Gallery: Until it becomes Second Nature

Until it Becomes Second Nature

September 25, 2021 by 

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Share it to feel it

While all the tumult is passing by on the screens of our computers, I ask myself, what’s the most important thing I can do to feel the best I can feel right now.

You know that, after a lifetime of research, I’ve concluded that the most important thing to humans is how we feel.

Everything we do seems aimed at maximizing how good we feel and minimizing how bad.

The irony of it all is that that’s exactly what the Fifth Dimension will provide, endlessly and free of charge: We’ll feel a love of such quality and intensity that it’ll banish all memory of sorrow.

We’ll feel completely expressed and satisfied. All we’ll want to do is share it.

So why not just cut to the chase and look to how we feel?

How do I feel right now, as a baseline?

My mind is quiet on the surface.

Underneath I feel a lot of sadness and regret. I can’t believe I spent a lifetime digging myself out of the after-effects of early childhood trauma.  On one level, it seems like such a waste.

On another level, it gave me my mission – to communicate on the way out, to act as a pathfinder out of early childhood trauma.

How well I’ve done is another matter. How many people read it depends on how many Michael shows it to.

We don’t advertise so most of our readers come through his inspiration. And so far he’s kept us under cover, which is why I get to talk about deep states and vaccines, rather than ending up in jail. (1)

I could have ignored the sadness and regret, failed to process them, and become increasingly opinionated and maybe even violent, though I doubt it. My Mother’s influence was too strong.

I got to act out the Deep State and the Alliance inside me before any of my creation manifested in the outside world. (Just kidding.)

But, yes, I’ve already been through what’s happening in the outside world. And I’m surveying the wreckage and I feel sad.

This feeling is an undercurrent – below conscious awareness. Below my day-to-day, minute-by-minute awareness, which is focused on my body and the outside world.

So what’s the most important thing I can do at this moment to feel the best I can right now?

I hear Jesus in the back of my mind:

“Come back to what is important. And that is, you are love. It is all you have ever been. Everything else — everything else, every other lifetime — is just a distraction.” (2)

How do I translate that into action in my own life?

Clearly, by drawing love up from my heart on the inbreath, breathing it out to the world on the outbreath, and not being distracted.  My reward is to feel the love as it passes around and through me. (3)

Love is never static. It must flow. So why not have it flow up from my heart, through me, and then out to everyone else?  Share it to feel it.

As the Divine Mother delightfully said: ” Is there really any further conversation to be had?” (4)

No conversation. There’s only doing it and doing it and doing it, until it becomes second nature.


(1) “You, as with so many, have been kept under cover.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 11, 2011.)

(2) “Jesus: You are Love. It is All You Have Ever Been,” channeled by Linda Dillon, December 18, 2013, at

(3) In doing this exercise right now, I just noticed that one of the reasons I don’t do it more often is that I think that the love that results will be here just for a moment and I need a more lasting solution.

But I know for certain that the more I do this exercise, the longer the love lasts. Eventually, with Ascension, it’ll last forever.

(3) “You have begun by saying that I am not simply a god among gods. I am the Mother, and I am asking and inviting you to join with me. Is there really any further conversation to be had?”  (“The Divine Mother on 12/12/12 and 21/12/12,” at


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