Gallery: Ivo Of Vega: You’re Only as Powerful as Your Last Thought

September 8, 2021 by Sitara

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by Sharon Stewaart

You’re Only as Powerful as Your Last Thought

Me: Ivo, can you explain this to us, please. I know this is correct. It popped into my head yesterday as do many things, I’m sure this was an invitation to channel on this subject.

Ivo: Yes, my love. This relates to the frequency you hold. When you have a positive thought, like “I should pick up some garbage on the street, or I really love my dog, or I really want to help the world”, your frequency rises up.

The last rise in frequency that you had before the next thought is your current vibrational frequency.

When you look out the window and think, “My god! That house is so ugly!” this lowers your frequency back down. You are constantly jumping up and down between higher and lower frequencies depending on what you think, what you believe, how your belief system dictates your mind should think, and how you should feel, and when these dictates are low in frequency, then your general frequency remains low.

Then you start displaying behaviors such as fear based behaviors: worrying, anxiety, nervousness – you may start chewing your nails or biting at your cuticles, you may smoke a cigarette or begin to look for something like a drink or something sugary to restore your vibrational state and state of calmness.

Ivo: Sugar will give your body a boost in frequency, yes, but it is only short lived and will shortly disappear. Of course, when you do this long term, you predispose yourself to hormonal imbalances, allergies, sickness and poor mental health.

Me: What about a cigarette?

Ivo: They contain chemicals that again, can impact and regulate your endocrine system, your hormones, on a short term basis. But you must realize about these chemical concoctions, and by chemicals I would include white sugar in this description as well, they are an artificial means of regulating your hormones and stimulating your mood. And they, of course, are quite addictive.

They are a false high, if you will. The real high that you all really seek is a rise in vibrational frequency, and these can be achieved by regulating your mindset to not be judgmental, to not be critical, to not entertain negative thoughts. If you feel a negative thought, then replace it with a positive thought immediately and this will help to boost your vibration.

For example, if you think that the house across the street is very ugly, then think immediately, “Oh! It’s thundering outside. I love thunderstorms!” which is what Sharon is entertaining her mind with right now.

Understand that to have your frequency jumping up and down all the time is tiring to your adrenals and ultimately you may experience adrenal fatigue.

Ivo: So learn how to not have negative thoughts. It would help somewhat if you would move to an area that suits you better, such as nature. You find much more in nature to be satisfied with than you do in the city, but of course the way to master the mind is to train it to be a particular way independent of one’s location or circumstances. That way you do not spend your time reacting to your outer world, you spend your time bolstering your inner mind with positive thoughts.

And this is self mastery. This is the means to create a more positive world: to react emotionally to positive thoughts, not what appears to be a negative reality. Bearing in mind that reality is reality: it is neither positive nor negative. It just is. It is the label you apply to it that makes it positive or negative, and this is entirely your choice.

This is very powerful. The more you hone your focus on positivity, of course, the more you align with the universe, and higher mind, because of course duality is only possible in the lower dimensions, not the higher dimensions. In the higher dimensions, all is positive and loving, and when you focus on creating a mind with positive, loving thoughts then you align with higher mind.

Of course, when you harbor negative thoughts, you decrease in personal power. Many of you wish to have contact with your higher selves, you wish to increase in multi-dimensionalism, but what many of you are doing is harboring negativity which I might add you have become so accustomed to, you do not realize it.

You must also realize that negativity is a lie. The only truth is love and love is positive. So for these reasons, among others, you may not be experiencing your higher self.

You must become positive. Work hard at correcting any negative thoughts you have about yourself… “I am so fat. Look at me, I ate a submarine sandwich today. I had white bread and processed meat!”

Yes, you may have eaten a submarine sandwich, however you included vegetables on that sandwich. Focus on the positive. This will empower you and in empowering yourself, you will command your body to lose weight, or to become healthier, as there is a correlation.

For many of you who diet, realize as well that as soon as you begin to focus on your diet, either in criticizing it or attempting to correct it, you are doing so because you believe yourself to be fat, in other words, flawed. So you are continuing to give yourself that negative message because it is behind your actions.

When you say, “I am so fat,” in fact you are using those two powerful words, “I AM,” incorrectly.

