Gallery: The Most Challenging Leg of the Journey

The Most Challenging Leg of the Journey

October 7, 2021 by 

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Truthfully I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for the main event to begin.

I have to curb myself because there could be some unavoidable loss of life.

I think all of us, boomers at least, have witnessed enough bloodshed in our lifetimes. And then we discover it was all spilled in the interests of the elite. It was all money for the military/industrial complex. It was all an oil and land grab.

I’m sure not many of us want to see any more violence than is necessary to remove the elite from power.  Yes, we’re aware that some Rambos may resist to the bitter end.  And we don’t want to increase the risk to the defenders of freedom. Nuff said.

Setting out I don’t think or feel I have lot to be concerned about in the top Alliance leadership. I am concerned however having read alleged transcripts of military tribunals and their aftermaths. If I conducted myself in my refugee hearing room the way some of them did, my decision would be overturned on a presumption of bias.

And my overseers would be right.

I’m also not going to throw a wrench into machinery that needs to be operating unhindered and undistracted right now. It isn’t the time for that. In my view, it’s the time to get behind the defenders and do our part, whatever that may look like.


As we scan the Internet, we see today a mixture of news, rumors, and lies. Separating one from the other can be challenging.

Be that as it may, once the EBS goes off, however much of a storm follows, you and I know it’s the start of everything new – the Reval, new governments, Tesla energy, med beds, replicators, anti-gravity, probably Disclosure, and sometime in the not too distant future Ascension itself.

By now we’re all familiar with the Divine Mother’s Plan, but here’s a review just in case. Planet Earth, which is in the throes of a fight for its population’s life, is destined to be the first planet in the universe to ascend en masse and with the physical body surviving. After us ascensions will take place throughout the universe and throughout the dimensions along the same lines.

You’ll probably be doing the same yeoman service on another one. I know I will.

Implicit in bringing our bodies with us is that the space we’re entering is brand new. We’ll be the first population in it, though probably not for long. Others will follow.

Our experience will likely be studied by those other ascending civilizations and dimensions.  Our Ascension is in every way historic.

Meanwhile, back on terra firma, there are rumors of martial law, lots of misinformation on the matter, and a fair bit of  lying.  The version of truth that I follow sees martial law as a good thing.

It’s the signal for announcements, the return of President Trump, and the removal of whatever is left of the deep state. It’s the storm before the calm.

I hope you have some food and money put away for you – and for that other one who wouldn’t listen. I do.

I’m not sure if I’m correct in this, but I see this next leg of the journey as the most important in terms of why we all came here. It’s the one we’ve been hearing so much about – a change of planetary management, a Biblical reckoning, a time of separation, etc.

In my estimation, we’re here to send a vibration of love and calmness into the collective consciousness.  We’re here to help people accept what may for them be a shattering truth. We’re here to provide continuity while others go temporarily insane.

I’m bracing myself because I think this next while may be the most challenging leg of the journey for all of us.


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