Gallery: Our Renewed Golden Grid

Our Renewed Golden Grid

September 23, 2021 by 

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Golden Grid (image from

Within the Universal Law of Balance, As Above So Below, As Within So Without, is information from Sanat Kumara, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, about our renewed golden grid.

He starts off by saying:

There are very few news organizations on our planet that do not embellish, dramatize, try to get the worst pictures and scenarios because that is what they think people want.

That doing this lines their coffers, and their coffers of power; any atrocity is horrendous, but news organizations tend to look for the worst and promote the worst.

SK explained that the beings of the higher realms are not interfering with our free will, but that there is new grid in place, part of the Heavenly Agenda, and it influences the collective behaviours enormously.

Also, we as individuals tend to dramatize (just like the news) what has happened to us in the past.

As we clean up our within state of being to golden joy! – gratitude for sacred purpose – we affect our without.

Within work is our Ascension; as within so without.


SK says All is operating throughout the multi-omniverse upon a Golden Grid, and that:

it’s impossible not be affected
 the renewed Golden Grid.

He asks us to etherically see our self as a Golden Grid.

Golden Grid (image from

And not a grid that is separate, off of the Golden Grid, but a grid (personal toroidal field) within a grid (planetary toroidal field) within a grid (Universal toroidal field).

When meditating and operating every day to make sure we have not tarnished, sullied our grid (with thoughts, feelings not of love).

When we catch our selves judging anything, to simply shine it up with forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, for everything not of love every single day.

We are to make sure that nothing that is not of that gold — joy is golden gratitude for sacred purpose, our courage to incarnate over and over, to remember our worth and be in Divine Union with All That Is — sinks in.

We are to make sure there are no tears or breaks with anyone in our grid, so when we are working with creation,everything slides and travels easily to us upon our grid.

I invoke Sanat Kumara
and the Universal Law of Balance
for perfectly shining Golden Joyful Grids
to help create a planet in balance.

golden grid within planetary grid within Universal grid

our planet in balance

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