Gallery: Judith Kusel: The Golden Age

September 1, 2021 by Sitara

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We are the Star Seeds
The Pioneers
The Ones who are now asked to step up and out
And indeed lovingly and in unity
Co-create the New Golden Age
In the New Earth.
We have been prepared for this
Through many lifetimes,
Through parallel lives
And Universes.
Indeed, we have so often held the light steady
For the rest of humankind
During other incarnations,
And so often paid the highest price.
Yet the Soul indeed lives on!
Indeed we now are asked to rise
Into the fullness of the
Truth of who and what in are: –
And to fully stand in our highest
Soul Mastery!
Claiming our true Universal Citizenship
And indeed our true Divine heritage
As True Sons and Daughters
Of the Divine Source.
We are the Golden Age.
We have our Golden Wings.
It is now time to use to fly higher than ever before
In unconditional love
And with unconditional love,
In Unity
In Harmony
Within ourselves
And thus co-creating this outside ourselves.
We embrace the New Mother Earth.
We thank the Old Mother Earth
And bless her.
She has served us well.
Now let us remember that we responsible
For the well being of the New Mother Earth,
As much as we are responsible
Of only co-creating the New Golden Age,
Within the Law of One,
And thus AS ONE.
We are what the prophets and sages and Wise men and women
Foresaw a long time ago!
We are here!
We have come!
We ARE the New Golden Age!

Judith Kusel


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