America.

Annaud then signed a strategic partnership agreement with China for two films, and became a member of the Strategic Council of the France China Foundation. His biography on the foundation’s website cites many of his films but fails to mention “Seven Years in Tibet,” according to the French report.

Since then, the CCP has used a variety of tactics to influence Hollywood, along with other Western film producers, the French report states. Beijing allows three ways for foreign films to enter the Chinese market: by quota, buyout, and co-production. Censorship is applied to all three ways.

The CCP has also used the temptation of its large and lucrative market to coerce filmmakers into compliance. “We have a huge market to share with you. We want films that are heavily invested in China; we want to see positive images of China,” said the president of China Film Group Corporation, the largest state-owned film company in the world, to Hollywood producers in 2013.

China’s quarterly box office revenues exceeded those of the United States for the first time in 2018, according to the French report. It is expected to become the largest market in the world in the coming years.

Further, Chinese investment in Hollywood films has grown considerably since 2014. The CCP helped finance 12 Hollywood films between 1997 and 2013. This number rose to 41 films from 2014 to 2018. The French military think tank argues that these Chinese investments give Beijing considerable leverage over American studios.

A 2012 Sino-U.S. agreement limits 34 slots per year for American films to enter China. This quota is almost exclusively taken by blockbusters. The report quoted a Hollywood screenwriter saying that this quota is “a limit to freedom of expression” as studios practice self-censorship to maximize their chances to get a slot.

Buyout is another method of entry to the Chinese market that is widely used by independent films. In this instance, the foreign studio agrees to transfer all profits made in China to the Chinese distributor, in exchange for a flat fee.

The third and most popular way is co-production between a foreign studio and a Chinese studio. The report pointed out the advantage of co-production films is that they are not considered foreign, thus not subject to the quota system.

However, there are rules for the co-production films to follow, said PEN America. The rules include complying with the laws, regulations, customs, and traditions of China; respecting the rights and obligations of the Chinese regime; and contributing to the social stability of China. PEN America explained that social stability is one of the arguments used by Beijing to justify its suppression of dissidents or ethnic minorities.

The French think tank report suggested that co-production gives Beijing greater influence on content because censorship can happen anytime in the filmmaking process. The report listed several co-production films that gave Chinese film companies explicit influence, including “The Meg” (2018), “Kung Fu Panda III” (2016), and “Looper” (2012).

Oftentimes, the co-production can be hidden. One example is the documentary series “China: Times of Xi” broadcast on the Discovery Channel in October 2017. It was a co-production between Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and China Intercontinental Communications Center (CICC). The French report noted that CICC is managed by the State Council Information Office, which shares the same address with the Office of Foreign Propaganda of the CCP’s Central Propaganda Department. But the documentary was billed as “an independent television production.”

The report also listed instances of studios cutting content from films that may have upset the CCP. The list includes “Pixels” (2015), “RoboCop” (2014), “Red Dawn” (2012), “Skyfall” (2012), “Men in Black 3” (2012), “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” (2007), and “Mission Impossible III” (2006).

Other cases involve the positive portrayal of either the CCP, often as the hero or savior, or ideas the party supports. Such films are “Abominable” (2019), “Arrival” (2016), “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (2014), “Gravity” (2013), “Looper” (2012), and 2012 (2009).


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