Gallery: Today, Oct. 7, 2021

Today, Oct. 7, 2021

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My thanks to Len, D and Brian for their research.

Remember: “War” is for the purpose of declaring martial law. Declaring martial law is for the purpose of announcing the fall of the cabal and the return of the Republic. 

No need to worry. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin speaks during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the conclusion of military operations in Afghanistan and plans for future counterterrorism operations in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Sept. 28, 2021. (Patrick Semansky/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Pentagon Gives Civilian Employees Until Early November to Get Fully Vaccinated

Jack Phillips, Epoch Times, October 4, 2021


The Department of Defense (DOD) said all U.S. civilian employees need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Nov. 22, giving them only a few weeks to get the shots. The workers are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

For employees opting to receive the two-dose Moderna vaccine, they would have to receive their first shot by Oct. 11, said a DOD memo. Individuals who are slated to get the two-shot Pfizer vaccine would have to get their first dose by Oct. 18.

The second dose deadline for both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is Nov. 8. Employees who get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is only a single dose, will have to receive the shot also by Nov. 8, according to the memo.

“To defend the Nation and protect the American people, we need a healthy and ready Total Force,” the DOD said. “To accomplish this, the Secretary of Defense directed the mandatory vaccination of Service members against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by signing the memorandum” in August, the memo continued to say, adding that President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Sept. 9 that requires federal employees and contractors to be vaccinated.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

A similar directive was issued over the weekend by the White House’s Office of Personnel Management, saying that federal workers have until Nov. 8 to get both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“Employees who refuse to be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination are subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including removal or termination from Federal service,” the agency said. “The only exception is for individuals who receive a legally required exception pursuant to established agency processes.”

Last month, several federal employees filed a lawsuit against Biden, arguing that his vaccine mandate unfairly affects workers who belong to the Christian faith. Lawyers for the plaintiffs also stated Biden’s order fails to take into account “natural immunity” afforded by a prior COVID-19 infection, noting that some studies have found it provides protection against the Delta variant.

One of the plaintiffs, identified as a U.S. foreign service officer, belongs to a faith that “also instructs him that vaccination is not morally obligatory in principle and therefore must be voluntary,” the lawsuit said. There is, his attorneys argued, “a general moral duty to refuse the use of medical products, including certain vaccines, that are produced using human cells lines derived from direct abortions.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to media as he visits a vaccine clinic in Ottawa on Sept. 28, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to media as he visits a vaccine clinic in Ottawa on Sept. 28, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick)

Feds Mandate Vaccines for [Canadian] Public Servants, Air and Rail Workers, and Travellers

Isaac Teo, Epoch Times, October 6, 2021


Federal employees from core public services, along with air and rail workers and travellers, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the end of October, the federal government announced Oct. 6.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland made the announcement at a joint press conference updating the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Members of the public service who are not fully vaccinated or do not disclose their vaccination status by Oct. 29, will be placed on administrative leave without pay as early as Nov. 15,” Freeland said during the media event.

The new policy will impact over 267,000 employees of departments that fall under “core public administration” including the RCMP, Correctional Services of Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency and many other federal services.

Ottawa is also interested in extending the vaccine mandates to federally regulated sectors.

“We are also directing Crown corporations and agencies to implement policies that mirror those we are announcing today. The Chief of Defence Staff will issue a directive mandating vaccination for the Canadian Armed Forces and we are working with employers in federally regulated workplaces,” Freeland added.

The vaccine mandate comes into effect immediately and applies to both full-time and part-time employees regardless of whether they are working from an office, home or stationed overseas.

Federal employees will have to provide an attestation of their vaccination status online that will be tracked and audited by designated departments, while managers can ask for proof of vaccination at any time.

Employees who fail to disclose their vaccination and testing status accurately may be punished with disciplinary action.

Those who have only received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be given 10 weeks to get a second shot before they are put on unpaid leave and will not be allowed to resume work or have their pay reinstated until they are fully vaccinated, or when the mandate is lifted.

Exemptions to vaccination are only given to those with valid medical reasons, religion or “any other prohibited ground of discrimination” protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act, the policy states.

Air and Train Travel Within Canada

Trudeau announced a similar vaccine mandate for domestic travel by plane and rail.

“By the end of October, everyone 12 or older on a plane or train within Canada should be fully vaccinated,” he said during the press conference.

The prime minister noted that there will be a short transition to allow for unvaccinated travellers to show a negative COVID-19 test but after Nov. 30, “testing will no longer be an option before boarding.”

Any exemptions will only be “a few extremely narrow exceptions like a valid medical condition.”

“For the vast, vast majority of people, the rules are very simple: to travel, you’ve got to be vaccinated,” he said.

The government is also working with airport businesses and airline and railway companies to develop their own mandatory vaccine policies by the end of October. Anyone wishing to travel by plane or train by then must have received a second dose of a Health Canada-approved vaccine at least 14 days before their departure.