Always look at the positive. People may think, “It’s bad to drink coffee,” and you still do drink coffee but you stop at one cup per day. That is not bad.

Me: What’s the difference between focusing on the positive here and being in denial?

Ivo: You focus completely on the negative. You tell yourself in so many ways, “I did badly.” But you did not do entirely badly, you just do not look at the balance, in seeing the positives as well as the less than positives.

Me: Okay. Let’s do some more. Yes, you can continue to use me as an example.

Ivo: Yes. So for cooking, you have decided to buy frozen foods, which are higher in salt, yes, but you will then check the carbohydrate count on these foods. You have frozen cauliflower pizza, frozen spring rolls you eat, and these both contain some vegetables. You still eat your large salads and enjoy vegetable soup. These are all positives.

There is a way not to cook and still eat reasonably.

Me: Yes, I also know with fall coming I’m more inclined to have hot meals.

Ivo: You have taken this into account so there is reason to be positive. I might add have you ever seen a person who can eat anything and not gain weight, but others who put on weight when they drink water?

The difference between these people is their thinking patterns. I guarantee you.

The one who does not worry about what they eat simply eats without getting a complex over it. Then their friends and family say, “You must have an empty leg to put all that food in! You eat and eat and you are so skinny!” Well, the person smiles and takes that on as a belief system: “I can eat whatever I want and never gain extra weight”.

Those who have a belief system that they are overweight tend to get it from overweight family members, particularly parents. It is this that must be changed.

Ivo: Your Mother was very strict with sugary foods, and only gave them to you as a treat. That of course set you up to believe that in eating sugary foods you were treating yourself, and soon came to believe that life was so bad that you needed to treat yourself many times a day! This is how that gets out of hand. Your victim mindset fed right into the sugar problem. The two triggered each other off. That is why in 12 step groups you find many victims.

It is important for parents not to treat their children with foods that are unhealthy for them. They must learn that life IS a treat and a privilege just to be alive, and of course this is not a very prevalent attitude on earth. Skip teaching your children to be victims. Teach them that life loves them and there is joy in being alive.

What you must look at, my love, and many of you must as well, is the fact that your parents expected you to “be good” or to “do well” and when you did, no fuss was ever made over your positives. However a lot of fuss was made over your negatives. When you did not do so well, you knew about it. This is negative parenting, not positive reinforcement parenting.

For this reason, you must focus on the positives, no matter how small they should be, and make less concern over the negatives.

Your people tend to worry about what bad things will happen, but in so doing, you will attract that lesson. You will find out because you are electro-magnetic beings who magnetize the frequency of your thoughts back to you. You will get the negative lesson when you focus on the negative.

So be positive without being in denial of the negative, but the more positive you are the easier it will be to do positive things. It is difficult to be positive with a negative mindset.

Me: Yes, how many Weight Watcher’s Meetings I sat in chanting, “I can do it!”

Ivo: This was what they were attempting to teach you, the power of positive thinking. However, ALL thoughts must be positive in order for emotional eating to cease. It was the right idea, however not as expansive as it should have been.

It is the same with money.  “There is not enough. I don’t have enough money. What if I need something? I am broke again.” Again, the negative use of “I AM.” Watch for that.

Stretching what you have does really nothing to make one feel more secure. However, cutting out unnecessary spending is always a good idea. Look for habitual spending, or areas where you spend in response to a mood such as boredom, unhappiness or anger. Learn how to change your thought processes and your emotional responses instead.

For those who are depressives, very often you go from A to Z without the other letters in between. You are depressed and unhappy but you believe that you must become ecstatic otherwise suffer from depression again.

No, work in steps. Ask yourself, “What would make me a little happier now?” Would it be to go for a bike ride, go to watch a movie, do some meditation perhaps. What would improve your mood.

Then attempt to hold that level by indulging yourself in non-addictive ways. Do not go gambling. Do not shop on Amazon. Do not buy a take-out. The next time you feel depressed, care for yourself again, because that is part of the cause of depression: the loss of self. With the loss of self comes many problems: self-effaciveness, self-denial, self-abuse….

Move up slowly into a better thought pattern. Work at it. Understand that you love yourself because you are attempting to do this work. It is not out of self hate that people seek improvement. It is out of self love, so understand that this is what is motivating your urge to feel better.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are most welcome.

(edited by permission)


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