Gallery: Updates on and Snapshots of “Red October”

Updates on and Snapshots of “Red October”

October 3, 2021 by 

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Simon Parkes offers an update on what he’s allowed to say. He’s expecting large events to happen between now and the 5th.

The top levels of the cabal have been seen to. What we’re seeing now is the lieutenants trying to take control of and continuing to try to keep their organizations together.

He analyzes the role of the Reval in recharging the economy and assisting with the transition from a cabal-run financial sector to a fair and equitable system.  He discusses the overall military operation and the need to get it right.

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One thing needs correction, I think. Commonwealth status is purely individual.  All Commonwealth nations are self-governing.

I wouldn’t imagine that any Commonwealth nation would tolerate being “handed over” to the United States, as Simon has said on a few occasions.  That statement I think needs to be corrected.

The Image of Australia We Won’t See on National Media

Unidentified participant at a Canadian rally for unsuccessful federal candidate Maxime Bernier – who opposed vaccine mandates – gives a very succinct and convincing analysis of the true significance of vaccine passports, based on the Chinese experience: It’s part of a system of total control over the population.

He discusses the extent of surveillance in China and the integration of police functions with financial systems.

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