With files from The Canadian Press

Tony Fauci “Moves the Goalposts”; People Ready to Know “What He Really Thinks”

If you want a good description of deep-state tactics, Tucker gives it – with gusto, obviously, but still educational.Video Player

A sign for Pfizer is displayed in New York in a file photo. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images)

Pfizer Scientists in Undercover Videos Say Natural Immunity Likely Better Than COVID-19 Vaccination

Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times, October 6, 2021


A trio of scientists at Pfizer were recorded speaking to undercover reporters about the existence of natural immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19, with one saying employees had been told not to discuss the protection publicly.

Natural immunity refers to the protection people enjoy against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus [bias] after recovering from COVID-19.

“When somebody is naturally immune—like they got COVID—they probably have better, like not better, but more antibodies against the virus,” said Nick Carl, one of the scientists.

“So your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination,” he added later.

Chris Croce, another scientist at Pfizer, told an undercover reporter that people are “probably more” protected by natural immunity when compared with vaccination.

“You’re protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response,” he said.

A third scientist who allegedly works for Pfizer, Rahul Khandke, said that employees have had to sit through many seminars where they’re told that getting the company’s vaccine is safer than getting COVID-19 and that they cannot discuss the differences in public.

“Logically though, if you have antibodies built up, you should be able to prove that you have those built up. I don’t know, potentially that doesn’t seem that crazy,” he said.

The scientists were speaking to undercover reporters from Project Veritas, a nonprofit reporting group.

Pfizer didn’t return an email or a voicemail seeking comment.

The company produces the most-used COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. More than 230 million doses have been administered as of Oct. 5. The federal government buys COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson and provides them for free to Americans who get them. The companies have locked in more than $60 billion through 2022 and are poised to make billions more on booster shots.

Epoch Times Photo

In this image from video, Nick Carl, a scientist at Pfizer, is seen in an undated undercover video recording. (Courtesy of Project Veritas)

More and more studies have been published displaying the potency of natural immunity, particularly in certain groups. Some experts say the evidence shows that natural immunity is similar to or better than vaccination. But federal officials and some other experts say practically everybody should get a vaccine, regardless of prior infection. They argue that the vaccines boost protection bestowed by recovery.

Executives at vaccine makers like Pfizer rarely if ever discuss natural immunity.

Croce works for Pfizer as a vaccine research and development scientist, according to an archived version of his Twitter account, which was deleted after the Project Veritas videos were released.

“I’m #pfizerproud to be part of a company that understands that helping patients is about more than medicine, it’s improving health literacy so that people don’t need a medical degree or a thesaurus to make the right healthcare decisions,” he wrote in one post.

Carl is a New York-based biochemist with Pfizer, according to his LinkedIn profile, which was taken offline after the videos were made public. He was listed as starting at the company in August. Carl declined to comment on the remarks he made in private to James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, when approached at a restaurant.

Verification of Khandke’s employment at Pfizer couldn’t be found.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a doctor, said the undercover videos amounted to a “Truth bomb!”

“Pfizer scientists candidly admit naturally acquired immunity to COVID equal to or better than vaccine,” Paul wrote on Twitter.

People march as they protest against NYC's COVID-19 vaccine mandate that went into effect today for public school employees in New York City on Oct. 4, 2021. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Thousands of Unvaccinated New York City Teachers on Unpaid Leave: Union

Jack Phillips, Epoch Times, October 4, 2021


Thousands of unvaccinated New York City teachers were placed on unpaid leave after a citywide mandate went into effect, according to the United Federation of Teachers.

About 97 percent of teachers and other school staff represented by the union got the vaccine, the United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew confirmed in a news conference on Monday afternoon.

“Under 4,000” of about 121,000 workers represented by the United Federation of Teachers were missing from city schools as of Monday, Mulgrew said in response to a question about how many teachers were taken off the payroll due to the city’s vaccine mandate. He said that individuals who receive the vaccine in the near future can return to work immediately.

Some of those unvaccinated teachers have lost “their livelihood,” Mulgrew said, although he stressed that staff should get vaccinated. Mulgrew also stated he is concerned about a lack of school safety officers and staffing issues, namely in District 75 in Staten Island and other areas.

Classes resumed in person on Monday after New York City gave an Oct. 1 deadline for teachers to get the vaccine. Mulgrew said that about 1,000 teachers and school staff got the shot over the past weekend and are now in class as of Monday.

“Every adult in our schools is now vaccinated. That’s going to be the rule going forward. That’s the way to keep kids safe,” Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, said during a briefing on Monday. “Ninety-five percent of all full-time [Department of Education] employees are vaccinated, 96 percent of all teachers, 99 percent of all principals,” he added

In Brooklyn, numerous teachers gathered to protest in front of the Department of Education’s office against the vaccine mandate on Monday.

“I just think this should be a personal choice,” one longtime Brooklyn special education teacher told the New York Post. “The most distressing thing is that we were told we were essential last year and now we’re just nothing.”

City schools chancellor Meisha Porter told CNN last week that she doesn’t expect the mandate to trigger a teacher or staffing shortage.

“We have more subs that are vaccinated than unvaccinated, teachers and our superintendents have been working with our principals to develop plans to ensure our students get the education and continue to get the education they deserve in person,” Porter said.

A similar mandate for teachers and school staff is scheduled to go into effect in Los Angeles on Oct. 15.

A group of teachers and other employees filed a lawsuit against the citywide mandate, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. However, Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied the request on Oct. 1.


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