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Our Body of Water. . .

September 15, 2021 by 

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Dr. Masaru Emoto, an enlightened Japanese scientist, brought to our attention how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

That being said:

Last night I fell asleep listening to something on the internet, and woke up to the funny YouTube below playing; I hadn’t heard of Suzanne before:

After watching, I was browsing the comments, and found this written by Neil Howard King:

I was having second-thoughts about the merits of the MICRO-BIOLOGY PhD thesis I’m writing.

Until I was guided to watch this (Suzanne above).

I’d been getting stone-walled a lot recently, as my work to date confirms a truth which is most inconvenient to telecom industry.

I live seconds from the Pacific Ocean in Australia, walk the beach, play in the surf everyday.

This morning I met a wonderful couple, the male of which ‘out of the blue’, shared his ‘near-death’ experience, (which mirrored my own when I “died” Christmas Eve 1998…)

The reason for his experience, was due to cancer… as was mine…

My thesis is “the resuscitation of cancer cells by applied electromagnetic frequencies, to re-construct the crystalline structure of cellular fluid (water) re-establishing form and function of DNA.”

DNA being nature’s ANTENNA transmitting/receiving photonic radiation (light, information).

The name “resuscitate” meaning to revert the cell to it’s original oxygen based nutrient exchange (as opposed to glycolysis).

In this state, mitosis returns to normal (arresting un-natural cell replication)..

This is accomplished by restoring the form and function of DNA, which is the natural consequence of restoring the natural crystalline form of water.

The EM frequencies are what we find in natural healing such as reiki.

The natural crystalline form of water

Neil Howard King is writing a thesis how to cure cancer.

Dr. Emoto found Loving, peaceful, joyful words and thoughts transform water.

Our planet has many bodies of water 
and our bodies are full of water

Divine Mother Love,

transformative and healing,
as within so without.

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