Gallery: Towards a Cross-Cultural … No, Intergalactic … No, Transdimensional Spirituality

Towards a Cross-Cultural … No, Intergalactic … No, Transdimensional Spirituality

September 23, 2021 by 

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If you could look up the spiralling arc of our many lifetimes in matter, it’d look like this.  This is the stairway to heaven. This is Jacob’s Ladder. Vision, 1987

Here is my contribution towards world peace, a book which demonstrates that all our religious wars have been fought for different names of the one (nameless) God.

Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, what does the name matter? God is God and is probably unconcerned with what name we use, but undoubtedly very much concerned about our human propensity for making war.

Therefore, who are we fighting for? What are we fighting for? What are we fighting about?

Let’s connect the dots of our religious traditions and come up with a cross-cultural, and later an intergalactic and simultaneously a transdimensional, spirituality. “What you can dream, begin.”

I’m game. Here’s this book’s preface.

A .pdf and downloading information are found below this article.


Shortest publishing run…

This has been a labor of love … and now it’s done.

It’s been my most profound wish to demonstrate to the world that there’s no basis for the religious wars we’ve been fighting. All sides are fighting for different names of the same One God.

As the young soldier cried in Waterloo: “Why are we killing each other? Why?”

Knowledge is power, they say, and so here is knowledge of the nature of Reality. Here is knowledge of the One God we all kill each other fighting for.

Fighting or not, we all of us are embarked on the same journey – From God to God, from ignorance to Self-Knowledge, from hardship to ecstacy.

The nearer we get to our destination the better we feel. That can’t be said for the outcome of war.

Our religions, though they started out sincerely, have fallen under the control of cabals and elites who’ve used them as a means of control.

Some religions claim that they’re the only road to salvation. Others claim that those who don’t worship their God, or don’t get baptized, or don’t confess the founder of their faith are damned.

It’s said that the same cabal or elite that rules this planet used the strategy of divide and conquer and nowhere did it work better than with religion.

Soon we’ll be seeing many religious leaders tried for crimes like pedophilia and satanic sacrifices. Already buildings like the Vatican have been shut down.

Our views of spirituality stand to change mightily in the years ahead. Teachers from higher dimensions will begin to correct some of the fabrications and manipulations that have passed for religious doctrine and practices.

A cross-cultural spirituality may have a short life span before becoming multidimensional and omniversal. This book may have the shortest run in publishing history.

Finding common ground….

These essays are part of building Nova Earth; specifically, Nova Spirituality. As a collection, they set out the situation as things stand. It’s like a knowledge baseline from a terrestrial standpoint.

I anticipate then that galactic masters, angelics, and other higher-dimensional beings will give us an overview of which this will form, if I’m lucky, one puzzle piece.

The common ground we found over the ages has often been called the perennial philosophy, the ancient wisdom, theosophy, anthroposophy, and so on.

The essays that follow are an attempt to restate it.

I hope to show how different words are used to point to the same three levels of reality, which levels can be found in most if not all religions. The essays show how knowledge of each of these three levels is the business of life for every person ever born.

Another way of saying that is that these essays look at the purpose of life and the Divine Plan to accomplish it.

There never was a time in our history more promising for world peace and spiritual advance. It’s my great pleasure and privilege to have been given the opportunity to participate in it, however little or much I can.

I wish to thank the editorial and management staff of the Golden Age of Gaia for working to produce such a wonderful base from which to reach so many people. Thank you to all of you – Suzanne Maresca, Karen Hoffman, Sitara Williamson, Kathleen Mary Willis, and Catherine Viel – as we push the frontiers of knowledge as far forward as we, from our limited perspective, possibly can.

Download from here:

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