Gallery: Moon within Moons Meditation

Moon Within Moons (Meditation) 

As you move into the state of being, known as meditation, you feel comfortable, cosy and relaxed. You feel protected. Enveloped with love from self and other. You are filled with happiness and joy. After a while, you become aware of a presence with you. A beam of light appears before you, above you. As you look upwards towards this beam of light, you realise that it is a lightship. It is that which you know as a ‘UFO’. Kindness, peace and love emanates from this lightship. You allow yourself to relax into your meditation space. You become aware of the dream body aspect of you, moving upwards, out of your physical body and into the beam of light, then into the lightship. 

You float into the lightship and you find yourself comfy and rested within. You are lying on a bed with a warm, comfy white blanket covering you up to your shoulders. There is a window next to your bed. You can clearly see the world outside your window, as you fly through timespace, spacetime, within this lightship. 

You see the Earth in all its blue-ochre beauty as you move beyond your home planet. You see the stars, like little silver splashes on a dark canvas, yet holding intelligence, knowing and life force. You see colours swirling within the black blanket of the cosmic sky. Coloured vortices, portals to other dimensions in technicolour, like spiral rainbows shimmering for you in their hypnotic dance. 

Through the window, you see a bluish-white sphere grow larger and larger before your eyes. As your lightship begins its descent, you see buildings, fields, rivers and trees. You drift off to sleep in a state of overwhelming peace. 

On awakening from your sleep, you find yourself lying in a clearing upon a bed of soft moss. You still have the warm, white blanket covering you up to your shoulders. Sleepily, you sit upright and take in your surroundings. You are sat by two tall, lush trees and in front of you is a beautiful river. Am I on the moon? you think to yourself. “It is a moon,” a voice behind you says. You turn towards the sound of the voice. It appears to be coming from the tree! “Did you speak?” you ask the tree.

The tree replies, “Yes. I hold consciousness. I am able to project forth that consciousness as a template or field of electromagnetic particles, as information or communication. You, as a receiver of energy, are able to translate this field into your own language. Here on this moon, everything is amplified. Which is why you are translating so quickly and why you are able to hear me so clearly.” “You said this is a moon?” you ask the tree. “Is this the moon in the sky that I can see from Earth? Is this Earth’s moon?” “Sort of,” the tree replies. “There are many dimensions to your moon that you speak of. Moons within moons, if you will, and this place is just one of those moons.” “Why am I here upon this moon?” you ask. “You wanted to come here,” the tree replies. “For sanctuary, healing, balance, privacy, a place to create, to manifest and to go deeply within to find connection with ‘the all’. You hold all the cosmos within you. The many moons within moons are yours to be explored. You journeyed here by Moonship and any moon, infinite moons, may be accessed by Moonship.” You look again at your surroundings. It is true that this place feels like a sanctuary. This place feels very safe and very peaceful.

Indeed, the sheer beauty here is a wonder to behold. It is true that you feel as though you are being healed. A healing energy runs through you and you know that you carry this within you so that you may, in turn, heal others. It is true that you feel very balanced. There is indeed balance and symmetry within the landscape surrounding you and you feel this symmetry within your body, mind and soul. You feel at one with the land here, as if it were a living entity in itself. “

“It is,” says the tree, reading your thoughts once again. “Everything is connected within a web of light here. A light field, and you are part of that. This is why you came here, to experience the lightfield of the moon.” You look around once more. It is true that this place is private, allowing you your privacy, so very needed when existing within a third dimensional time frame. Privacy here is a gift. Indeed it is a gift to be embraced. It is true that this is a place to create. A place where you may still your mind and paint the emotion of creativity upon this glorious landscape. Your thoughts are clear. They can be clearly read by the living wisdom that is the tree. Clarity is in abundance in this place.

Clarity in abundance must and will lead to creativity in abundance when held in balance, for it creates the event horizon that is the new infinity of the focused trajectory of pure intention. That is the new creation. The clarity within this wonderful lightfield, upon this moon within moons, is assisting you with your own clarity and processing of this moment and all that it means to you. It is true then, that processing within abundant clarity must lead to the manifestations of those creations. Manifestations of your desires. Manifestations of your moon within moons accessed from your moon flight, realised within your waking reality. It is true then, that here within this moon within moons, that you can go deeply within and find connection with the all. For did you not talk to the tree of wisdom? Is that tree of wisdom not within you? Is the wisdom not yours? It is true that you hold all of the cosmos within you. For did you not see the planet Earth as you moved beyond it? Did you not see the vortices? The stars? Cosmic rainbows? Did you not see all this creation within outer space within your own inner space? 

Do you see how you are the cosmic creator? You take time to ponder the wonder of all this infinite life around you and within you. The tranquillity and serenity of the moon within moons and the lightfield that connects you to everything here. This perfect sanctuary assists you in your inner exploration. After a while, the tree of wisdom speaks once again. “You know that this is your place. Only you can access this moon within moons unless you deem it otherwise, for you are inside your own mind, your own cells and your own activated cellular space externalised as your dream. 

This is your private sanctuary. Your own personal moon within moons. You can return here any time you choose, it will always be available for you.” You smile to yourself, knowing that the tree’s wise words are true. You can return to this moon within moons. To think, to create, to manifest and to access the knowledge from the tree of wisdom. To receive healing for self and to replenish yourself with the nourishment of the lightfield connection. This will give you healing energy that you can then deliver to others. You think about all this for a while. You can fill yourself with healing energy that you can deliver to others. Your own inner thoughts merge with those of the tree of wisdom and become one. Does this make me a healer then? “

“The realisation of what you are is the realisation of what has always been,” speaks the tree and your own thoughts in unison. So then, as you are the healer, you are all things. You stand up and walk towards the tree of wisdom. You wrap your arms around the tree and hug it tightly. You feel freshly energised with a new wave of love and wisdom. Fuelled with energy from the lightfield. Oh, what magick! What magick that the lightfield is! You sit back down upon your white comfy blanket. Above you, you see a beam of light and you know it is Moonship, come to return you to Earth. You move upwards, into the beam of light and float into Moonship. You are comfy and rested within Moonship.

You find yourself, once again, lying on a bed with the warm, white, comfy blanket covering you up to your shoulders. There is a window beside your bed and you can clearly see the world outside your window as you fly through timespace, spacetime within Moonship. You see the bluish-white sphere of the moon. It becomes smaller and smaller as you leave its space. You see the colours swirling. Spiral rainbows are moving and shimmering, emanating their cosmic energy as before. You see the stars, silver splashes on a dark canvas. They twinkle with knowing like the very eyes of God, windows into the soul of Source self. You see the Earth in all its blue-ochre beauty. As you move closer to Earth, your home planet in this physical incarnation, you begin to feel the duality of the dream body, lying in a bed flying on Moonship looking out of the window watching Earth grow larger and larger before you, and the physical body in meditation. 

You recognise your bilocation of consciousness here as you hold the awareness of two bodies, two thoughts, two environments, two selves. You become your own twin soul at this point. Moonship hovers above your physical body.

As you beam your dream body down through the crown chakra into your physical body awareness, you leave the Mer-Ka-Bah moonship in its space within your innerverse/hyperspace, and your awareness is bought back into alignment with the physical self. Slowly at your own pace, you feel the merge between the dream body and the physical body. Moonship leaves your space to be called again whenever you may need the Matrix Transportation, to travel to the moon within moons. Your awareness is brought into your torso, arms, hands and fingers and into your legs, feet and toes. You wriggle your toes. When you are ready, you come out of the sacred space that is meditation, fully aligned, synchronised and anchored within the physical self.

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