Gallery: Judith Kusel: Transfiguration

Judith Kusel: Transfiguration

September 27, 2021 by 

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We cannot create the New on the structures the beliefs, the knowledge, the forms of the Old 3D.

The Old is disintegrating, to make way for the new.

Unless you allow yourself, all you ever knew or thought yourself to be, to dissolve, you cannot be transfigured into the new.

The transfiguration process is never comfortable, and often it will be as if we are cocooned in darkness, the not knowing, the not seeing….

Yet then we are in truth held within the womb of the Mother. The seed we are, is gestating, transforming, transfiguring.

Then, suddenly the light breaks through as we move through the birthing channel. We shed the cocoon, we are now lifted beyond into a totally new existance, cocreating, as new, in a much higher form and existence, vibrational frequency band.

Thus stepping fully into the unknown, yet our soul knows, as it embraces its full Divinity.

It knows only pure love and now is living it, creating with and in it.

It knows Oneness and Unity, for it is Atone within itself.

With every single step into the unknown, revelation comes, and with each revelation the truth is lived, from the heart and soul and all of ones Being.

Such is life in the New Earth in the here and now.

Judith Kusel


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